One Day Special -Amazing Mini Mandalas

One Day Special -Amazing Mini Mandalas

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! In a bid to start blogging daily, here’s a quickie, just shining a light on this evening’s TV Show at 6pm on Create & Craft, and our Nutcracker SHAC straight afterwards at 7pm. Christmas may be around the corner, and the goose may well be getting fat – but the Clarity Show must go on!

Dear old Paul headed off up to the TV studios this morning, to get set for 6pm. Then 9pm, 10am and 2pm Friday

Not only is it today’s One Day Special, but it’s also a Clarity Fresh Cut Super Saver . So the offer is exceptional.

There are three sets, each with four fabulous nested Mandala designs.

Firstly, there are The Rings

Then there are The Squares

Last but not least, the beautiful Christmas collection.

There’s a Super Duper Saver of the complete collection – with a storage folder – too.

When you cast your eye over all 12 nested mandalas below, you will see the phenomenal variety. And when you start to mix and match them – well, the combinations are fantastic. I’m a big fan of these. They are crisp, small, clean, and classy. What a superb starting point for an art class or art project!

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Fabulous gallery. Thank you as always to the clever Clarity DT.

I must crack on though – I’ve got a Nutcracker to pen, ready for colouring in the SHAC at 7pm!

We’ve been doing a lot of sorting and thinning out at Clarity Towers, to create more space for the new Year and all it will bring. If you could see the hundreds of boxes of art samples, all stacked and stored lovingly, you’d be impressed. I am. What a collection of art!

Quoyte for today?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

See you this evening.

Love always,

Barb x x x

6 thoughts on “One Day Special -Amazing Mini Mandalas

  1. Not sure if I will be able to watch or even record the programmes today. Our whole area has been suffering from Virgin collapsed since Saturday. It is on and off like a yo-yo, the broadband, the TV and the landline. It is enough to drive us all completely mad. Good luck to Paul for the shows. xxx Maggie Craner

  2. Looking forward to the shows and to tonight. My mini archival ink pad sets arrived today & they are brilliant. So nice to be able to have a good choice of colours without having to buy the bigger pads until I decide which are my ‘go to’ ones.

  3. Looking forward to the Mandala show with Paul at 6 & then the SHAC at 7. Just need to complete my homework. I decided to walk up to the library & shops this morning not fully realising just how strong the wind was. Ok going but boy was it hard work walking back home. Oh well walked a few pre Christmas calories off so I can have a few treats on the Big Day !!

  4. Oh boy! these dies are a whole new art form to play with…….. looking forward to seeing tonights show.
    Happy Christmas
    Beryl [Sheppard] xxx

  5. Looking forward to the shows later and tomorrow.
    Sorry I can’t join you live tonight but will catch up later.
    Take care.

  6. Hello Barb, what beautiful samples from the design team, have recorded the shows as did not get a chance to watch live. The die designs are great. Hope the Nutcracker Shac went down well. Take care all. Bx

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