WOW!!! – BOW-WOB??

WOW!!! – BOW-WOB??

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! It’s all action here at Clarity! Why? Well, it’s the 1st of February – and the Clarity Half-Price Member’s Sale has gone live! That’s quite something in Clarityworld! It runs from now until the 12th Feb. It’s quite simple. I’m seeing the orders pouring in already; You save as much as you spend! Or to put it another way, you get twice as much bang for your hard earned buck! We only do this twice a year: once in February and once in July. If you aren’t a Club Member, you can join today, enjoy all the monthly benefits of that – and take advantage of the sale immediately. Makes sense to me! You can save the cost of the annual subscription with one order!

Click HERE. Please remember to sign into your account first! If you’re not sure, please call our Sue or Pete, and they will help you. 01732 868215. The phone lines may be busy first thing…

Our newest products – this month’s releases – won’t be in the sale. But there’s a whole website packed with wonderful things, to bring out the artist in you!

Anyway, to kick the party off with a smile, how about a little peek at our brand new, hot off the press BOW-WOB Papers? Landed yesterday – and absolutely brilliant.

Launching on Sunday – 3pm-5pm

BOW-WOB Collage Papers

Who came up with the name BOW-WOB? Who do you think?? Ha ha ha! Black-on-white – White on Black! Easy to remember! And boy, are they cool. I’ve been playing…

That one photo speaks volumes to the paper crafter, doesn’t it? Now you can make the papers any colour you like. ANY colour you like. Or leave them black and white too. Magic.

Here’s the B for Beachhut we doodled in the SHAC last week, mounted on a sheet of a BOW-WOB paper as it comes. I LOVE THIS LOOK! Collage artists, happy days! C tonight! C you tonight?


As you can see here, they work perfectly with our new Infusions Collage Papers below. The beach hut was drawn on a sheet from the Chamomile Book. In fact, regarding these wonderful tea shade papers, we have also been getting a lot of positive feedback from our parching friends. Because they are so calm, because they’re not noisy, (like the BOW-WOB papers!), they sit beautifully behind your parchment art. CLICK HERE

Available HERE too.

I will be back in the SHAC this evening at 7pm too. After a busy trip to Frankfurt, it’ll be nice to hang out with my fellow SHACKERS for an hour, and draw something new – that starts with C !! Live on Facebook and YouTube. C tonight! C you tonight?

Fancy a set of those fab BOW-WOB papers? How about a bloggy giveaway, to start the day? Leave a message below, telling us where you are and what your favourite colour is. I’ll pick a random winner tomorrow first thing, and let you know whether you got lucky!

Must crack on now. TV prep for Saturday (1pm and 4pm) and Sunday (3-5pm). Oh! And the SHAC tonight! Never a dull moment here! Keeps ya young!

Quote for today?

A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.

Love always,

Barb x x x

70 thoughts on “WOW!!! – BOW-WOB??

  1. Love, love, love these newest papers Barbara, absolutely perfect for masculine cards as they are but then add colour, and you’ve got feminine cards! Xx

    1. I’m currently on lunch walking off a washing machine head that had me awake this morning at 3:30.
      Nothing is ever simple, but I’m sure it will all come out In the wash.
      Fabby papers, superb sale, and wonderful shac friends and bus driver, all to make me a little more positive about my day.
      can’t wait to hear about Frankfurt.
      lots of love. T.xx

  2. I’m in Bedfordshire, favourite colour blue.
    Looking forward to the SHAC tonight and placing my sale order today.

  3. What a great idea. Love the effect. I am in sunny Gloucestershire and love all things green (but also so many other colours 🤣) 💚

  4. I’m from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. My favourite colours are the lighter shades of blue and Kingfisher green for wearing but for cards the pretty feminine colours, not good with male colours/cards and these papers would be a great asset to making those 😊

  5. Love the new papers as they are really striking and caught my eye. I could have a lot of fun with these, thinking up designs as we speak. I’m in Leicestershire and my favourite colour at the moment is black.

  6. hi, I live in Stockport and my favourite colour is pink! love the saying for today! my buzz feels as though it has totally stopped! I’m nursing a chest infection and it’s floored me! Shall enjoy looking through the sale,once I have enough energy! love the bow wob papers! x

  7. Hi Barbara looking forward to the shac tonight. I am in Stockport and my favourite colour at the moment is Mint Green. just received my infusions papers looking forward to a play later today. Su.

