Design of the Week – back to the beginning…

Design of the Week – back to the beginning…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Sincere apologies for not blogging for a while – there’s a lot going on here, and I just seem to run out of hours! But I promise to try harder in the New Year! The other thing is, I don’t believe in spreading misery, and unless I can be positive, I’d best keep quiet. 2023 has been a challenge, there’ve been a few dark days, and on those days I tend to retreat to the back of the cave. How often have I sat here at my desk and written to you, then deleted the lot because it was just too downbeat, too negative! That’s the truth of it, friends. Nuff said.

Yes, it’s been quite a year – and it just keeps on kicking! So, out with the Gratitude List, Barbie. That never fails to lift one’s spirits. Even as I write, I have to laugh at the triviality of our challenges compared to other’s. And whilst I can’t dismiss them, I can certainly get some perspective on them, eh?

Changing the subject now, let’s take a look at that Nursery Rhyme ABC I drew 30 years ago…

As our 30-year celebrations draw to an end, I can’t think of a better way to finish this annual offer than with the design that started Clarity 30 years ago – The Rhyme Time Collection. Yep. This was the artwork that set the wheels in motion all those years ago…

Available in 2 1/4 inch tall stamps – perfect for posters and name plates. I made a decent living back in the day, making customised name plates, mounted and framed for folks. Christenings, birthdays – and they still work beautifully.

Bijou stamps – better for cards and journaling…

Posters. The posters have the nursery rhymes printed on the back. I had to make a few of the rhymes up, because Mother Goose hadn’t written any that started with U, V, X, Y or Z – or at least no uplifting ones! Great if you’re into your Découpage, too.

Next up, our ii Colouring Book. ii stand for Ideas and Inspiration. Great little colouring book, complete with Nursery Rhymes. Fabulous little gift for a young person, or anybody who enjoys poetry and colouring actually!

Groovi. What a fab set for the dedicated parcher. Not one, but four letters on each plate. AND a folder. AND the little colouring book as a guide. Super investment. Especially at 30% off, plus your Clarity Club discount. That’s the deal with everything shown here.

All available HERE with 30% off plus Club discount.

Let’s enjoy some inspiration from our clever design team…

If you decide to invest in this lovely collection, please expect it to be delivered in January now. I would rather not risk getting caught up in the Christmas melee now. I’m sure you agree. And what better way to start the New Year than with a new arty project like this? If you want to take advantage of the Sale price, then order now, and we’ll pack it ready for the New Year.

Quote for the Day, in fact quote of the YEAR for me…

Work hard and be nice to people.

Whilst staying at our friend’s lovely apartment in New York last week, this poster on the wall spoke to me. Loud and clear. It’s that simple. It really is.

I really want to tell you all about New York now! It was an epic visit – at so many levels. I do love the Big Apple !! I will share more anon. Travel gently.

Love always

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Design of the Week – back to the beginning…

  1. Its been an eventful year on all angles. 30 years of Clarity Stamps is a huge achievement & long may it continue with you guiding the bus along the road of creation. With the Clarity elves doing a great job at Clarity Towers & the Design Team making the samples you have a fantastic team headed up by Paul. There will be days when things are not so good but hopefully these will ease & be replaced with those special memories created over the years.
    Have a lovely Christmas with the family, will Grace be reading ”Twas the night before Christmas” liked she used to ? Don’t think you will have to help with the long words now !!
    Here’s to a crafty 2024 which sounds as if there are some exciting things in the pipeline going by Paul’s little hints yesterday xx

  2. Hi Barbara
    We would like to wish you,Dave and everyone at Clarity Towers a great Christmas and all the best for 2024.
    We have treated ourselves this Christmas so are going away, been a tough year here as well.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx 🎄🎄

  3. Merry Christmas to you all at Clarity Crafts and hope you have more uplifting and healthy new year for you and yours. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed by myself and I am sure so many others and I’d like to wish you all continued success in your lovely family business and all your ventures. 👏🏻🎄🧑🏻‍🎄

  4. You are not wrong about this year there have certainly been many downs but ups as well. I call it a growing year having to cope with what’s been thrown at us but managing to come out the other side. I’d just like to wish you and all your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This, of course, includes everyone at Clarity Towers as they are family too.

