Back to our roots….

Back to our roots….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Don’t know whether you watched the 3-5pm Sunday show on Create and Craft TV? It was a real trip down Memory Lane – complete with brayer! I used our latest set of new Embedders to make a fitted frame around a brayered landscape. CLICK HERE TO FIND

Let me refresh your memory.

Step by step

It all begins with the Embedder. Introducing one of our new Hexagon shapes….

  • Attach a larger shape to the front of the piece with low-tack masking tape. Flip to the back and emboss with an embossing tool, to create that unique and classy faux printing press effect.
  • Next, pick the next size down of the Embedders, and position it in the centre on the front again. Secure it in place with low-tack tape again, then starting building a frame around the outside with the same low-tack masking tape.
  • Cover the whole card except the inner hexagon.
  • Add a moon mask
  • Use a brayer to roll a light blue ink into the sky area. Think of this as your ground cover.
  • Build up layers of ink in the sky using the brayer, getting darker as you go.
  • tear a ppiece of copy paper to make a hill. Use the edge of the blending mat to get rolling hills.
  • Use a brayer and stencil brushes to introduce hills at the base of the landscape.
  • Time to stamp the images into position, using black Archival ink.
  • Carefully remove all the masking tape around the outside, and reveal the embedded artwork.

Just think. You can do this trick with ALL our Embedders – ALL shapes.

I’ll record a little video of this technique tomorrow, and get it uploaded into our Claritystamp Youtube Channel. You really have to see it done to understand how to achieve that airbrushed sky effect, with no stripes.

On that note, have you actually checked out the many dozens of arty tutorials stored there? LOADS! Stamps, Stencils, Gel Press, Groovi, Dies – LOADS! Our aim is and always has been to show you loads of tricks and tips, show you how to use our products, help you get arty and enjoy crafting.

Here’s the link…

Watch this space – loads more HOW TO videos coming very soon. I keep saying I just need more time and more energy! But actually, the time has come to J.F.D.I !!! If I wait much longer, I’ll be too old to hop about!

Quote for today?



Once I get going, there’ll be no stopping me!! If you’re looking for these stamps CLICK HERE

Love always,


13 thoughts on “Back to our roots….

  1. I loved this demo! It was like I’d been transported back in time. But with a modern twist to it! You did make me want to get my brayer out and that’s my mission at the weekend.
    Brilliant show on Sunday.
    Love and hugs. Xxxxx

  2. I always loved watching you weild a brayer, and as you are the brayer queen, couldn’t have picked a more wonderful demo to showcase that skill.
    As you say you could theoretically do it standing on your head.
    looking forward to these new how to videos.
    More for me to watch over and over.
    Thank you Barb.xx

  3. You made my day with these embedders. They are my favourite shapes and together with the dies will keep me occupied for hours.
    Very fast turn around on the weekend orders, 2 of my 3 have already been dispatched, so thank you to all the team for the superb service.
    Took me a few minutes to decode JFDI but when I did it made me chuckle.
    Keep well.

  4. Loved this demo!
    Can’t wait to receive my stamps- it’s a long time since I used my Brayer except on the gel press.

  5. New embedders are in my basket along with a few other things just waiting to see what is coming up on Thursday & Saturday. Thanks for doing the step by step for the project that you showed us on Sunday. Looking forward to the new videos. I think a lot of us connect to the quote today – thanks Dave
    No post here since last Friday except for parcel post ( a Clarity order) so I am hoping our postie will be walking to my front door tomorrow with my ”happy” post.

  6. Watching you with the brayer was a joy. It obviously took you back to a very comfortable place. Took me back to to when I first saw you on the tele. The shrink plastic galleon with Dean. Hope he’s still doing well.
    Will look forward to the how to videos when you have time.
    I love Dave’s quote and tend to use it often.

  7. I loved watching this demo – took me right back to the early days with Clarity! It took me a long time to get brave enough to pick up a brayer and I really ought to get it out of it’s box more often! Old is definitely gold!

  8. So lovely that you are showcasing older products as well as the new designs. I have sooooooo many that need to have their day in the sunshine again! x

  9. Hello Barb, a wonderful step by step to support the amazing demo. I can’t wait for my new shapes of embedders to arrive. I am going to give this a try as I have the older version of the stamps. Yes I would have loved to buy the new set, but that will have to wait for a while. Take care all. Bx

  10. Loved the shows and to see you with a brayer in your hand once more was brilliant. Love Dave’s quote, no faffing, no excuses JFDI so I’m off to do just that xxxxx

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