Beautiful new Stamps, a Groovi Plate – and a kiln full of surprises!

Beautiful new Stamps, a Groovi Plate – and a kiln full of surprises!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. How’s your week been? I’m busy ticking boxes here, trying to get packed for New York. I fired up the kiln this morning, so if the pots have cooled down before Monday, happy days! A few can come with me! I actually manged to pretty much fill the kiln!

I’ve tried a new yellow glaze on a few pots and bowls. It’s always exciting when you try a new flavour. Oh, and some new sea glass from Folkestone! I do hope nothing sticks to the new kiln shelves! I got a bit close to the base with the glazes. And see the 3rd shelf up, with the blue stained work? That’s Cobalt oxide and wax resist. We shall have to wait and see.

In the meantime, before I flyoffski to New York New York, I’ve got one more 2 hour TV show on Create & Craft tomorrow, 3-5pm, showcasing our latest KISS collection, designed by lovely Jazz – Seasonal Tags & Frames Stamp and Stencil Collection:

Also available in Groovi

These stamps and Groovi designs are SO SO SO lovely! Wait till you see the artwork from our ever so clever Design Team! Here is the entire gallery. So many projects, just waiting for you to emulate!

Anyway, must get back to packing! But I am really looking forward to putting these lovely stamps through their paces tomorrow. Lots of snappy little tricks n tips. I shall be there – with bells on!!

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Beautiful new Stamps, a Groovi Plate – and a kiln full of surprises!

  1. Hope all turns out well with the pots, it will be interesting to see the finished items.
    These new designs will fly out tomorrow. The gallery of artwork is stunningly inspiring. Looking forward to the shows which as usual will be recorded.
    My eyesight is improving now the stitches are out and the graft has taken well so I am raring to go with the latest Clarity deliveries recently arrived.
    Have a safe journey to New York.

  2. Looking forward to the shows. The design team have certainly been busy. Hope you have a safe journey to New York and that all that pottery comes out of the kiln like how you want it too xxx

  3. Can’t wait to see the kiln unpacked. Must be so exciting not quite knowing how the colours will turn out.

    I bet you can’t wait to get away for Christmas- so pleased for you!! I’m not even sure what I’m doing for Christmas. I think being poorly fur 3 weeks has thrown me a little I’m just not ready!

    I’m looking forward to the show tomorrow! You will rock as usual!

  4. Hello Barb, cannot wait to see what comes out of the Kiln. And Oh My Word, those beautiful new designs. I really need to blame you and Jazz for my bank balance, because I so want these too. The Design Team samples are as always awe inspiring! Safe travels to NY, have a lovely break with the amazing Grace, and her handsome Beau. Bx

  5. Wow! The samples are great, the pots look as though they will be fantastic! Hope you have done the packing! Have a lovely time in New York! X

  6. Looking forward to the kiln jewels ! Lovely, useful stamps and groovi, will enjoy the shows tomorrow. Have a good trip to New York xx

  7. Wow I think the Design Team like these stamps & the Groovi plate – they are going to fly tomorrow.
    Hope the kiln cools down enough on Monday morning for you to be able to take some of its contents to New York. Have you got Colin standing by to help protect the clay pots?
    Have a fabulous time in New York with Grace, Alex & the 2 Marks – look forward to hearing all about it in the SHAC on your return

  8. Will be tuning in for the tv shows, what clever designs covering every occasion. The kiln looks interesting and look forward to seeing the finished results. Have a great time with the “kids” in NY. X

  9. hope pots turn out thecway you want them.
    had cataract surgery on friday so missed hanging out with you. hope to be able to see enough for your show on C&C today.
    have a great time in NY.

  10. Love the blue pot Barbara, hope the others are OK.
    What lovely samples from the “dream” team and well done Jazz. I look forward to the shows this afternoon. Behind with everything – day 11 of flu.
    Hope you have a lovely time in New York.

  11. What beautiful goodies you have in store for us. The design team cannot have known when to stop as the inspiration just springs out of the samples. Have a good trip to NYC. I’m not sure I’d trust pottery in my main luggage. I’m sure the family over the pond are counting the time until you arrive.

  12. Hello Barb, what absolutely beautiful artwork from the Design Team. I love these stamps (I keep saying, no more craft stash for the year, but I guess that’s not happening). Looking forward to the shows today whilst putting up decorations. Hope you got the packing done. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  13. Have a well deserved break with the family.
    Couldn’t tune in to C&C today but hope all went well and you are having an uneventful journey home.
    Pots look great as too the wonderful artwork from the Design Team.
    Lynn xx

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