Saturday afternoon walk in the Countryside

Saturday afternoon walk in the Countryside

Hi everyone, Paul here again.

Thank you if you joined me on the earlier shows at 7am & 11am. This afternoon we will slow down the pace with 2 hours from Deborah Wheeler – she will be on your screens at 1pm & 4pm with the brand new Linda Williams Countryside Stamp Collection

3 x A6 Elements Stamp Sets and 3 x A6sq Complete Scenes Stamp Sets

Also on the show, Printed Parchment

and Groovi

How about some inspiration from the design team

So I hope you can tune in and keep Deborah company, she has some beautiful demos lined up to share with you.

Happy crafting

Paul xx

4 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon walk in the Countryside

  1. Sorry Paul, missed the 7am show but recorded the 11am, 1pm and 4pm shows.
    Lovely and inspirational work from the design team.
    Grace’s choice of showcasing Pat’s artwork was a lovely gesture.

  2. Hi Paul, caught up with your 7am show whilst eating my breakfast, (slightly later) now I am going to sit down with a cup of coffee & catch up with the other 3 shows. Four generations of us have been out for lunch to celebrate our eldest Granddaughters birthday, making memories & we remembered to take a photo !!

  3. Hello Paul, such amazing and varied creations from the design team. Absolutely beautiful, not watched the shows yet, hopefully some time this afternoon to catch up. Bx

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