  8. hi Barbara and all you shakers, looking forward to tonight.
    Just starting my order, thank you Clarity.
    Sunny here in Herne Bay today and favourite colour is purple and shades of.
    take care
    Linda 😎

  9. Hi Barbara, hope you had a great weekend. Green is my favourite colour, some people think it’s unlucky but not me ! I was up in the night trying to finish a card – couldn’t sleep so thought I might as well be productive ! Must now go and look at the sale. Have a good day and CU2nite xx

  10. Morning I am in Eastbourne East Sussex. Lovely sunny day today. New papers look amazing my favourite colour is Purple. Getting my sale order ready but keep finding more to put in the basket!!!

  11. Interesting papers, look forward to seeing them on telly.
    I live in Dereham near Norwich and love all pastel shades but my favourite colour is aquamarine, such a gentle effect.
    Feet up resting today after both of us had dental surgery yesterday so plenty of time to browse the members sale even if my spending will have to be modest this time.
    Safe travels at the weekend.

  12. I’m in Compton, Berkshire and my favourite colour is blue, all shades but especially teal. Looking forward to C U tonight! X

  13. I’m in Epsom, Surrey and my favourite colour is blue, blue and blue. Will have to watch live tonight tomorrow and will have to record Saturday and Sunday as Grandson and family are coming. Enjoy. Take care.

  14. I’m in Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire and my favourite colour is turquoise. I will be watching this weekend. You have such wonderful ideas.
    Don’t work too hard x

  15. Already had a look at the sale some great bargains. Love black and white but recently although my favourite colour used to be purple I am being drawn to very vibrant oranges and yellows. Must be my wish for spring and summer to come soon

  16. Hello from sunny Bournemouth today! I love Navy blue clothes . But I hate blue in the house 😃 no wall ever gets blue. I love sea green seas and pale pink flowers. Any colour is fine for card making but bow-wob is such a good idea! Loving the new direction of collage.

  17. I can see you are going to have sell outs on Sunday. You just wow us all away with your amazing new ideas that create new products. Love the new collage papers and looking forward to learning the process of collage. I live in Pulborough, West Sussex and my favourite colour is blue. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip in the Shac tonight. X

  18. I’m in Tenterden, Kent & my favourite colour is pink but I do go through phases of blue, green, purple even went through a brown spell. These new papers look fab. C U later tonight in the Shac xxx

  19. Hi I’m in Manchester love the sale thank you 😊 favourite colour is green 💚
    at the vets tomorrow with my little dog Betty.
    she is having a broken tooth removed 😢
    the sale is a good distraction x

  20. Love the new papers and the clever name. I’m had home nursing a broken tooth! Pain relief not helping, maybe a little peruse on the website later may be in order.
    Thank you for all the lovely goodies. xx

  21. Currently in a cold Danderhall, Edinburgh. favourite colour Teal.
    WoB Bow or Bow Wob who know depends on how you see them! xxx

  22. Hi Barb. I hope your trip was relaxing as well as a work outing. I hope to watch you this evening if I can tear myself away from the sale items. Can’t wait for the open days and retreat . See u soon
    Lesley from Wroxham in Norfolk. I love purple and the new papers. Xxx

  23. I’m in sunny Chelmsford, Spring looks to be on its way. The blue tits are sitting on the tree looking into my flat, love them as they are so pretty. Whilst the robin is my favourite bird, blue tits come a close second as blue is my favourite colour.
    Thank you Clarity for your amazing sale, my Wishlist was ordered this morning from hubby as an early birthday pressie.

  24. Great blog as ever. Been on the members sale for a couple of hours. Wonderful goodies. Looking forward to ceeing you tonight!!

  25. I’m in chilly, sunny, windy Highland near Inverness! My favourite colour is red, which just happens to go very well with black and white x

  26. I am in High Wycombe and I love the new papers, my favourite colour is yellow. I am just so grateful to you and Paul for keeping me enthused with all crafting and enabling me to keep a craft club going for many senoirs in my area with ideas.

  27. Hi Barbara

    I’m in Wimbledon at mum‘s – busy busy busy like a busy bee , so I’m going to say sunny yellow is my favourite colour today.

    I love the BOW-WOB papers- great concept to be able to add your own colour of choice. Love the infusion papers too- enjoyed using them in recent samples.

    Have a lovely sunny day and see you all tonight in the SHAC. 🐝 🐝 🐝

  28. Good afternoon from Dublin ! Browsing the sale and so much to choose from will take a while to decide .My favourite colour is blue with pink a close second .I wear both colours a lot .xxx

  29. Hi Barbara.
    Sale order in.
    I’m in Hereford, sunny at the moment.
    My favourite colours are purples/maroon.
    Will be watching tonight. X

  30. Hello from theuvva Barbara! Has to be black ….! You have chosen very wisely with your new papers as a Newcastle supporting family living in sunny Sunderland! There’s a lot of thread which could be going into them!!x

  31. I’m in Seaford and love most colours but if I had to choose a favourite probably pink.
    Thanks for putting on a brilliant sale and all the other free help you all provide. Xx

  32. I’m in Bedfordshire and my favourite colour is purple.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the letter C.

