Happy ABC!

Happy ABC!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I hope you‘re in the warm, and safe. The dreaded L for Lurgy finally caught me, so I’m staying home and drinking lots of ginger T for tea! Nothing sinister; just a couple of days indoors.

If you are a fellow SHACker, you will know that last week we embarked on illustrating a new alphabet together…

If you missed the first episode, you can watch HERE

The second episode was on Monday HERE.

Given that alphabets are at the heart of all we say and write, each month throughout 2024 we will celebrate with a special offer on a particular Clarity alphabet. To get things R for rolling, we have started with the “Happy Alphabet & Numbers”. Happy New Year – Happy New Alphabet!



Available HERE

The bundles have 25% discount and the individual elements have 15% plus Club discount

Here is some inspiration from the design team…

We’ll be hanging out in the SHAC on Thursday evening again at 7pm. If you fancy a little creative company, then do join in. We’ll be travelling gently through the ABC , and you can always catch up, or even get ahead!

Love always,

Barb x x x

16 thoughts on “Happy ABC!

  1. Well I hope it’s not the lurgy I’ve got! Been coughing since before new year. Still, the cold before Christmas didn’t hang about so maybe it’s that one. I’ll be with you on Thursday if I can’t go to choir but hoping to be able to and then catch up. Enjoying the alphabet. Xx

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit rough but glad to hear you are listening to your body and taking it easy in the warm at home instead of trying to just power on as usual hoping it will go away. I think many of us have done that in the past and then regretted it. Looking forward to Thursday evening provided you feel up to it. Take care xx

  3. Sorry the lurgy has caught up you but hopefully it won’t hang around too long. Husband has had something since before Christmas but fortunately he’s not passed it on – yet !!
    Take care of yourself and hopefully you will be okay for Thursday xx

  4. Firstly hope you feel better very soon. Please take care.
    I’ve been wondering with all the letter drawing, when you are doodling away when you’re back to full health, would it be possible to convert some simple block letters and numbers into dies as sometimes it’s nice to finish a die cut card with the same medium for names or relatives and if there could be some words in the format of the Happy birthday/best wishes ones on the corner dies but for Mum/Dad/Daughter/Special etc etc it would be great. Just a thought.
    Take care. Hope you’re well enough for Thursday but please put your health first. Xx

  5. happy to have bought these happy stamps years ago, and i cannot believe it was 8 years ago when they were launched ….very nice little stamps really worth having them ….😍

  6. Sorry to hear that you are poorly. Best to stay home and in the warm. At least you can’t be blamed for passing it on to others!x

  7. Hope you feel better soon XXX

    Can’t decide on Groovi or Stamps re alphabet … wait a bit longer and I expect I’ll get both by end of month. X

  8. Sorry you are feeling poorly and hope you get well soon.
    This alphabet looks lovely and if it came out 8+ years ago I cannot believe I may not have it already. The problem finding stuff is, to quote hubby, I just have too much!!!!! The artwork is inspiring as usual.
    I have been trying to collate my gear, alpha and words, Christmas, men’s, seasons, borders etc in sections so I can easily find them. Trouble is as soon as I start on the task something or someone gets in my way and I have to stop. My plan for a free and clear Friday to try to crack this has been scuppered as hubby has been offered a slot at the respiratory clinic for assessment for ambulatory oxygen and we dare not turn it down.
    Stay safe.

  9. So sorry the Lurgy has caught you. I hope the tea and rest will overcome it before it gets a good grip. It seems there are so many nasty viruses around this winter, we tend to stay in and keep warm! We are so disappointed that we have to stop coming to the SHAC as we just can’t do evenings and miss so much that we can’t catch up. I hope we can pop in some Mondays just to watch. Having been to almost all sessions right from day one, it leaves a hole, but we can no longer keep up. Thank you for all we have learned, and the trips we so much enjoyed.

  10. Dear Barbara, Stay safe and warm indoors and rest.Drink lots of fluids.
    Watched Paul yesterday and your happy alphabet looks very tempting to be purchased. 😊Can,t decide between groovi and stamps. Maybe both😉 Take care and see you on Thursday TV.

  11. Get well soon, Barbara.
    I’ve not been myself recently either but it has meant I have been able to spend time drawing along with you and more. Really enjoying the Alphabet theme and putting in an early request for p for pig 🐖 when we get there.
    Looking forward to Thursday evening, but only if you are well enough.
    Please take care of yourself and listen to what your body is telling you.
    Lynn x

  12. Dear Barb, hope you get better soon, I got some sort of virus between Christmas and New Year, and it really floored me. Drink lots of that ginger tea, and stay warm. Love these alphabet stamps, and the samples are so beautiful and inspiring, but given my recent order of the New Tina Collection, I have to abstain from adding to my craft stash for a while! Take care everyone. Bx

  13. These letters are so pretty – more goodies I’m tempted to invest in (and it’s only the second week of January!!)
    I hope you’re feeling better today – indoors is the best place to be in this cold weather xx

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