Gray Friday? No! It’s Gray Wednesday!

Gray Friday? No! It’s Gray Wednesday!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Up with the lark this morning, because today has come two days early! Yep. We decided to bring our Sale of the Year FORWARD, and get the games underway a couple of days ahead of schedule. Our thinking was that it gives us a couple of extra days to pick, pack and make. Errr….

So if you have a wishlist of things you fancy, now might just be a perfect time to head on over to our website and fill your basket! I’ve said this many times, and at the risk of repeating myself, I will say it again: PLEASE be patient, and give us a chance to pick and pack your orders. Unlike any other sale I’ve ever heard of, when something that we make at Clarity sells out, we actually make more, to honour the special price and the Super Sale order. Also, it’s a Blanket Sale, not a Clearance. That means that pretty much EVERYTHING on our Website is included. Again. Mammoth offer, mammoth task. And if you order something that we have to make for you, then the rest of your order sits on the shelf until it is complete. As we also offer FREE P&P (UK Mainland), we cannot afford to send part orders out. Rest assured, the Clarity Team are all over it, and beavering away already (it’s 6am here). BUT WE ARE HUMANS, NOT ROBOTS.

Enjoy the sale, and we thank you for investing in our products.

Love always,

Barb x x x

19 thoughts on “Gray Friday? No! It’s Gray Wednesday!

  1. I’m in no rush for my goodies, take your time, the later they are the easier it will be to say they are from Santa Claus 😁

  2. I don’t mind waiting as goods are always worth it when they arrive, done without till now so a little longer will not hurt 😉. Thank you Barbara for your wonderful sales. There will no doubt be a lot of orders but please all of you take care and rest in between xx

  3. Thank you Barb – I put in my order as soon as I could (accidentally had a bit list! – can’t think how that happened).
    Bendycat may have left the building, but we are being visited by a tiny little mottled cat – who obviously saw a gap in the market. We don’t feed her, she just wants to chill, her owner knows shes’s here and safe.
    Love to you and Dave
    Maggie (York UK)

  4. Good Morning Barb, well I was so pleased to see the sale had started early. I have placed an order, and it may not be my only order. Hubby was sat in my home office/craft room the other day having just built a new storage unit for me (I’m trying to sort a lot of my stuff out properly), and his comment was “You don’t think you have too much?” Little did he know that after the 2 parcels he had already seen, there were another 2 on their way :-). Best not tell him about this one then! Take care and enjoy the sale everyone. Thanks for the great offers Barb and Clarity. Bx

  5. No hurry for my order and thank you for your so generous sales – blanket and member only sales. You’re the best – all of you xx

  6. Thank you Barb and Clarity Towers for another great sale and hope there are no impatient, rude people to contend with. We Shacers know what you all do for us and fully understand you can only do so much in a day. Keep Calm and Carry On x

  7. Always ready to wait for goods of such good quality. There is not much I need at the moment except for storage folders so I will bide my time and try to be sensible.
    I do hope people will be patient as you will be VERY BUSY BEES in the next few weeks what with the sale, the ODS and the new and exclusive. A lot gets done if you pace yourselves and factor in some rest periods.
    Take care. 🍒

  8. Thank you Barbara!
    My order is in and there is absolutely no rush. I have got plenty to keep me busy.
    If I lived closer I’d come and help do the picking and packing.
    Love and hugs.
    Jane. Xxxx

  9. Thanks, as always, for such amazing generosity, Barb! Team Clarity is the BEST! I’ve got an order on there’s no rush for the latest xoxo

  10. Thanks so much Barbara. Happy to wait as long as it takes. Put me to the back.
    Like Jane, I’d love to help at Clarity Towers.
    I used to deliver for Grattan catalogues, and the parcels turned up every morning at 6 am in a huge sack, so I had to pack and deliver by the afternoon. Average of 100 parcels per day. Great fun tho, and the kids and dogs came with me.
    The things we did in those days for our keep! 🤣
    Stay well. Take it easy. X

  11. Wonderful delivery my second order came before my first probably as it came parcel post.I shall probably get the letter post one tomorrow morning. Can always rely on our post lady she is as efficient as you all are, Thankyou to the clarity team for all they do.

  12. Thank you so much for this and of course patience is a virtue. I put my order in for the Shac bauble stamp & was quite happy to pay the postage just for that. Will be off to the website again no doubt. Whatever you do though just make sure to pace yourself and not overdo it. Like Thelma I hope you don’t get any rudeness but if you do I suppose one way of dealing with them is to just cancel their order & tell them goodbye.

  13. Good things come to those who wait! Thank you Barbara and the Clarity team for another fab sale. I’ve ordered a few things I need, I few things I want and a few things I just can’t live without. Shopping for crafts is a whole other craft!

  14. A small order has gone in today and I’m now quite happy to sit back and wait. I’ve never been disappointed with the wonderful service from Clarity. You all work so hard to keep us happy. Each and every one at Clarity Towers is appreciated. Thank you. Pam x

  15. Thank you Barbara & the Clarity team for giving us the opportunity to increase our craft stash at such great prices. Working through my wish list & double checking in case I have forgotten something vital & important !! Although OH reckons I could help you out with stock if you run short !! Hopefully this time round no one at Clarity Towers will have to deal with any abuse from so called customers. True Clarity crafters know the drill & will patiently wait for their happy post so don’t work silly hours to get the parcels out to us xx

  16. please take care of yourselves at Clarity towers. Reading the comments above I am obviously not the only one who would happily wait for the goodies to arrive. I have my long list together, but need to trim it a bit – There is only a finite amount of space left in my craft room!!!
    I really hope you don’t get moans and criticism this weekend. it is never warranted.

  17. Need to check my wish list, although I have a few things in mind to order whether they are on my wish list or not! Happy to wait for my order, as Lisa says, “good things come to those who wait” especially when those “good things” are from Clarity. Take care. xx

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