Easy as 123

Easy as 123

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. New year, new gear! I thought I’d talk about our Groovi system today. Can you believe it’s been nearly 9 years since we introduced Groovi to the world of parchment? June 2015!! Where does the time go? Linda Williams quickly saw that our Groovi system would breathe new life into parchment craft, something she cherishes and prizes above all else. She has been helping us, advising us, designing and creating for us since those early days. And actually, one of the best things to come out of Groovi for me personally has been the friendship she and I enjoy now. She is a fabulous woman and a great friend. I am very lucky to have her in my life.

Linda developed a range of 1-2-3 plates, to help those of us starting out improve our parching skills, like whitework and colouring. You start on the smaller image, gain in confidence, move onto the next larger image and then finally the largest image. It can be quite daunting learning these techniques on larger images, so the staggered 1-2-3 sampler system is perfect!

But now we have taken those 1-2-3 plates and made them more petite; what we call bijou. And what can I say? These are so so so lovely and delicate!! Perfect for smaller cards and artwork!

Paul will be on Create & Craft tomorrow (Thursday at 1pm & 5pm) with this latest bijou version of a trio of Linda Williams 1-2-3 plates:

There are other 1-2-3 plates from Linda, in both larger A4sq and bijou A5sq – all beautiful, and super versatile.

Here is some inspiration from the design team

I do hope you can tune in to watch Paul tomorrow at 1pm and 5pm, as he puts this new Bijou trio of Linda’a plates through their paces.

Me? I’ve been busy getting ready for Friday’s TV shows! All boxes ticked. I’m on brand new stamps, dies and fabby papers. More will be revealed…

I even had time to finesse a few newly made tiles, and wrap/store them in such a way that they will be nice and flat. Well that’s the theory…here’s the raw start. Made with a diecut newsprint image of one of our Mel’s cool country scenes.

I want to make sets of tiles which tell a story. Or ten. Let me find the dies for you, so you get me. See how these little scenes are like views from the top of a double-decker bus? I’ve started with 6 of the cottage and the cows. Next I’ll move on to the scene with the car, I think. I can feel a story brewing. I LOVE THESE DESIGNS! The story depends entirely on which order you lay the tiles out in! In fact, you could even split the tiles in half down the centre bar, and really go to town on the story-telling! Maybe I’ll write a little book! Once I’ve made all the story-telling tiles.

CLICK HERE if you ’d like to take a closer look at the dies.

Love always

Barb x x x

10 thoughts on “Easy as 123

  1. Oh for goodness sake this is my third attempt !

    My first thought was, when you said about a book, couldn’t you do a story with the dies/stencils for children to get them interested using the dies as stencils first – easier for younger ones. Anyway just a thought probably a bit mad!

    Love the plates but will have to catch up with shows as it’s my lunch club volunteer day followed by a facial and massage which was postponed from last Thurs !

    I’ve made a card today but my mojo has disappeared a bit, need it back to do my PTC exchange and also working on a 50th card someone asked for for their daughter. I’ll get there !

    Have good shows and then a good few days away at the trade fair and enjoy some time with Dave. Xxxx

  2. I have those original 123 plates. The retreat when they were launched with Linda and the blue tit design was wonderful and they are all used regularly. Will all the plates be issued as bijou eventually? I do hope so.
    Our hospital appointment for Ray’s biopsy was cancelled an hour and a half before we were due to leave home although they did give us a new date. Just means a further 3weeks of worry and wondering.
    If I didn’t have my Clarity crafting to take my mind off things I would probably freak out. As it is I will try to keep calm and carry on.
    Have the shows on record just in case, would hate to miss Paul’s demonstrations.
    Hope your visit to the trade show goes well and you find lots of new ideas.
    Safe journey.

  3. Can’t believe its nearly 9 years since Groovi started although looking at my rather large collection of plates you would think it was much longer LOL. Will be catching up with Paul tomorrow afternoon as we have our fortnightly meeting tomorrow lunch time at Bromsgrove. It seems only right to complete the set as I have all the others !! The Friday shows with yourself sound exciting as well with the stamp version of the a6 groovi plates of men’s pastimes.
    Have a great weekend in Frankfurt – hopefully the winds will have dropped & you will get to the right destination – not like some travellers over the last few days but just go with the flow & enjoy your travels xx

  4. You come up with brilliant ideas Barbara. I bet your imagination never stops working. Love the tiles.
    Have a great time in Frankfurt at the Trade show.

  5. Set the recorder for Pauls first show, hopefully I shall be able to watch the second show. I just have a few of Linda’s 1-2-3 plates, no doubt the new ones will go onto my ever growing wish list. I’m trying to be good and not ordering anything in January, although I did order the new set of papers which I just couldn’t resist, they are lovely, not sure if I can last the rest of the month, without another order, so many new goodies. Safe travels. xx

  6. Hi Barb, WOW, 9 years since the launch of Groovi, where has that time gone. I bet there are many Groovers and Parchers that will be forever grateful. These 1-2-3 plates are amazing designs by Linda, and the artwork created by the team is just beautiful. Love your tiles, such a great craft to do. Looking forward to the Friday shows, will record Paul’s shows today, there is always something to learn even if you are not into Groovi. Safe travels to Germany, have a great time with Dave, getting all new ideas. Bx

  7. I am an idiot!!! I checked and found I had all A4 plates and A5 123 plates for all but one. Are the new plates A5 being renamed as bijou? or am I just getting confused? Can Paul explain please?

  8. Lovely new plates and the samples are lovely. I will have to record Paul’s shows but should be able to watch you tomorrow. Have a good time at the trade shows. Take care.

  9. I purchased the starter kit plus the butterfly wreath and grasses kit in June 2015 and have been club member from the start.
    I do love this hobby and have “quite a few” plates (including some of the 123 series).
    On my list of preferences for pastimes drawing in the Shac with you is top with Groovi next so thank you.
    I’ve set the TV to record Paul if I can’t watch live and will do the same for Friday when it eventually shows on the TV guide.
    Enjoy Frankfurt and I look forward to the 1st when we can hear all about it.

  10. Fabulous artwork by the design team. Looking forwward to your and Pauls shows. Have great few days away and travel safely xx

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