Groovi Toppers & Tags by Jazz

Groovi Toppers & Tags by Jazz

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy day at the office here. Dave and I are attending the Creative World Trade Show in Frankfurt at the end of the month, so there are quite a few boxes to tick. Show Registration – tick. 3-day passes – tick. Flights – tick. Hotel – tick. All done! Well chuffed with myself. Hahahaha! If we get to Frankfurt on the right day, have a hotel room 3 minutes walk from the Conference Centre, AND they let us in – it’ll be impressive! Otherwise, I’ll send you a postcard from wherever we do rock up!!

The Creative Show is the BIG ONE. We have exhibited there in the past, but to be honest, since BREXIT, doing business in Europe has been nothing short of a massive headache. BREXIT put the knife in, and COVID twisted it. We managed to relocate Pergamano to England – not without a great deal of expense and stress, and since that debacle, we have focussed primarily on the home front. We’re not empire builders, never were. But we’re not blinkered either. This time we are just going to walk the show, hook up with a few suppliers, look up a few old ones, see what’s out there, what’s trending – and have a weekend in Germany! We think it’s important to see what’s trending, and where the craft market is headed in general. Frankfurt is a perfect platform for that. I wonder who we’ll bump into!

In the meantime, and much much closer to home, we’re in full preparation and production here, for tomorrow’s brilliant ODS. What a great idea our Jazz had here!

Paul will be showcasing a really intelligent collection of Groovi plates, which Jazz has designed to compliment our Groovi Picot dies…

One Day Special – Wednesday 6pm & 9pm, Thursday 10am & 2pm

A collection of 4 A4sq Groovi plates

Perfect for all year round! They each contain an alphabet – and they just happen to work perfectly with our Picot Dies!

Here is some inspiration from the design team

The plates are excellent even if you don’t have the dies. But many of you do. Either way, these will really breathe fresh ideas into your parchment art.

Right. I must be off. I also wanted to let you know that our SHAC get together on Thursday evening this week is on Friday evening at 7pm instead. Sorry about that, but Dave got us tickets ages ago, for a really cool music gig on Thursday evening, and it slipped my mind.

Love always,

Barb x x x

15 thoughts on “Groovi Toppers & Tags by Jazz

  1. Glad you have managed to tick so many travel boxes, it’s always a relief when that’s done. It will nice for you and Dave to have a few days away together even if it is work related. As you say what with covid & Brexit you have done well to consolidate on home soil. It will be nice though to see what’s still out there in the craft world and what will be trending. Thank you also for the heads up about Thursdays Shac I would have been panicking when I couldn’t find you. Have a good rest of day xxxx

  2. Good for you, something to look forward to and enjoy! I used to get worried after booking a villa and then flights and hope they all coincided. Gone are those days which I miss but a cruise or caravan suits us well now and even a week at Warners (well, first time this April so looking forward to that and I’ll let you know!)

    More lovely useful plates ! Must do more rectangles as I have some card blanks that need using and some DL ones too!

    Enjoy the gig on Thursday, I’m sure Friday will fit in with a footie match on tv so I’ll be free !

    I was watching Paul in dentist waiting room this morning ! Have a good day. Xx

  3. Enjoy your time in Frankfurt. We are heading off to northern Spain in May to celebrate #2 son’s 30th birthday. He has splashed out on an Air BnB villa for us all and I booked the flights on Saturday. Weather should be warm but not too hot so we are really looking forward to it. I will have to listen to the Michel Thomas Spanish CDs again so I can try out my Spanish when we are there. Necessito apprendar!

  4. Have a great time away with Dave in Frankfurt, Barb. Hopefully a successful business trip but more importantly some down time for the both of you!
    Jazz is an amazing designer and obviously has an eye for creating perfect plates and stamp sets. I’m looking forward to Paul showcasing the latest “must haves”!
    No worries about switching Thursday’s SHAC to Friday, as I’m having a tooth out on Thursday!
    Missed Paul’s Groovi Tuesday this morning due to Grandpa duties – must watch on catch up!

  5. Saw these new plates on Paul’s shac this morning! They look superb!
    Enjoy the gig! Glad you are all set, ticketwise, for Germany! Hope they let you in!!!

  6. I’ve always longed to go to Frankfurt, ever since reading (and watching) “Heidi” as a little girl! Sounds like a fun trip, and I really hope you manage to fit in some pleasure as well as business x

  7. Your ticking of boxes for Frankfurt is a bit like us for the Open Days !! Something to look forward to but hopefully you will be able to get a good mix of business & pleasure.
    Jazz has created some lovely plates – we did see some sneaky peeks this morning as we were very well behaved in the SHAC & going by all the samples above the DT have enjoyed using them as well.

  8. Ich wünsche Ihnen ein paar tolle Tage in Frankfurt, so mit Frankfurter Würstchen, grüner Sosse u.s.w. Ja, ich muss schon sagen, für deutsche Kunden ist der Brexit zum Bestellen sehr schlecht. Bei 6 bis 7 Euro Zoll mtl. nur für die Mitgliedschaften bei Groovi , Stempel sind dann zu teuer. Sehr schade. Liebe Grüsse aus dem kalten Deutschland

  9. Ich freue mich sehr dass sie nach Deutschland kommen. Seit mehr als zwei Jahren bin ich von Pergamentkunst und Groovie und Claritystamp im allgemeinen fasziniert, leider ist bei uns kein Markt für ihre Wundervollen Produkte vorhanden. Mir bleibt also nur das Internet aber bei einer Lieferung aus England langt der Zoll noch einmal ganz schön zu und ich kann ihren tollen Stempeln und Groovie Platten einfach nicht widerstehen. Daher wäre es für mich eine große Freude wenn sie in meinem Land auch ihre Fühler ausstrecken und Kontakte knüpfen würden.
    Nicht desto trotz wünsche ich ihnen ein vergnügliches wunderschönes Wochenende in Frankfurt. Liebe Grüße und machen sie weiter so, ich finde ihre Kunst faszinierend.

  10. Great new plates, clever Jazz, and super samples.
    Ordered the new paper packs this afternoon.
    Enjoy Frankfurt, a nice combination of work and relaxation. Hope all goes well.
    For all the current problems and delays in the NHS we have been blessed with superb and swift treatment. Hubby now has his oxygen and can breathe easily at last. 8 days ago I was afraid I would lose him but now he looks and sounds much better.
    There are lots of parchment pieces waiting to be finished and die cuts to be mounted so I am keeping to my NY resolution – that’s a first!!!!!
    Stay safe.

  11. Lots to look forward to for you and Dave. Enjoy.
    Glad the SHAC has moved to Friday as I’m out Thursday with friends for my birthday.
    I will be watching the shows tomorrow. 😊

  12. Hi Barb, oh wow, can’t wait to see what you and Dave find at the show. Sounds like you are going to have a great evening Thursday, enjoy yourselves. Love the artwork from the team, beautiful designs. Bx

  13. Beautiful plates and inspiration. Have a great time at the ‘gig’. Tried one of the scarf tricks and it kept my neck toasty. Thanks.

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