  33. I am in Cheshire and looking at photos taken at Dunham on Tuesday on a lovely blue sky day. The blue looks super against the branches of the trees and the reflection in the water

  34. Hello I’m from Northern Ireland
    and my favourite colour is Red
    looking forward to
    getting some things from the sale later on this evening evening

  35. On holiday in sunny Portugal at the moment but live near the beautiful town of Southwold in Suffolk. Anybody live my way and fancy a meet up? For flowers and cars yellow would be my choice and otherwise teal and kingfisher type co!ours. Thanks for the sale, will be checking it out.

  36. I am from Hertfordshire and just sat down after a sprint around cleaning the house, so I can indulge in playing with my new Derwent Procolour pencils (a tin of 72 wonderful colours, late Xmas pressie from my Hubby), in preparation for the fun we have in the Shac. My favourite colour is all shades of blue. See you later in the Shac!

  37. Hi Barbara,
    I am in East Kilbride and my favourite colour is turquoise (closely followed by purple)
    Love the look of the BOW-WOB papers.
    I figured out what the initials were for just before I read the answer, felt so chuffed with myself. It’s the simple things isn’t it.
    Lots of love,
    Linda xx

  38. I am near Llandeilo in west Wales. my favourite colour is blue. A lovely sunny afternoon here with a great sunset.

  39. I put in my sale order just after midnight and I have just had an email to say it’s on its way!!! Thank you, Clarity – always the best customer service!!

  40. I’m in a little Welsh village called Rachub. My favourite colour is turquoise. Had a lovely day going back and forth trying to make my order made a final selection 10 minutes ago and it has been sent. Can’t promise I won’t be back for more though. Off to the Shac now for the latest alphabet letter.xx

  41. Sitting here in North East London, after playing with some of the new infusions papers today! Gearing up to add in a sale order! My favourite colour is teal, and I love that quote – did you know that ‘Deborah’ means industrious or bee-like?🐝

  42. The new papers look great. Will have to catch up with tonight’s shac. I love to see yellow roses, although my favourite colour is blue, and I’m in Kings Bromley, Staffordshire. I also love todays quote. Looking forward to the weekend shows. Safe travels. xx

  43. I’m in Morden, South London and my favourite colour is blue. My die and corresponding papers arrived today, they’re lovely x

  44. Have been so busy looking at the sale after getting up early for a blood test that I almost missed this blog. Found it whilst getting ready for the SHAC earlier. Really enjoyed drawing the crowns & look forward to doing the gems again.
    I am in Solihull , West Midlands. I like most colours but either mauve or teal/blue/greens are my go to’s. The BOW/WOB papers are going to be great to add colour to as needed. 2024 is looking like its going to be an exciting crafty year x

  45. Good evening, I am in the North East of England, near Dracula’s territory, Whitby. My favourite colour is fuschia pink. Bye bye x

  46. hi
    I’m in tamworth Staffordshire.
    I love the look of the new papers. I usually tend to pick blues so they are my favorite. xxx

  47. Spent the day in Cambridgeshire having a crafty day with friends, currently in a pink/purple phase!
    will be making good use of the sale, many thanks.

  48. Hi Barbara.
    I’m in Crowthorne, Berkshire and I’ve just returned from a rehearsal for Ghost the Musical so missed the SHAC this evening. I love blues, greens and purples and need to stop thinking about what to put on the paper and just do it!
    I’m Nyck and I’m addicted to Clarity…

  49. I love purple! There is never enough purple to be found, so being able to colour my own papers would be amazing.
    Just now (midnight) I am at work, having a wee tea break. Really looking forward to finishing at half two as I am full of the cold and feel rubbish, but browsing the sale is cheering me up.

  50. I am in Kent and my favourite colour is sea-green.
    I missed the SHAC as in bed early with a migraine, so will catch up later this morning with a coffee and probably a biscuit (or two).

  51. I’m in Upminster, Essex. So much potential with these new papers. Look forward to seeing all the samples. I’m into pastel colours at moment blues, greens, pink.

  52. Hello Barb, glad to hear you had a good but busy trip to Frankfurt. Love the look of these new BOW-WOB papers, your certainly know how to tempt us all. Looking forward to the shows. My favourite colour is purple and every possible shade of it, and I am in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire. Looking forward to the shows. Take care everyone, a bit windy this morning. Bx

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