  5. I’m a silent admirer of all things Clarity but on this occasion I would like to wish you, Barbara, Dave and all your hardworking Team a very peaceful Christmas and a Healthy Happy 2024. We none of us know what life has in store but to look on the positive side of life is certainly going to help. Look forward to seeing you on the telly with your very professional demos!

  6. Thanks Barb, lovely to hear from you, looking forward to hearing your NY escapades.
    At our end, the hospital has just rung to say husband’s PSA test was ‘perfect’ at
    – 00.5 (I have no idea what that means, but we feel so relieved! We were just getting on with it, not realising how much it was affecting our moods – we an relax a little now!)
    Love to you, Dave and cats.
    Maggie (York UK)

  7. Good to see you back Barb! I’m sure this will be a bittersweet Christmas, but look on it as a time for making new memories with Dave and your mum.
    This is the most amazing set of stamps! You are one talented lady and it’s a joy working with you xx

  8. Hopefully, hubby having his gall bladder removed this morning will be the last ‘excitement’ of our year but then again, our 6 year old great-nephew is in hospital too at the moment with asthma problems, just going up to see hubby so might manage a quick good night to Ellis too if he has to stay in. I’ve just had a friend on phone pouring her heart out to me too so, all in all, there are people going through a lot more than all of us out there. However, that doesn’t mean our ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter.

    Love the alphabet !

    Merry Christmas to all of you at Clarity Towers, I even managed to send cards to you this year – not sure how but I think I’ve ended up with spare one! Shame it’s not a birthday one – needed for Sat for my sis. Still I can start that later when I get back from visiting hubby. X

  9. Dear Barbara, please don’t apologise for not blogging, you give so much all the time. I would like to add my good wishes to you, Dave and all at Clarity Towers and hope you are all able to take time out during Christmas to enjoy the celebrations with your family and friends. Thank you for what you’ve done for us during 2023 ❤️❤️

  10. Always lovely to read your Blog Barbara. So sorry you have had such a challenging year – some reasons obvious to us maybe others not so.

    I’d like to wish You Dave and the family including those at Clarity, a Happy Christmas.

    Thankyou for continuing to give me the opportunity of working with your special products as part of the DT. Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous and creative 2024.

    Take care Barbara! Hope you manage to rest over the festive period. ❤️

  11. Welcome back Barbara, missed your blogs but understand you have other priorities, and pressures on your time.
    Went to the doctors on Monday for hubby to be checked as his breathing was bad and there were other problems too. Shock horror!! we were “blue lighted” to the hospital directly from the surgery. I was so scared for him. The treatment he received during the day was second to none and we were allowed home in the evening. He will have to have oxygen supplied and take it easy in the meantime but thankfully he is home for Christmas.
    So on the positive side we must be grateful for the good things in life and each other. There so many people worse off than us.
    I love these nursery rhyme designs, they are beautiful as are the samples from the design team.
    Wishing you, Dave, the Clarity team, Ragnar and Eric a very happy Christmas and a healthy and happy 2024.
    Stay safe 🍒

  12. Something GOOD…placed an order for Archival ink pads on Monday……received Wednesday. Amazing! Many thanks & wishing all the pickers & packers a very HAPPY Christmas. Hurray for Barbara & Clarity – Thank you.

  13. What a beginning of Clarity. and still going strong or better,even stronger. Plates , cards and designs are wonderful. Missed reading your blogs. Glad you are back.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy and prosperous 2024.

  14. Hello Barb, sending big hugs to you. Love the samples from the design team with these beautiful images. Looking forward to hearing the news and tales from NY. And having renewed my club subscription, looking forward to another year of Clarity inspiration. Wishing you, Dave, Paul, the kids, your Mum and all the Clarity team, and the Clarity family here, a wonderful and amazing Christmas, and a healthy and happy 2024. Bx

  15. Having spent my 65th birthday in an and e with my dad after a blue light ambulance trip I treated myself to the new ink pads which arrived so quickly. Thank you so much. Dad is home now so hopefully will get chance to play in the new year. I wish you and Dave, and everyone at Clarity and the wonderful Clarity community all the best for Christmas and for the coming New Year . I hope there is time for some much needed R and R xxxx

  16. I like one of your other ladies am more or less a silent admirer but have bought a lot of your products over the years and would just like to wish everybody at Clarity a Happy and peaceful Christmas and thank you for your work and inspiration during the years.

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