Say it with Flowers One Day Special

Say it with Flowers One Day Special

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Happy Valentines Day! Am I a grump? I was watching all the hype around roses, champagne and chocolate at M&S yesterday, and couldn’t help thinking what a commercial trap Valentines has become. Remember when we used to send an anonymous card to someone we fancied ? And that was it! Nothing more. Did you ever receive a S.W.A.L.K. card? I remember as a teenager, finding a single red rose on the window ledge outside my bedroom window one year. Which was quite a feat, since the bedroom was on the first floor!

Feeling the love yet?? Well, how about a beautiful, brand new collection of Groovi flowers, to use in your parchment art all year round?

Paul will be on Create & Craft this evening 6pm-8pm (2 hour launch), 9pm and then tomorrow, at 10am & 2pm. He’s launching a fabulous NEW Groovi Floral Collection, illustrated by Linda Williams – perfect throughout the year, with flowers that never wilt, always look as fresh as the day they were picked, and just keep on giving!

This FLORAL COLLECTION began a few years back, with the Frosted Floral Collection – a clever colouring concept by Linda. Instead of Groovi plates, these tutorial packs comprise flower designs printed in both black AND white on parchment, complete with step by step how-to instructions on trad colouring. Perfect for honing your colouring and white work skills.

We then converted those same flowers into Groovi plates, because folks wanted the Groovi line art too…

Then, you asked for them to be made into stamps, complete with masks…

Which flowers were included in the first set? Amaryllis, Christmas Rose, Fuchsia, Rose and Tulip

Which flowers are included in the second set? Agapanthus, Clematis, Lilies, Peony and Poppies.

This evening we are launching them as Groovi plates. The Frosted Floral project packs and stamps are also in the pipeline, and will be released later in the year. Linda and the ladies have completed all the artwork for those tutorials, so we will have fun with them later. But first, let’s get Groovi with them!

Also on the show are some BRAND NEW Dotted Lace Frames, designed by Jazz. You may have seen her semi-circle Lace frames? Here are square options.

Dotted Lace Semi Square

The BRAND NEW Dotted Lace Extenders are very clever too. Not only do they help you turn your square frames into rectangles very easily, but they make the most excellent borders and panels too. The sentiments are all interchangeable, and there are no less than SIX beautiful alphabets on this one plate! SIX!! Yep. isn’t that excellent?! This is certainly the Year of the Alphabet at Clarity.

Paul will be sharing the following cards with you over the 5 live hours, designed and prepared with love by Josie Davidson & Glynis Whitehead. We sure do appreciate their expert help and friendship.

How about some inspiration from the super-clever Clarity Design Team?

What a gallery.

I feel very blessed. Both at Clarity Towers and all over the country, there are clever, creative people working tirelessly to help and inspire. It’s quite something actually, this team of ours. Formidable. The other thing which is precious, is how they – no, we – love and support each other through difficult times. When one goose is struggling, the other geese swoop in to help and protect. You don’t know this, but the Clarity Design Team are like that too. When one of us is in crisis, or ill, or needs help, the others circle the wagons, and rally.

Quote for today

A friend is one of the best things you can have, and one of the best things you can be

I hope you can join our friend Paul this evening at 6pm. He’s already on the road. I wish I had his energy! Where would we be without him…somewhere on the M11 ?! Hahahaha x

Love always,

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Say it with Flowers One Day Special

  1. Beautiful blog today by a beautiful lady, and some beautiful designs by another beautiful lady, and can’t wait for these to be made into stamps.
    Oh my word what amazing art work from out amazing team. Don’t you Just love the designs. I’m in awe of all the lovely goodness the girls provide. Happy Valentines day you lovely people, get those men in your life to buy you these groovi plate, flowers that will last forever! savy shopping. lots of love.xx

  2. These are beautiful but I’ll have to wait until I’ve saved up again after my last order ….. Happy Valentine’s Day, I don’t believe in the hype that’s for sure ! A red rose on a window cill is rather a feat, did you have any inkling as to who it was ? X

  3. I’m sure these will absolutely fly out of the window, hope you have a lot of stock. Hope Paul manages to have a good long rest after his epic TV session as well, he’ll deserve it bless him xxx

  4. Beautiful designs again from Linda, along with beautiful art from the your lovely design team. My wish list has got longer, despite thinking I don’t need any more flowers, but I don’t think I am able to resist! Jazz’s plates look great, so useful, they will join her first set on my wish list. Looking forward to the shows. xx

  5. These flowers are beautiful ! Very much looking forward to the new frosted overlays of these flowers- the first set was so lovely to work with!

  6. Hi Barbara. So true about friends. A best friend is so precious. So is your design team and your staff. They have done a fantastic job with the cards.

  7. Yes, Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised and in a way has lost its meaning. Hubby always buys me a beautiful card with words that make me cry as I know he really means them which is more important than gifts or roses.
    As I approach 80 this month I had decided I would stop buying so much but having enjoyed Linda’s set 1 so much set 2 is bound to land in my basket as will the dotty lace and extenders.
    All this week’s shows are on record and I look forward to having a relaxing evening watching Paul create his magic.
    All went well at the hospital yesterday and hubby just has to rest and wait for the results in 2 to 4 weeks.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  8. Lovely new plates from both Linda & Jazz & great samples from the design team again. As you say Valentine’s Day seems to have lost the magic of the anonymous card tradition of days gone by, we don’t do Valentine’s cards as it is our wedding anniversary at the beginning of February so I get a nice card then.
    Sending lots of love & hugs to all those struggling with life in general & remember the Clarity sayings – Travel Gently – This too shall pass xx

  9. Ooh they all look lovely! The design team are certainly working their magic! Love the quote too!
    Hope everyone is staying well. I’ve been poorly for two weeks and it’s certainly taken it’s toll on me! I even missed the Clarity sale! Shock horror! Will catch up later with buying bits but not at sale prices!

  10. Oh just watched Paul first show and I want it all 🤩😂. What fabulous new products, sitting on my hands at present but I know that want last 😂. Also a bit well done to the design team the samples are gorgeous.

  11. Hello Barb, what a fabulous quote and a lovely blog post. As the saying goes, “Friends are family, you choose yourself”. These designs are beautiful and the artwork as always is stunning and inspiring. Sure to be a successful show. Bx

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