There’s Art in Clarity …

There’s Art in Clarity …

Hello again!

For the final 2 hours of our 30th Birthday Celebrations on Create & Craft 3-5 pm, here’s something a little special, created by yours truly.

Three brand new, Bijou, 2-Way Overlay Linocut Panel stamp sets :

We have also turned the original floral collection into bijou versions. Simply perfect size.

And to top it off, how about an A4 Sampler Set? I blimming love this !!!!!!! A little back story. So I come into work, and Jazz is grinning at me. Whenever she’s come up with something new, she always greets me with, “I’ve had a play”. Well. (Similarly, I go to her and Lisa, and say, “I’ve had an idea!” . Anyway, when she showed me these fantastic sampler stamps, clipped and cropped and chopped from my original lino cuts – well, I was more than excited. THESE are exquisite! Proper Brighton Gift Shop vibe!! So much playtime here!

We have created a super duper bundle for those of you who like to collect everything!

Here is some arty inspiration from the design team

I picked Linocut artstamps to showcase this weekend, because it represents yet another relatively new art form, which I have developed by learning how to cut my own designs out of lino and how to make printing plates. We never stop learning, do we. Prints pulled from lino cuts are my cup of tea, my kind of art. Like paper cuts, lino cuts have always appealed to me. And in the famous words of our dear friend Elizabeth

The more you do, the better you get. And the better you get, the more you want to do!

Before I sign off for a while, I do want to say a huge thank you to dear Dave and of course, Paul, who will be taking over in my absence. He and Dave are always beavering away in the background, ensuring things run smoothly. Wouldn’t want to do it without them.

And finally, thank you to YOU, our loyal customers and friends. What a Clarity community! There’s nothing quite like it, is there. Some of us have been friends since the 90’s! Haven’t we Ken!! I think the SHAC really galvanised what was already a strong bond between Clarity folks. Yes. It’s the Clarity Community that underpins everything really. I mean, let’s face it. The SHAC would be pretty fruitless without you! As would CLARITY!!! So thank you.

See you soon!

Love always,

Barb x x x

24 thoughts on “There’s Art in Clarity …

  1. Oh Wow these stamps are beautiful & so much scope. Looks as if the Design Team loved them as well. Will be there at 3pm to see what you have lined up for us.
    A great weekend of 30th Birthday Celebrations
    Now to make a shopping list xx

  2. Great shows this weekend, the whole team have been working so hard. Happy birthday Clarity!
    Have a good time away Barb, time for you and Dave to relax and recharge the batteries
    Take care
    Zara xx

  3. Look forward to seeing these demonstrated today. I love the lino cuts and have the other sets and love the effects.
    Thank you 😊

  4. I thought that after my other weekend purchases my bank account would be safe for at lease the next 10 days. Thanks to Jazz and the design team I feel another purchase happening. I’m not really into Lino and overlay stamping but the bijou A4 set has whetted my appetite for something new. I also see a lot of opportunities for the one with the cliffs running down to the sea. You are a clever multi-talented artist who never ceases to amaze me.
    The next ten days with no Clarity on TV will feel strange but will give us plenty of time to catch up on past projects and enjoy our new goodies.
    I hope you have a safe flight on Monday and enjoy your holiday with David, both of you having a well earned rest and relaxing knowing the company is in Paul’s safe hands.
    Love to all. 🍒

  5. Wow wow wow! They are all superb! What a way to finish the 30th celebrations!
    Thankyou to all of you!
    Have a great break! Shall look forward to the shac when you return! X

  6. Oh Lordy, Lordy….. just wondering how long one can survive eating baked beans and drinking water. These stamps are sublime. Have a great, well deserved break and we’ll see you on your return. Hope Paul also manages to take a break as well. xxx

  7. Looking forward to two hours of @ Clarity, love the ideas esp the a4 collection.
    I’ll be there!
    Have a great break , lots of fun, and some hard earned rest, keep safe and we look forward to your return. Xxx love to Grace.xx

  8. We certainly have Barb! More than just friends though, you opened the doors for me to the most fantastic world of creative fun and inspiration! A world I never thought I could be a part of, but your friendship, generosity and inspiration have changed my life so much for the better. Thank you doesn’t really cover it, but I am extremely grateful for what you have done and achieved with the Clarity community! So as a Ken to a Barbie, thank you Barb and many congratulations on the most amazing 30 years!
    My third order of the weekend has just gone in, so looking forward to playing with my Clarity Birthday Goodies when they arrive. I think I may have to hire out my “scythe talents” to pay for them all! Ha, ha!
    Have a magic holiday with Dave, you both so deserve the break, and no worries with Paul keeping an eye on things, you know everything is in safe hands with the amazing Team Clarity!
    Travel gently and safe journeys, take care.

