A GIFT-TAG GIFT, from us to you.

A GIFT-TAG GIFT, from us to you.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in!

HAPPY SUNDAY! Or should I say HAPPY GRAY SUNDAY?! Thank you so much for supporting us through our GRAY FRIDAY SALE. It’s the Sale of the Year here at Clarity, and it helps us massively to bridge the December lull into January.

And so it continues today, too. In case you were thinking about going back to the Clarity website, to see if there was anything else you might fancy, or want to build a stash up, we thought we’d not just say thank you, but DO Thank you.

If you spend £30 or over today, we will automatically add a lovely little Gift Tag stamp as a gift to you – by way of appreciation.

I did a little step by step, to show you how pretty it is, too…

I used one of those lovely little Bijou cards with envelopes and embedders, that Dave cuts out for us on the Windmill press.

  • Stamp the tag using black archival ink.
  • Fold, trim and cut the corners
  • Use one of the lighter grey pencils from our Polychromos Set of 12 Essential pencils to create a drop shadow.
  • Add the yellow centre.
  • Use the light pink to add colour to the ribbon
  • Add depth with a darker grey from the set
  • Punch a hole, thread a string – and done.
  • Make more !

You could add faux studs to the criss cross centres too, but I ran out of time. It’s been a pretty hectic week, a bit of a scramble.

So yeah. A little thank you, a little freebie gift, to lure you back in for another nibble!! Before the prices go back to normal tomorrow.

The TV shows went well, and I think the new format with the bell was fun. I just thought it would be livelier than trawling down the counter – especially with so many sale items ! If you watched, let me know what you thought. I have received very positive feedback so far, and think the bell and separate demo concept may have legs going forward. I was speaking to our dear friend Dean Wilson yesterday, who’s a total pro when it comes to shopping TV, and I told him about it, the ding ding bell, and the short snappy demo injections. He immediately called it Presentertainment. Brilliant response. He’s such a clever bloke.

Another thing I did yesterday, which took pretty much ALL day, was prepare this year’s Annual Treasure Hunt for December on our website. You know, we hide little characters all over the website, and then feed you daily clues to find the guys and their letter. Like a virtual Advent Calender. Then all the jumbled letters spell a special message. It’s something many enjoy, and it’s really harmless fun.

But boy oh boy! It takes some working out and thinking. And yesterday was the only day I had free to sort it out. So lots of rhyming and verses, and searching for good places to hide the little characters.

You’ll love it this year! We’ve had Elves, we’ve had Gnomes. This year, we’re inviting you to help us find – wait for it – our penguins!! They are sooooooo cute!! Linda Williams drew these little fellas! CLICK HERE for this little sampler set.

Actually, there’s a superb set of Penguins in the sale, including stamps and dies, which might interest you, if you like funky cute. CLICK HERE to investigate

That’s it for today, friends. I’m busy ticking boxes, and the Monday SHAC and what we’re doing in our Thursday Craftalong is next up! Never a dull moment…

Head on over to the sale if you fancy another bite of the pie and a free stamp ! I was blown away by the bargains when I was trawling through the website with my Penguin friends yesterday!

Love always

Barb x x x

25 thoughts on “A GIFT-TAG GIFT, from us to you.

  1. Great shows! Much better demos and so entertaining. Kept my attention throughout. Well done for a new format and may there be many more x

  2. I love the tag! Shall have to go and look at the sale! It’s stir up Sunday and although I’m not making Christmas puddings this year, I shall stir myself to go and buy in the Gray Friday sale!🤣. Enjoy your day.x

  3. I loved the new format with more demos and snappy sales patter. Dean is right, “ presentertainment” works well.
    Already put in 2 orders from the sale but I am sure I can find something to buy to get this gorgeous tag stamp. Thank you for your generosity, you are so kind to us all.
    I’m off now to place another order.
    Stay safe, well and happy.

