It’s Tea Time – and Time for a Competition!

It’s Tea Time – and Time for a Competition!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Had a busy day again today, getting ready to welcome all our guests to this years’s Clarity retreats. Everything’s ready, the tables are laid – all we need now is for everybody to arrive safely, all set for a couple of days of doing what we love best – no!! Not eating cake!! Crafting!!

The first project – the warm-up project – involves Teabags. Dave and I have been religiously drinking tea and drying out the good ol’ Yorkshire teabags for weeks, so that this will work!! I have loved seeing so many of our Clarity friends making Teabag art. Did you see the post on Facebook, with a picture of 4 teabags hanging out to dry on somebody’s washing line ? That made me chuckle.
Let’s have a little competition shall we?

See these two glass jars?

How many teabags do you reckon there are in them thar jars? At the actual time of the photo, of course. I have added to them since. Here’s an aerial view and a close up, to give you a better chance…. hahaha

Put your guesses below, simply name a number! If anybody can guess THE EXACT number of teabags in the jars, they will win a £20 Clarity gift voucher AND a box of Yorkshire Teabags!

You’ve got until Friday to guess the number. Competition ends at Midnight on Friday. The lucky winner – if there is one – will be announce on the blog on Saturday xx

Quote for the day:

There’s always time to drink a cup of Positivi – tea

If you are coming, then I look forward to seeing you!

Love always

Barb x x x

200 thoughts on “It’s Tea Time – and Time for a Competition!

  1. 83 – love a cup of tea, and I’m only supposed to have one cup a day because of stones in my salivary duct. My ENT consultant obviously doesn’t understand an English woman’s relationship with tea!!! x

  2. 89 –
    I rarely drink tea and Bea has only one or occasionally 2 cups a day – but we mostly use tea leaves in a special pot with built in strainer. The plants outside get the used leaves. So saving bags has been a very slow work in progress!!

  3. 76 is my guess
    Love tea, we get through a lot, used to dry them out and put the tea on the garden – I got fed up of that though ! Enjoy the retreat, look forward to seeing what you get up to with those tea bags. X

  4. so wish I could come to the retreat but hand operation has put paid to everything even crafting. have a great time. teabags well my guess, going off my consumption level would be 137.

  5. I’ll have a guess at 72. Looking forward to the craft retreat. See you and all your crafty gang on Thursday . Xxxx

  6. Have a great time at the retreat, my guess is 64 at the time of the photo but I’m sure it is at least double that by now. Have fun everyone xx

  7. 93. I have 6 to bring with me. Oh and a pink one that is a berry infusion bag.
    Can’t wait to see you all on Thursday.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  8. I’ll guess 80, I like a round number. Happy crafting everyone at the retreat. I’m not able to attend any due to being housebound.. xx

  9. I will guess 57. Hope you have not worn a path to the loo with all the tea drinking. 😊
    Enjoy the retreat. Wish I could join you.
    Linda x

    1. 102.
      I love the teabag art that Barbara shared and am excited to try. I have tried drying a few different brands of tea bags but the results are definitely not like the ones Barbara uses. I have received kind help from others on Clarity Facebook as to brands they use – unfortunately not sold in Canada or ones I can order so still on my tea bag hunt. Oh well, I now have a selection of teas to enjoy.😀
      The teabag hunt continues.

  10. My guess is 75 teabags….fingers crossed!🍀🍀🍀
    Love Yorkshire tea… when going to the UK for our holiday we always buy boxes of Yorkshire tea…😁

  11. can’t beat a good cuppa Yorkshire tea, my guess is 60
    enjoy the retreat, stay safe and happy crafting. 😊
    xoxo Heather

  12. I think there is 54 in each jar…..

    I hope you all have a wonderful time at the retreats and look forward to seeing the finished artwork xxx

    1. I reckon about 95. I saw the post on Facebook and it made me chuckle too. Love a cup of tea can’t face the day without at least two. Enjoy the retreats have a great time.❤

  13. My guess is 112. I only drink fruit teas but my sister loves her Yorkshire tea, so a box would be handy for when she comes to stay.
    Enjoy the retreat everyone.

  14. 142 teabags
    Hope you all have a fabulous time, so wish I was going, maybe next year.
    Love and blessings to all.

  15. I’m going to go for 124 – might be a bit high looking at the photos but perhaps they’re more crammed in down the middle of the jars!

    I’m bringing my little stash for Mum and I to share, so looking forward to joining you on Thursday!

  16. Have a great time at the retreats, hope all goes well wish we were coming ☹️ don’t forget to check heating😂🤣
    My number is 178 🤞

  17. Lots of teabags in those jars. My guess is 99. To all retreaters and teachers, have lots of fun and enjoy your crafting. Wish I was there.