  9. Thank you for an amazing birthday celebration. I’m looking forward to more play and creative time.
    Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  10. Oh wow! They look fantastic and I’m looking forward to your shows this afternoon (the first is actually starting on 10 mins so better grab a tea) when you will be demoing them. You and Dave have a safe journey to the US, successful meeting(s) but most of all a much needed and well-deserved rest! As always, Alles Liebe xxx

  11. Yeah!!!, what a weekend of inspiration, celebration and shared tips and tricks. Thank you Barb.

    A well deserved break for you and Dave to recharge those batteries will be fabulous for you both. I’m sure that it will be lovely and a nice change of pace.

    Paul and the team will hold it together for you and I’m sure we will be excited to hear all about your trip on your return to blighty.
    Safe travels, and love to you all. Congratulations. xx

  12. Enjoy your short break with Dave you deserve to have some time off. Have thoroughly enjoyed the birthday celebration shows and the sampler set is

  13. Thank you Barbara for celebrating your 30th Birthday with us. It has been a fantastic 3 days. So pleased we saw more crafting after the first hour on Friday. There was too much ‘chat’. Yes you want to sell the products but seeing the design teams samples and your demonstrations help us want to buy. A big thank you to Dave, Paul, the design team and everyone else at Clarity. Hope you and Dave have a lovely break, you really deserve one. See you back at Shac in October. Take care.

  14. Hi Barbara,
    It’s me again 🍒
    I placed a small order before the show started as I needed a few other things – big mistake. Will have to speak to Jeannine in the morning to cancel that and place a proper order. Your demos and laughter sold me on Lino cut stamps. What a wonderful 2 hours

  15. What a wonderful weekend of crafting celebrations ! Love the new stamps and ideas even if I may have to wait a little while before I place an order .
    Hope you and Dave have a relaxing trip even if business is also involved .
    Thank you once again for being so inspirational and genuine .
    Warmest Regards Carmel

  16. Fantastic show this afternoon – the whole weekend has been brilliant and a wonderful celebration of Clarity at it’s best! Enjoy your break with Dave – have a fabulous trip, you’ve really earned it!!

  17. Great shows today. These lovely stamps bypassed my wish list and fell into a basket! It’s been 3 days of fabulous Clarity Birthday shows, so thank you and your brilliant team. Enjoy your trip to the US, travel gently, and get some rest and relaxation. xx

  18. Hi Barbara and team.
    a Well deserved break for you and Dave. I am sure Paul will do a fantastic job in your absence with the help of the Clarity team of course. Still have to catch up on this weekend shows as I had my birthday celebrations as well with my beautiful family.
    Have a safe and relaxing holiday and success with your business encounters. Hope you get to spend time with Grace and Mark too. Hugs🥰🥰🥰😘

  19. Hi Barb, these wonderful designs just keep on coming. The A4 set is something I just need in my stash. I am sure that Paul and the Clarity team will do a great job steering the Clarity boat whilst you enjoy a well deserved break, and they certainly have our support. Take care everyone. Bx

  20. Hi Barbara

    I am so glad it has been a successful 30th Birthday celebration weekend for Clarity.
    Thank you for all the demos, Shacs, tutorials, encouragement, inspiration and the hard work throughout the year by all the Clarity team – much appreciated!!

    I have been thinking………..
    With regard to the criticism and abuse – how about including a clause in the order form where customers have to tick a box to accept that orders may take up to say 2-3 months to be fulfilled if items are out of stock and need to be made. Just a thought………………

    Anyway, thank you again for everything.
    I hope you and Dave have a lovely break relaxing, having fun and making some wonderful memories together.

    I greatly treasure my dinky little BG bowl I purchased at the Open Day – it was my first time this year and I very much hope to be able to come back again.

    Take care
    Katharine Peace xxx

  21. loved the shows and the amazing art from the clarity team. everything yo so is sooo good. Have a wonderful time away you realy deserve it.
    looking forwards to all the new ideas you will bring us in Shac in October.
    Blessings to you all.

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