  4. I enjoyed the bell. Very glad I didn’t press the order button until today, I’d been dithering on adding some oxide stamp pads which I’ve done now, with some plates and stamps, do I need them? No I don’t but who cares ! Lovely tag so, thank you very much. I’ve got the penguins already hiding here and haven’t used them yet, the complete set ! Have a good weekend, thanks for working for us ! X

  5. Just loved the new format especially with the sale. The snappy little demos with the sale goodies absolutely got my vote! Ding dong. Sale goodies all ordered in good time this year, no last minute orders. so hopefully they will arrive when one of us is in the house to receive them. Now off to sweep the leaves off the garden, read for the pending snow fall. Have a lovely Sunday. lots of Love T.xx

  6. Off to do my second order, and how generous of you to give a gift tag stamp gift to our orders. Loved the shows, ding ding, they were great winning shows. Will enjoy looking for penguins and trying to work out the clues, when the time comes. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xx

  7. After reading your blog Barb, I did go back to find a few bits to add to my collection and placed an order. Thank you for the stamp gift.
    I was looking through your many storage folders and found the chain stamp one- just what I needed! I would like one for my A4 stamp sets- will you be getting any or shall I just continue to use the stencil one?
    A penguin treasure hunt! Looking forward to it.
    Thank you and the Clarity group for all you do. Susan.

  8. Loved the shows Barbara but couldn’t help thinking ‘blimey Barb after that lot I bet all you want to do is lay in a darkened room with the blinds down’. They certainly were fast paced – I didn’t even have time to stop watching to go to the loo!!!! (even tho I was recording the shows. I’m afraid the Bank Manager has put a stop on my card for the time being as I’ve 2 orders already but thank you for all you do. Loved the concept of the bell

  9. Loved the format of the Friday shows! Maybe I could make up another order methinks! Looking forward to the penguin hunt. Xx

  10. Just ordered my birthday present, loved the shows and that bell was great! Less chat and more of the products being demonstrated, I liked it!!
    Looking forward to hunting down the penguins this time.
    Now time for you to take a rest bite x

  11. Hello lovelies! Just finished placing my third (or is it 4th order) of the week (so many bargains… so little money… but couldn’t resist!).
    Now going to watch the C&C shows. Sorry I missed the live shows (better late than never) but husband and I spent most of this past week sick in bed except when had to bundle up to take the dog out for his MULTIPLE walks (BUT the fingers still worked on the laptop to take advantage of the wonderful sale prices!! Especially the folders so can finally try to organize all the plates and parchment).

    Love you guys!

  12. I thought the bell was really good. I think you should have a Buzzer too for if they don’t respond straight away!!! Haha. It was fun but also made the time between demo and counter equal. X

  13. I thought the formal with the bell worked really well. It was great you weren’t interrupted when demoing which meant you crammed in so many quick demos. It was brilliant but you must be exhausted after that marathon.

    I did order which has already been delivered (brilliant service), but when I saw the free gift, I went back and ordered some folders and the perga crayons- can’t wait to try them.

    Hope you get some well deserved rest.

  14. Loved the bell & the great demos – certainly something for you to look at doing again.
    Thought I had everything I need but it would be best to go back & check before the sale ends – LOL

  15. Hello Barb, such a pity I missed the offer of this lovely stamp. I would have spent £30 with ease, but would have had to keep it quiet in the house, seen as I have already had 3 fairly hefty forays onto the sale pages. Hey Ho, such is life. Loved the shows, great fun with the bell, brilliant demos too. Looking forward to the penguin hunt. Take care everyone. Bx

  16. What a lovely gift to receive. Unfortunately I placed my order yesterday so I’ve missed out on getting this stamp, knew I should’ve waited lol. Loved all the shows on TV, such good fun. Ding ding! xxx

  17. I liked the shows and the bell. It was fun and kept things on time with tons of demos. It was good to have the laughter and banter between you, Paul and Charlie / Daniel.

  18. Loved the shows you did and what inspirational demos . Something different with the bell . Liked it .
    Must have been hard work keeping on top of all those demos but you did a great job and your sale prices are super . Have bought quite a bit . Always look forward to your shows .Thank you

  19. Loved the format for the Black Friday show. And I really liked the fact that you were using products I’ve already got and reminding me how to use them. Didn’t stop me buying some new stuff too!

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