  18. 87 – bet there’s way more. Hope we see your samples completed for the retreat, so sad I cant be there xx

  19. I think there are about 87.
    Anyone visiting me has to have a couple of cups of tea as I don’t drink it!

  20. I’ll say 136. I’m rubbish at guessing these kind of things.

    Yorkshire tea is my favourite- lovely and strong!

    Have fun at the retreat everyone! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  21. Hi Barbara

    I’m a Yorkshire tea decaf person. I’m guessing 94 hope the retreats go well and you are have fun
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  22. OMG my worst nightmare, lol. I can’t stand the smell of tea! It makes me heave. I had better sit that one out, or stuff my nostrils with lavender-soaked cotton wool.
    See you all on Thursday.

  23. Hope everyone has a wonderful crafting time.

    I’m going with 78 as it’s the year I was born and both 7 & 8 are lucky numbers.

  24. I think 91 teabags. I would love to be coming to the retreat but it’s so far away. I’m in Scotland. Maybe one day. When are you taking that holiday?! (See my comment on yesterday’s blog posted a day late)

  25. So pleased I am not the only one with an aversion to tea. Anyone visiting us gets coffee or cold drinks. We normally grind the coffee beans ourselves but do have some coffee bags – would this work as well?
    Enjoy the retreats this week.

    1. I don’t see why the coffee bags wouldn’t work as people are using fruit tea bags as well just be different colours. Try it & see then let us all know on Clarity Worldwide.

  26. I’ve eaten extra Quality Street with colleagues so the children have shiny paper for art projects!! I think 119

  27. 130 between both containers.
    I hope you enjoyed drinking the tea. Looking forward to seeing everybody on Thursday.

  28. My guess is 149. Hope everyone has a wonderful time at the retreat! I use leaf tea so don’t have any tea bags to play with lol x

  29. I hope you all have a fantastic time at the retreat!
    I never drink tea but my daughter (who now lives in Argentina) loves tea! I sent her a care package with a very large box of Yorkshire tea so if I was lucky enough to win the teabags I would be sending them to her!
    My guess is 103

  30. I’m guessing 181, now I do love a cuppa tea. Enjoy the retreats everyone, wish I was coming but I couldn’t book the time off work. Too many folk already booked in for their abroad holidays.😫 would have loved to be joining you all. Have a super time, can’t wait to see and hear what you’ve been up to. T.x

  31. I guess 127…Have a wonderful time at the retreats everyone! I SO wish I could come – but will enjoy looking at all the photos you all post afterwards!

  32. Hi Barb, love the quote. I reckon there are 130 between the 2 jars, but that the split is not equal, one has more than the other. Good luck everyone and enjoy the retreats. Bx

  33. My guess is 111 tea bags. Have fun you lucky ladies, wish I could be with you. Lots of pics please. Enjoy!

  34. I am going to have a guess at 99 teabags in thd jars.
    Enjoy the retreat, all that are going. Wish I could be there with you.
    Best wishes xx

  35. I don’t drink tea but I am guessing 54 in each jar so total of 108. Hope everyone has a lovely time. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  36. many moons ago attended a one day workshop you ran in Perth and learned so much. Hope to get to a retreat next year 🤞.
    my guess – 240

  37. I’m guessing about 144… I’m not a tea drinker, but my friend came to stay at the weekend so I’ve now had teabags drying (in addition to my sister’s that were pegged out on her washing line!!) So looking forward to the retreat – heading to Kent tomorrow eve 😊

  38. Don’t drink tea , don’t like the smell of it, but my husband does. Hope it’s not as not as not as it was at last augusts ‘s retreat. Maybe next year again, couldn’t get the transport this year. My guess 79. Have a great time. Xx

  39. 86 across both jars. I wish I could come to the retreats. Maybe next year. Wishing a wonderful time to all those who are attending.

      1. Well, my guess is 84 altogether…….good luck everyone (as Barb says “you gotta be in it to win it”)……… Beryl S

  40. 74 I reckon. Don’t think that’s been guessed yet 😂 However many, that’s a lot of cups of tea! Enjoy the retreat those of you going. I’m sure you’ll have a tea-rific time!!!! X

  41. I’m guessing 102. I love Yorkshire tea, you just can’t beat it. Have a great time at the retreats but please don’t overdo it. xx

  42. This is such a random guess – 83

    I love Yorkshire tea it makes a lovely cuppa. MKes a decent card as well. X

  43. Don’t drink tea myself…don’t even like the smell. Husband (from Yorkshire) loves his Yorkshire tea. I reckon there’s 81 teabags altogether.

  44. Hi Barbara I think there might be 104 tea bags in the jars . Really enjoy everything you do 🙏🙏

  45. This is Fran’s sister’s guess ‘126’. If I win I am NOT sharing with Fran. We share everything but not this time!!!!!!!

  46. Too late for the competition but do hope how ever wins gets a box of new tea bags not the used ones.
    Hope you all had a great retreat .

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