Who has an -ology in doodling? We do!

Who has an -ology in doodling? We do!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’m all set for another couple of LIVE hours TV tomorrow, showing off our fabulous Doodleology Collection, designed by Cherry Green.

Where? Create & Craft

What times? 1pm & 4pm

Doodleology A5 Stamp Collection. Where doodles take design to the next level. Absolutely fantastic.

Doodleology A5 Stencil Collection. There are also some pretty special stencils…

And how about something a little different? For those avid colourists in the mix? Doodleology Postcards & Inspiration. These are superb. Colour them, chop them up, frame them – you choose.

How about some artwork from the design team? What a gallery!

Hours and hours of creative play. I’ve got loads of tricks and tips to share with you, so I hope you can join me tomorrow.

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Who has an -ology in doodling? We do!

  1. Love these, already on my wish list. Need to be good for a little while after my sale order. Have three of the stamp sets. Looking forward to the shows. Safe travels to the studio. xx

  2. I’m lucky enough to have some of the original ones of these but have ordered the newer ones, spent my voucher and more of course! Look forward to seeing what you do with them! X

  3. Having already got these stamps and having only used two of them once I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s shows to get some inspiration xxx

  4. These stamps look good but I am a Zentangler so I like to fill in my own shapes. However, the DT samples look great and I have set record for the telly as I am sure there will be many tips and ideas for us.
    Travel safely tomorrow.

  5. There may be no experts in the building, Barb, but thanks to you we all have an “-ology” – a SHAC-ology!
    I was tempted by these versatile stamps and stencils the first time round but am really looking forward to seeing what you can do with them, and all your tips and tricks on tomorrow’s shows! As usual the awesome Design Team have come up trumps with an amazing Gallery of examples. You guys truly Rock!
    Travel gently, stay happy and switch off the “washing machine” head! 😊

  6. We all have a Clarityology – these designs are right up my street. I loved playing with the post cards! Can’t wait to see Barbara’s demos!

  7. I have the original stamps but must admit I haven’t used them much since I first got them. The fantastic selection of samples from the design team has wet my appetite to get them out & have a play but also looking forward to what you have lined up for us tomorrow.
    I am sure the stamp sets will fly tomorrow as there have been so many new people finding the world of Clarity over the last few months as has been proved with previous re releases of Clarity favourites.
    Safe travels to & from the studio x

  8. Hello Barb, WOW what amazing samples from the team, absolutely beautiful and creative, so much inspiration. I love the idea of the Post cards as well, although I am not meant to be buying anything more for now. Am going to record the shows, as there is a little bit of a question about some Rugby matches being played! Take care everyone. Bx

  9. Loved the shows – had to catch up afterwards as I was out at my monthly recorder group get together. Had a blast playing with the new postcards and have all the original stamps and stencils.

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