Pergamano Show

Pergamano Show

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Big day today! Our good friend Jane Telford makes her TV debut today! Where? On Create & Craft, What time? 11am & 3pm What will she be doing? Heading up the Pergamano Shows for 2024. A very good friend indeed, not to mention crafter extraordinaire! So talented! And not only in the world of parching; her papercrafting in general is excellent. She could just as easily head up stamping, stencilling, mixed media and die-cutting shows!

But today, she’s going to focus on Parchment. We have revamped our Starter Kit, given it a new project pamplet, changed the plates a bit….

Revamped Deluxe Groovi Starter Kit

New projects

Also includes this pretty A5 sq. plate, called Barb’s Loving Heart. I designed it last year, especially for our Summer Retreats in August. Now it is available to everyone. If you’ve got the original Starter Kit, you can just buy the new Heart plate!

Here is some inspiration….

Jane will also be shining a light on Linda Williams’ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies A5sq Collection with iiBook

and Tina’s Layering Plate Mate for A6sq Plates, which Paul has been showcasing in his weekly Groovi Tuesday episodes

Be sure to tune in to Jane, or watch on catch up. She was a teacher, and is a teacher. You will learn so much from this woman. If you’re starting out on your Groovi journey, today is a good day!

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Pergamano Show

  1. Looking at all the samples the DT like the new plate as well. Its in my basket !!
    Good luck Jane but as I have already said to her – she should enjoy the process. She will have Yiannis by her side & Paul on the side lines so just treat it like the Open Days & she will be fine xx

  2. Just caught some of the show this morning. How nice to finally see Jane in action. I have some old Permigano magazines and she was featured in them then!

  3. Jane is so calm and so good to have my favourite presenter with her.
    Love the new heart plate, watching now, and have placed an order. The samples are great.
    I found the floral alphabet Groovi plate, now I have to find the stamps – they must be somewhere !!!!!
    Stay safe.

  4. Jane did a magnificent job this morning. Well done – I bet she’ll be shattered tonight though & how lovely of Paul to travel all that way to lend a steady & calming hand too. This also takes some of the stresses and strains off you as well. Brilliant job xxxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    I remember Jane on a one day retreat in Surrey some years ago teaching us how to cut out sheep on post it notes to use as a mask, how things have changed. This was long before Groovi was an even thought of 🤣🤣. Happy times.
    Ruth and Jackie xx

  6. Hello Barb, caught some of Jane’s shows, she really did well, brilliant inspiration from her and the design team. Take care everyone. Bx

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