Old is Gold – but BOW-WOB rocks!

Old is Gold – but BOW-WOB rocks!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Blogging on my phone up at the TV studios, so forgive the speeling!!

After a busy and enjoyable couple of hours on telly yesterday, I’m back on between 3 and 5 this afternoon. What are we playing with today? Some fabulous old Clarity Classics, that are so old they’ll be new to loads of you! The quality of our stamps has evolved so much over the past 30 years, that even if you have these old beauties in your stash, you might just want to treat yourself to the super fine and top quality imaging we make now. We thought they were great back then, but we had no idea just how good they could get. And I’m not just talking about the stamps, friends xxx

But add to that our absolute newest addition to the Clarity arsenal of all things arty – our BOW-WOB papers! I love these! They inject fresh life and energy into ANY card or art just as they come. And they work with the Tea Infusion papers like a charm.

Sunday 3pm-5pm on Create & Craft

BOW-WOB Collage Papers

Entwined A5sq Stamp Collection

Willow Lady A5sq Stamp Set

Wild Flower A5 Stamp Set

Bijou Wild Flower A6 Stamp Set

Special Day Sentiments A5sq Stamp Set

Oriental Pattern 7×7 Stencil Duo

Hexagon & Octagon Embedders. Ah yes,…we are introducing new Hexagonal and Octagonal Embedders to the mix too. I’ll show you how they work today.


How about some inspiration from the design team

Quote for today:

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Gotta go! See ya later alligator !

love always

Barb xxx

9 thoughts on “Old is Gold – but BOW-WOB rocks!

  1. Another great selection of artwork from the design team. I recognise some of the stamps but as you say many of us won’t know the earlier ones. The new fine line stamps definitely give a great image so might just have to invest in some of them – the sentiments especially as I find the older ones can be a bit thick if you press too hard either that or I need more practice at stamping. Love the BOW WOW papers & the potential they give.
    Have a great 2 hours on the TV & a safe journey home xx

  2. Good Morning Barbara, still got and use loads of your stamps that I bought when you used to come to the Charmandean centre in Worthing, You used to sell tiny stamps for a very affordable price, also loved your demos.

  3. Morning Barb, what beautiful designs, some of which I own from years ago, the hummingbirds are one of my favourites. It goes without saying that the DT artwork is incredible as always. I have set the recorder as we have to go to a family lunch. May take a look at the items on the website first through, even thought I am not supposed to. Great quote. Take care everyone. Bx

  4. I remember all these beautiful stamps and they are still lovely. As you say your stamps have always been amazing quality but the processing has evolved over the years enabling you to produce really, really fine artwork so even if we have well used originals it might be time to treat ourselves some new ones. Funnily enough I used one of the much older original hot air ballon stamps yesterday in with the Shac design one and it’s not until you actually see them together that you realise the difference. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the old ones but maybe I deserve a treat xxxx

  5. Wow, Barb, these are some of my favourite stamps from the good old days! The amazing inspiration from the awesome Design Team is making me feel I may have to be tempted to replace my “old” stamps with the new, finer line designs! Looking forward to seeing what tips and tricks you’ve got lined up for us this afternoon. And new embedders – you’re spoiling us!

  6. Got most of those from the first time around too. Do miss seeing you at shows but much easier to see and rewind on tv when we buy things and be inspired by the wonderful design team. Stops me getting sidetracked and tempted by other crafts too! Looking forward to tv later.

  7. These look amazing. I am looking forward to watching you again on tv today. I loved yesterday’s shows Barbara. It was good to see you with Martin again and you always generate such fun and enthusiasm 😀 with that special touch of Barbara mischief too! Safe journey home today after the shows. Big hugs xx

  8. You naughty girl!! I’m a bit spent up from the Member’s sale – I found Clarity just after these stamps and – gosh – I loved them then (and wish I’d got them) and I love them now. But I’m sure you’ll understand if I hang on until another day (but they WILL be coming my way at some point).
    Love and break legs wishes
    Maggie (York UK)

  9. Just finishes catching up on the shows. Picked up some useful tips ( never too old to learn more ) so I am happy. Placed my orders and happy to wait if your team are busy.
    Stay safe.

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