A Walk – and last orders, ladies and gentlemen!

A Walk – and last orders, ladies and gentlemen!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in today. After a hectic but fruitful day on telly yesterday, I decided to kick back today, take it easy. I just don’t ping back like I used to! And I am learning that it’s ok to do nothing. So I made breakfast and did a couple of loads of laundry. Yep. That’s me doing nothing! Just not possible to sit still!

The sun was shining for the first time in a while, so Dave and I went for a walk up on the Ashdown Forest. Grateful for our wellies; it was quite wet and muddy in places! But so good to leave the phone at home, and just breathe in some fresh air. The ice cream van was parked up there too, so we treated ourselves to a ’99, sat in the car, and took in the beautiful panoramic view. Life’s little pleasures.

Then Dave climbed up a ladder at home and gave the ivy and honeysuckle on the walls a serious haircut, while I started colouring in a floral poster, and listened to a couple of chapters of a great audible book by Elizabeth Gilbert. So a slow day, a travel gently day, but certainly not a lazy day. I’m not sure many crafters CAN actually do absolutely nothing. Or is it just me?

It’s the last day of the Clarity Members’ Half Price Sale tomorrow, so if you want to take one last little look over in the Groovi aisle, or the stencil aisle or the stamp aisle – best do it soon! Half price on pretty much all things Clarity…


There’s even still time to join the Club and still take advantage of the great price offer. Literally. Half price. On the Groovi Starter Kit, on all the grids, on all the tools. On the stampsets you’ve been admiring – EVERYTHING. Just not the things that have been on telly this month. That would be unreasonable. If you’re not sure how to jion up, or how it works, then why not call Sue tomorrow? She’ll help you, explain what it’s all about, get you signed up. It’s a pretty awesome club, I think xx Call 01732 868215.

It’s been very VERY busy, and your order may take a while to arrive, because we are making more stock as we go, rather than selling out. But at HALF- PRICE, surely it’s got to be worth a wait?!

Anyway. Here‘s a little recap of the stencil demo I did yesterday on telly. That stencil set flew out the door! I wasn‘t too surprised ; they are pretty superb. CLICK HERE

Here we see two pieces – positive and negative. Note how pin sharp the stencil lines are. Top quality.

And on that happy note, I shall say bye bye, until tomorrow morning at 10am in the SHAC. Here to keep you company.

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “A Walk – and last orders, ladies and gentlemen!

  1. Just watching Country File and they were in your Ashdown Forest discussing Pooh Bear walks and special sites and we thought of you! Pleased you got out and a 99 is special when you can sit and stare.
    Looking forward to the Shac tomorrow.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Ice cream in Feb – how wonderful and to enjoy it while admiring the view.

    I might just go for another order if I get time tomorrow whilst looking after my grandson – let’s hope he has a nap 🤣. I do Love a stencil so I May be tempted to get these! See you in the Shac – I’ll be watching/listening while peppa pig on the tv 🤪

  3. That’s the one thing we always looked out for going through the forest on the A22 was the ice cream van… apart from any possible deer!

  4. Like those above thought of your walks through the forest when watching Countryfile. A 99 sounds lovely & the sun was quite warm this morning. It’s nice to see the shoots & bulbs showing in the garden, just hope we don’t get a frost to damage them.
    We have been busy finding b&w family photos & putting them through an app which colourises them. Amazing results so that will keep OH busy for a while then I need to file the photos in the correct family file so easier to show other family members. Meanwhile I have been finishing off cards from my WIP collection & quick plays with the original Clarity classics that have been recently rereleased. Found my stencils earlier as well so will give this step by step a go as I love a twofer.
    See you in the SHAC tomorrow at 10 x

  5. Sounds like a lovely day! I am trying hard to realise that being quiet and still is doing something – allowing your mind and body to rest and wind down, and just breathe. Still practicing, but getting better at it x

  6. Great shows with the doodleology stamps, I was tempted but resisted this time.
    Pleased to hear you are learning to relax a bit. I find colouring my Groovi is very calming and I get quite carried away. I also cannot “do nothing” so I knit, sew, read or do crosswords when not doing housework or crafting.
    OH is going to hospital for a biopsy tomorrow so I will have to take something with me to do while waiting – and worrying. I can’t just be idle.
    Stay safe.

  7. Lovely to have a good walk and a well deserved 99! I went to see Mum with our niece and great-niece and nephew – I think we wake the whole home up when the kids go ! I then came back to make a birth card for our nice cue whose birthday is later this week. Spelt niece wrong … lucky it was only little letters and I can cover it, not sure why I got it wrong! Great-niece here on Valentine’s Day so we’ll be getting some hearts out I think ! I already have the doodleology one so might get that out for her to pay with. I’ve spent my club voucher and some – thank you for that, it’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘large’ order and it would have been rude not to ! 😹. Have a good week and see you in the morning. X

  8. I decided to take another look at the sale and discovered the art nouveau stencils! Wow! I just had to order three of them this time and put the rest on my wish list. Thanks for your suggestion Barb.
    Take care all. Susan

  9. So glad you took some time out for yourselves today! Self care is important to enable you to keep going for others – that’s why they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first on the plane safety briefings!!
    Fab shows yesterday – am just sat here considering which of the doodleology stamps I still need to invest in…!

  10. Hello Barb, so glad you and Dave had some quality time together. Can’t beat a 99 with someone you love! Loved the shows (not finished catching up yet though). Amazing samples and Demos. And the designs are amazing, I could not resist the postcards!. Take care everyone. Bx

  11. I’ve had the doodleogy stamps since they were first launched & have hardly used them but watching the shows and seeing the design team samples has inspired me. The stamped images are perfect to go under/in the new layout dies you launched the other week. Oh happy days xxxx

  12. Wasn’t it lovely to see the sun again. Sounds like you had the perfect day. We didn’t spot you on countryfile as they were visiting there in yesterdays programme. We have never been there but it looks lovely and reminds me of tent camping near Shingle Street. We used to do a beautiful walk over to Sutton Hoo, were we walked through that kind of landscape but much flatter. It would be too far to walk these days for my husband but I can close my eyes and recall the beauty.

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