A New Mate!

A New Mate!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been up hours, turning those pots and bowls I threw yesterday! If I get time, I’l, start on a few tiles later – although we have got a date in the SHAC at 7pm this evening, so I can’t really rock up caked in clay.

In the meantime, Tina will be launching a brand new Plate Mate during The Pergamano Shows on Create & Craft on Thursday at 11am & 3pm

For those of you who joined us at the Annual Parchment Retreat at The Spa Hotel in October, you will already be familiar with it. This is not just any Plate Mate, this is an A4sq Layering Plate Mate for A6sq aka baby plates. Finally.

Tina has also designed a set of 4 Layering Parchlets that work in conjunction with the new Plate Mate, or on their own

We have created a complete collection which also comes with an Ideas & Inspiration Booklet

Here is some ideas and inspiration from the Design Team

There’s also a layout pamphlet included, to help you make the most out of the new collection, and get used to the layering concept. Think of it as introducing windows into the parchment. Honestly. It really is so simple, but you have to see it to really get it. So please watch Tina at 11am today x

This layering and composition set really is a game changer. So clever. I bet it sells out really fast!

Must dash. Got something new I’m working on….see you later!!

Love always,

Barb x x x

7 thoughts on “A New Mate!

  1. Caught a tiny bit of the earlier show and thought this looks a great set to buy as it looks so useful!
    Hope all your pots are still looking good!
    Just received this months new groovi club plate! It’s glorious.
    Do hope the Christmas trip is wonderful!

  2. Well done Tina, I love the style of these plates. A bit less daunting for beginners on the journey too maybe. Good luck with the haul of pots Barbara, they look amazing. Tina was great on tv, she’s a star!
    See you at 7 friends, on a wet cold dark evening can’t think of anything better to do than hang out in the shac with like minded folk and be inspired by Barbara.xx

  3. I had the pleasure of working with these at the parchment retreat . They are really beautiful and encourage everyone to get them. You won’t be disappointed !!
    Love and hugs

  4. Hi Barb, a very intriguing blog post! Wonder what the something new is? These designs are beautiful, I bet Tina’s shows were very busy. Love the samples from the design team. Take care and stay warm everyone. I’m off to watch the new Shac episode on Youtube. Bx

  5. Caught up with the shows after the SHAC last night. All 3 very enjoyable & look for ward to playing with my plates when they arrive. Meanwhile I have my doodle tree & cards to finish otherwise the post will have gone !!
    Just 6 weeks left before the weekend of Christmas where has this year gone to? doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since last years celebrations.
    Happy post received yesterday – a lovely surprise !! Thank you to everyone involved in the process of getting the club stuff out to us.

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