Clarity Kisses at 5pm and 8pm

Clarity Kisses at 5pm and 8pm

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. So for the middle of our 30th Birthday Celebrations on Create & Craft at 5pm & 8pm I thought we could celebrate with more innovation and clever stuff from Clarity: our new Kiss range of Build-A-Bauble designs, Christmas wreath designs, all 4 season Colour Me Rounds and a very VERY clever sentiment frame set – in stamp and Groovi. When you look more closely at the images, you will see how immaculate they actually are. So SO beautiful. Hats off to Jazz and Laurent for fantastic design and formidable quality. A little backstory. Remember Jeannine? Well, it is her son Laurent who makes our fine stamps. With a little help from time to time, when we get really busy! But to be fair, he’s like a production machine. Amazing lad.

and Groovi

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Busy busy birthday TV shows! Thanks you so much for watching and supporting! A big shout out to the Clarity team who make all our art samples. In my humble opinion, it is the art samples that make our designs sing, and boy oh boy! Can our arty choir sing!! What I also love about our Design team is that they are always on call, on our Facebook pages – Groovi Worldwide, Clarity Worldwide and Pergamano Worldwide. Always ready to answer any questions, help anybody who needs assistance, be a creative mentor. All volunteers, just supporting and helping. Isn’t that something? They’re not profile building, they’re not helping for any other reason than that they can, and they are part of what they see as a greater good thing. Brilliant.

ALL the samples are fabulous. There were two in particular which I was drawn to, by Linda Spencer. Especially HOPE. Just sublime. To replace the O in the Noel and Hope stamps with those gorgeous rounds – ingenious. Thanks Linda!

Love always

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “Clarity Kisses at 5pm and 8pm

  1. The amazing design team have really excelled themselves with these samples. They are stunning. The shows I have been able to watch have been great Barb and I will catch up with the others.
    I am sure they Laurent is a lovely young man. With a mum like Jeannine, he couldn’t be anything else! X

  2. Was determined not to buy more but succumbed to temptation after seeing the 5pm show. Ordered the lot !!!!! Not surprised they blew the doors off.
    Just about to watch Paul for a different take on these super designs.
    Have a good evening.

  3. Wow! Congratulations to Barbara and the entire Clarity Team. I admire and appreciate everything Clarity.
    Always a wonderful experience watching Barbara and Paul on Create and Craft- you both are amazing. The new products are exceptional as all Clarity products are. I always learn while watching the demo’s- so many tips and tricks shared. Enjoy the laughs shared with the C&C hosts.
    Design Team – you are all incredible – I am always in awe and inspired.
    My Clarity products are my most used and loved!

  4. Wow! They are all gorgeous! I just don’t know how you can keep coming up with wonderful ideas for stamps and groovi plates! Well done to you and all your staff plus all the volunteers who come up with superb cards!

  5. I love these! For some reason my tv won’t show ch85 so have to find Clarity shows elsewhere , tomorrow. Too exhausted at the moment. Beautiful samples team Clarity, love them all.xx

  6. I don’t need anymore …. I don’t need anymore…. Oh go on then! Just looking at the samples makes me want the plates and the stamps and I haven’t seen the shows yet – going to start catching up when MoTD is on! That’s nice you have Laurent helping you too. X

  7. That’s what I love about Clarity you are all FAMILY. With a Mum like Jeannine it’s no wonder Laurent is a dynamo and so hard working, she is a lovely lady. The shows have been superb and I just love the bauble stamps but can’t get them just yet – one day soon xx have a great holiday (when you get there) 😘😘

  8. Great designs, wonderful art from your brilliant design team. My wish list gets longer by the minute, let alone by the day! Clarity and your Dream Team are Simply The BEST. xx

  9. Thank you Barbara. I am still delighted and honoured to be part of your design team after so many years. Good luck today and make the most of your mini break. xxx

  10. Caught up with both shows now as I was out longer than expected yesterday & then had to eat !! great shows & glad you got more of your demos in having prepared them all. The DT samples are great again but I will wait until after this afternoons show to see what I need most !!
    Having almost sorted out all my Groovi plates into some sort of order I was amazed at how many I had accumulated over the years but I bet you there will be a project that needs one I haven’t got (LOL) but I think I need to start adapting more – but we will see how that goes.
    Looking forward to the 2 hours of hints & tips this afternoon – no doubt you are to as then you can hand over the reigns to Paul & head off to the States with Dave for some much needed downtime !! Have a great time & come back with your batteries recharged ready to start again with new plans that sound as if are happening in the not too distant future going by little hints in your blog & on TV yesterday. I will be watching that space !!! xx

  11. No wonder you are so rightly proud of your design team they are simply the best. Each of them brings something different to the table every time although they each have their own styles so to speak. I also
    like that they are more than happy to answer questions or give advice via the Facebook pages. Well done team. The last few days on TV have been great, so many hints and tips from which we can all benefit from both you and Paul. Here’s hoping you and Dave manage to finally get some time to chill out and relax whilst you are away and that Paul can find some time to relax too. xx

  12. Hello Barb, oh my word, these designs are beautiful. I have not caught up with the shows yet, and have to decide which sets I want most. As always the DT samples are fantastic, arty, creative. Always gives me ideas. I hope you have a good break and rest with Dave. Take care all. Bx

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