Design of the Week and a Wheely Nice Day…

Design of the Week and a Wheely Nice Day…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I stepped away from the Clarity plate today, put on my Claypron – and had a full day on the pottery wheel. It was absolutely just what the doctor ordered. I have been neglecting my pottery this year, and it’s time to get back in the saddle. I love it so much. It’ll take me a while again, to get back in the throwing game – You don’t forget the drill, the process, but you DO lose the fluidity, the calm control. No worries. It will come back with time and more practice.

Upper deck first run, with normal stoneware clay. Lower deck second run, with grogged porcelain.

My arms certainly know I’ve been behind the wheel all day! No bingo wings here!! Already excited to turn these early tomorrow morning, before work – that’s the best part !!

Just a quickie this evening before I hit the hay, to shine a light on this week’s Design Special Offer. One of our real Clarity Classics! Perfect timing too…

As you may be aware, throughout this whole year we have been celebrating 30 years of being in Clarity business – that means 30% discount on a certain special design every week – to celebrate 30 years of all things Clarity!

It is never to early to make a start on your Christmas Cards, so how about our 12 Days of Christmas, which I drew myself.

Available in an A4 Stamp Set and works perfectly with our Die Cut Cube Boxes

A5 Bijou version

and also in Groovi

Available HERE

How about some inspiration from the Design Team to get you in the festive mood

Yes. Indeed one of my personal favourites. Just brings back good Christmas memories. I remember having a brilliant singalong with all the family. I stamped the numbers multiple times on loads of cards, and handed them out to all the guests. So there’d always be about 5 people singing each number. You can imagine by 5 Golden Rings, people were in full throttle. Well, here’s the twist: I had only written 5 on ONE card, so when our young Mark belted out 5 GOLD RINGS really loudly – he was on his own!! Much hilarity.

Ah well, that’s it this evening.

Don’t forget about Tina on Telly tomorrow, at 11 am and 3pm. She’s showcasing a rather superb new set of clever plates, designed to help with composition and layering. We launched it at our Spa Parchment Retreat – people loved it.

Time for bed, said Zebedee …

Love always

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “Design of the Week and a Wheely Nice Day…

  1. Love the new pots! You have certainly been busy and I hope your arms don’t ache too much tomorrow! How is the totem pole coming along?
    Sleep well tonight!x

  2. Glad you had a good day enjoying your pottery, we had a quiet one today after hospital yesterday, then W.I. And hubby went back out to pick brother-in-law from hospital. Hospital again tomorrow to take mum for her eye injection and theatre in evening, I’ll definitely miss 11 a.m. but so hope I’ll be back for 3 p.m but who knows. Theatre in the evening for Rod steward story so will miss Shac too – another catch up. X

  3. I’m behind with the 12 days and advent projects thanks to still not being able to see very well but things are getting better.
    Looking forward to seeing what Tina has for us. Shows on record as usual.
    Pleased to see you are getting back to your pottery. Hope the arms are not too stiff tomorrow.

  4. Nice to see the samples. I bought this set when it first came out. Have almost finished cards for this year -just have to do the overseas ones for next year now! I hate rushing at the last minute and always start early -usually September.

  5. Great array of pots to show for a days pottery, glad you had a quiet day to yourself. Although you have been busy it still helps to recharge the batteries !!
    Lovely samples from the Design Team for ”the design of the week” Its good that they get another airing & gives everyone some inspiration. Looking forward to catching up with Tina’s shows tomorrow – its a Bromsgrove Parchers day so will miss some of the live shows but will get my order in before I go.

  6. How wonderful you got your claypron on. Great selection of pots, Hope your arms are not too painful.

    I got into my craft room and travelled gently , first day crafting after being poorly. I was drawn to my happy place to make this months ATC. Really enjoyed myself and hardly coughed at all. Now lying down catching up on FB and cough cough cough – blasted flu. Maybe I’ll carry on crafting lol! Hey one good thing not eaten anything but soup for 3 days – ooh must get on the scales.

    Great samples above – gorgeous artwork that make great cards. Love the story – I can imagine a little mark singing ‘5 gold rings’ all by himself.

  7. So glad to hear you are making time to get back into your pottery after all, we all need something to keep us going. Like Sally I too have been wondering how the totem pole is coming along. I too have managed to have a lovely day crafty day today – took inspiration from the card on your last blog. I don’t have the bijou girl or that stencil so just went with my existing larger stamp to decoupage & a stencil. A really calming day was had despite the awful weather.

  8. Hello Barb, so pleased to see you taking time out to carry on with your pottery, the items you make are really lovely. I am another one wondering how the Totem Pole is getting on. Love the 12 days of Christmas Stamps, and wow the samples from the design team are just amazing. I am sure Tina’s shows will be popular she is such an arty and inspiring crafter. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  9. Good to see you take time for yourself. You’ll need to build up a stock ready for then next open day. My BG pot is on my desk and it makes me think you often. Looking forward to seeing Tina later today. x

  10. It’s lovely to see you taking time to do something for you! I haven’t even started on my Christmas cards yet – somehow since I retired I have even less time 😂

  11. So pleased that you had some time for your pottery. Hope Dave had a good birthday. Will have to watch tonight later. Take care.

  12. Love these designs – invested in them earlier this year and need to get them into action! Looks like you had a really productive and therapeutic day – self care is so important amidst the onslaught of life and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished products!
    I do have a confession to make… Having invested in one of your beautiful bowls at the Open Days, I’d got it proudly displayed on a windowsill until, that is, my son’s young cat came to stay and knocked it onto the wooden floor!! Result – a chipped rim 😪 It’s now on a shelf up on the bookcase where it’s out of reach and I can’t see the chipped side! I’ll be in the queue for a replacement next time!

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