Calling all Stampers!

Calling all Stampers!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Ready for something totally cool?!? Finally, we can unveil the first set in our brand new Abstract Layout Series, inspired by Linda Williams’ Easy Layout Groovi Collection. You can see where the idea has come from. Thanks Linda!! CLICK HERE FOR GROOVI

We have designed 5 Stamp and Die sets altogether, and will be launching/releasing one each month. Different layouts, different topics, different worker stamps and fabulous infused papers to boot!

When? Tomorrow, Friday

What time? 9am & 1pm

Where? Create & Craft TV

The dies may look familiar. As I mentioned, that’s because we have already launched them as Groovi plates. They are such invaluable composition aids in parchment art, we have now developed them as dies, so that we stampers, cardmakers, scrapbookers and mixed media peeps can feel the benefits too!

SET 1 : Abstract Layout Die & A5 Stamp Set with Infusions Paper Pack – Wheels & Wings stampset with Bonus Inspiration pamphlet

Refill Packs of Infusion Layout Papers

We decided to rustle up a second set of stamps, a Just Gents A5 Stamp Set

And since we were in travel and transport mode, how about a couple of Wee Transport Stamp Sets?

The brand new Designer Loose Leaf Infusions Collage Paper Packs are a real must have too. Wait till you see all the things you can do with this paper! It’s really very cool.

Here are some super samples from the design team, to whet your appetite.

What a gallery! I love this style, when vintage meets retro.

I hope you can join me tomorrow. It’s about time we had a fresh take on Mens’ art! And I’ve got loads of tricks and tip to share with you.

Love always,

Barb x x x

16 thoughts on “Calling all Stampers!

  1. These are just beautiful for men. I could wish for a locomotive, but I know I would be told some doohickey was wrong or they didn’t make that loco with that wheel configuration etc so he can have a penny farthing and be right at home.

    1. I was thinking where’s the train? But you are so right, there would be some tiny detail that wasn’t quite correct, I have realised it is better not to have one.

  2. Oh wow I don’t think we will be ever stuck for ideas when it comes to men’s cards again. What a great range of ideas from the Design Team.
    Just waiting for Paul’s 1st show to come up on rewind so I can catch up with the Groovi shows.
    No doubt you are already wending your way up Oundle which hopefully will be a clear run & not hampered by the storm.

  3. You called! And here’s one very interested stamper coming running! This collection looks amazing, and I love the idea of a new collection each month for the next few months! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us tomorrow Barb. The new infused papers are brilliant and the special ones with the “ghost image” of the die are truly inspired! And a new bonus inspiration booklet! You are spoiling us! The awesome Design Team have once again come up trumps with some amazing samples to highlight the collection – I particularly like the Mondrian art inspired sample, clever use of the die. I think I might be hooked before I’ve had a chance to see them in action!
    Hope you and Dave have a lovely trip to Frankfurt, and looking forward to seeing what you find out there.
    Travel gently and happy.

  4. Oh happy, happy dance whoop whoop. When I was first starting out giving groovi a go I bought these plates as I loved the more masculine themed images. I couldn’t be happier that they are now available as stamps and judging by the plethora of amazing artwork from the design team they will simply fly. I hope you have a huge stock. Pennies are tight at the moment but I don’t care, I can survive on baked beans for a few weeks but I NEED these. Thank you xx

  5. Brilliant! Blokes are always difficult to make cards for. In fact, blokes are always difficult, full stop! 😉

  6. Sorry, now I’m venting,showed Huw the new stamps illustrated on your blog. He said very nice , but the loco on the Darjeeling paper pad is nothing like a Darjeeling locomotive apparently they are quite distinctive.
    Wonder if he’d notice if I mismatched all his socks.xx

  7. What fabulous inspiration from the team. I’m delivering 300 leaflets today as a favour, so I’ll try to fit in the shows between stuffing letterboxes x

  8. Hello Barb, recording all set for the shows today. What absolutely amazing and creative samples from the team. Fabulous designs in the stamps and love the abstract layout die. And all of this when I just said to myself, No more buying craft stash in January! I think you know just which crafty buttons to push 🙂 Enjoy everyone. Bx

  9. Ooh these look and sound amazing 👏 I always struggle doing cards for men! Looking forward to this Barbara 😀 xx

  10. Tried to resist, but I’ve given in, and placed my order. Have some of the groovi designs, looking forward to receiving these new goodies. Enjoyed the first show, recording the second. Safe travels to you all. xx

  11. Watched all programmes, placed an order, and learned a few tricks too. Some of the samples really appealed to me although all were brilliant as usual.
    I am loving the new papers which I received recently, they add something different my the stash.
    Looking forward to next months reveal.
    Stay safe.

  12. Hi Barb, great shows as always! Bundle just happened to have dropped into my basket along with the other stamps set. Was wondering if there are any new sport related stamps in the pipe line ie. Golf, football etc
    Thanks for all you do for us crafters 💕

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