Back to work after a weekend in Cornwall

Back to work after a weekend in Cornwall

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Back in the Clarity saddle today, after spending a few days down in Cornwall, to pay our respects at dear Pat Hosking’s funeral. To be honest, it really was much more a beautiful celebration of her life than a sad occasion of her death. She had left strict instructions with the family that this was how she wanted it. And that was how it went. The Helston Town band was in the tiny chapel, and they really did wake us up with the Floral Dance! It was very very special, and we felt privileged to be there.

Pat’s children talked about us, her fellow SHACKERS, and how important we were to her. How they never dared ring or interrupt when she was in the SHAC! She loved it so much! After the wake, we were invited back to Pat’s lovely house, and we got to see all her amazing art and craft. My oh my. You know we all thought she was a formidable crafter? Well, you would not have believed just how amazing! Her parchment art, her embroidery, her dressmaking, her painting, her drawing – whatever she turned her hand to, she truly excelled at. And what I noticed was this: her work was as immaculate the day she stopped in December as anything she had ever made before. The family are going to entrust me with her SHAC folder, so that I can share it with you. I thought we might have a little SHAC soirée, a little get together one evening, just to go through all her lovely SHAC artwork, and see what she did. It would be a great trip down Memory Lane for all of us SHACKERS, and we could maybe have a little sort out of our own files! Pat certainly was a very well organised woman too. And a business woman. So enterprising!

So whilst, at a selfish level, I shall miss her love and energy greatly, I can only reassure you that Pat had a very rich and good life. Not particularly wealthy in monetary terms, but full of zest for life. She wove a very rich tapestry of Life. Hardworking, industrious and very generous of spirit, she did so much for others – both in her community and everywhere she went actually.

Her children are great characters too, and so the legend continues. Her daughter Sarah concluded her part of the Eulogy with these perfect, beautiful words, that she and her Mum had written together. She gave me permission to share them with you:

Paint memories
Weave stories
Travel freehand
Sketch dreams
Emboss friendships
Knit communities
Stitch family
Craft love.

Pat & Sarah Hosking

And that, my friends, says it all.

Have a good day.

Love always

Barb x x x

28 thoughts on “Back to work after a weekend in Cornwall

  1. My goodness, what a lady. It would be lovely to have a ‘soiree’ to go through Pat’s folder and hear about her. A sad but lovely weekend it sounds. Thanks for being there for us and passing it on. Lovely words to sum up a life of craft xx

  2. No words needed. Barbara has said it all above. ♥️🙏♥️.

    I look forward to the sharing of Pat‘s beautiful SHAC art.

    Thankyou for sharing the day with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us Barbara, the SHAC was so important to so many of us. I look forward to a SHAC reminiscent get together and to see more of Pats wonderful artwork.

  4. We were so glad you were able to join us in Cornwall for mum’s service, Barbara, and it was lovely to be able to chat with you after. Mum truly loved being involved in the crafting community you have created and , especially in her later years, it gave her a huge amount of happiness. Thank you all. Ann – Pat’s daughter x

  5. Wonderful blog! can’t wait to join in with all our fellow shackers. It will be a wonderful share. Thank you Barb and Thank you to Pats beautiful family for sharing such a love with us. 😍

  6. Thank you for sharing Barbara. Looking forward to the evening of reminiscing. The SHAC is so important for many. You and your team have created an oasis much appreciated.

  7. Thank you for sharing with us Barbara. What a wonderful lady Pat was and it will be such a privilege to share her Shac work 🩷 xxx

  8. A lovely poem, simple words but so much meaning. It would be lovely to share Pat’s folder with everyone in the SHAC so will keep a look out for when you arrange a time. I did smile when you said the Helston Town Band were in the chapel playing the Floral Dance – that was definitely a rousing send off for Pat.

  9. Thank you for sharing, glad all went well. Sounds like she was a true Cornish woman who will be greatly missed but her craft work will live on. I look forward to seeing more.

  10. A beautiful poem made with love by Pat and her daughter.
    She was such a warm hearted woman and I have learned a lot of her through her
    parchment books a very long time ago when Pergamano just came into our lives by Martha Ospina and her husband.
    Take care

  11. Beautiful poem would make a lovely memorable stamp. It would be lovely to look inside Pat’s Shac Folder, our own tribute to her in our special community.

  12. What a lady, I only got to know her in The Shac but those words are so powerful and yet soft and gentle just like her. An evening with Pat sounds delightful

  13. Thank you Barb, for being there for us, at the celebration of Pat’s life. A special SHAC for Pat would be a lovely tribute to an amazing lady. The words penned by Pat and Sarah are beautiful, full of meaning and a lovely tribute to Pat. Pat will always be with us in the SHAC.

  14. Thank you for sharing this with us all. A ‘go through your Shac folder with Pat’ evening sounds good. Love the poem it’s so special xxx

  15. I never met Pat in person but I felt I knew her especially through SHAC. Thank you Barbara for sharing with us. Brought tears. Poem was beautiful. Looking forward to sharing Pat’s folder sometime in the future. Take care.

  16. Thank you for sharing all of this Barbara. What an amazing lady and such a very rich and wonderful life – she will obviously be missed by many people. However, what a wonderful legacy to leave behind to inspire so many people I’m sure. The poem is truly beautiful and it has inspired me to start my Wellbeing Journal today. I have written down the beautiful poem so that I will be able to refer to it in the future. I’m sure that there will be more entries from your blog, as you find the most amazing quotes from all manner of people. With love and thanks, Gilly xx

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