Art Nouveau Dies? We have Three in stock…

Art Nouveau Dies? We have Three in stock…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I must say, I do appreciate your comments on the blog. I read them every day. Yesterday, one reader (Lynda, I think) said she felt I was movin’ too fast. Ain’t that the truth! In my defence, I honestly think it’s a common Business Owners’s lament. In an attempt to keep the business afloat, to make provision for the next dry period, I really have bitten off a bit more than I can chew again. This is so very cyclical with me, it’s started to get boring! I can hear myself saying things like I shall have to park pottery for a bit, I really haven’t got time to go on holiday, my life is not my own. So once again, it is becoming abundantly clear that we have squatters!

This two pesky gits Wurka and Hollick snuck in the back door again, while I was distracted with Dad and my own health back at the start of the year.

They waited patiently upstairs in the loft, and now they’ve taken up residence in my head again. And Dave’s. He’s a sucker for overdoing it! In fact, truth be told, he had another TIA a few weeks ago. He’s getting better again, but he really does have to slow down! As for Wurka and Hollick, they are not welcome guests, they have taken over the house – and we shall have to evict them again. Blimming nuisances.

So yes, Lynda. We are movin’ too fast, and we know it. I made a plum crumble this morning, in a bid to do something normal, and Dave washed the cars in the rain. Mmm…..

Changing the subject, another reader said she wasn’t a stamper but she thought that the Art Nouveau designs that are going on Create and Craft TV tomorrow 3-5pm would look good as dies. We actually have had four made for us, but we have only three designs left in stock: The Snowdrops, the Tulips and The Damask Rose. Let me find them…


According to the website, we’ve only got 3 of the Snowdrops left, which would explain why we haven’t added them to the TV show. They are on order. We have more of the Tulips and Damask Rose – my personal favourites. My guess is that we have reordered those two in the past, which is why we have more. Dies are the one thing we have to import. We do design them of course! But dies cannot be made in this country, so we go to China. We really like working with the Chinese, they have a real CAN DO approach, like us. They are always so kind and helpful too. Over the years we have developed friendships with these distant business partners – and from where we stand, they run truly hardworking, good, honest businesses. However, shipping costs have gone through the roof, and import takes longer than before. I’m sure there’s more to it than we know, but we see that many Chinese factories are having a hard time. They have been struggling since COVID hit, and they really don’t seem to have recovered, however hard they try to keep going. So we are very careful what and when we order, we are patient and we try not to put pressure on them.

The world has changed. We have to adapt. We continue to be grateful that the Good Ship Clarity is still going strong, but we have to go with the flow.

Today’s quote. There is much debate about the exact wording, but the underlying message runs deep….

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

charles darwin

Here is some lovely artwork from the Design team, showing the Dies off to their best…

Time to check the plum crumble and get Dave in!!

Love always

Barb x x x

27 thoughts on “Art Nouveau Dies? We have Three in stock…

  1. Please do try and make some time for yourselves . I can’t recall you saying you have had even a couple of days away in recent times and you mentioned a hotel when you were going to the palace and that seemed to turn into a day trip!!!!
    My husbands hobby years ago was computers but then he got a job in the industry and he said he no longer got the pleasure he did from it.
    I don’t think you’ve got there yet but take it easy on yourself (and now that’s an ear worm for the rest of the weekend)

    1. Dearest Barb, poor Dave, no wonder you are in that head space again. I can’t believe he’s had another TIA. Time to slow it down again (both of you). You know from last time we will all still be around waiting with baited breath and willing you both some down time, if its only just for a little while, something is better than nothing, just enough to ensure you are both in the best of health.
      What can we do to help? Lean on some friends for a bit, of which you have many.
      Wurka and Hollick can go and do one! my foot is clearly on their butt’s for you, you just open the box so we can shut them away for a bit.
      Thinking of you both.
      Sending big hugs.xx

  2. Cleaning the cars in the rain – that’s as bad as my hubby doing it on Christmas Day years ago ! Sun has come out here which is a lovely surprise and very unexpected after a morning of heavy rain solid. Clouds are covering the blue again but it’s warm ! Sorry to here about Dave’s TIA, he’s been overdoing it moving all that machinery, hope he can now slow down although cleaning the cars isn’t what I call slowing down but it might be relaxing for him ? ? Will you be able to fit in a holiday somewhere soon ?You both so deserve one. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. Have no idea where this week has gone …. Xx

    1. Hi Jackie, trust me , Car washing or car cleaning is not my thing ! Just sometimes it has to be done… thank you good wishes x

  3. You at least recognise what is happening and you are in charge. You know what steps to take and it will settle down again, you two are what is important right now. You have had a hell of a lot to cope with for such a long time and adrenaline pumps up to cope. It’s when things catch up with you when you are least expecting it so go very carefully. X

  4. So sorry to hear Dave had had another TIA. But also so pleased to hear he was getting better. You must both look after yourselves. I know it’s not easy when it’s your own company but if you don’t look after yourselves, there won’t be a company. So best for everyone if you can both schedule in some time together, maybe go away for a day or to. You really must look after yourselves. Gentle and healing hugs to you both

  5. Wondered how long it would be before you realised that Worka and Hollick had resurfaced. Chuck ‘em out, lock the doors so they stay out. I realise that running your own business, especially one as popular as yours, is a huge responsibility and you are not one to take a back seat. I imagine that you are still thinking creatively even when making crumble. However you must pace yourself or you will burn out. You have had a lot to cope with outside of the business and with Dave having another TIA it is about time you both had a decent holiday.
    Looking forward to Sunday. I wish you a safe journey both ways.

  6. Oh Barb, please look after yourself and Dave, we need you.
    Sad the world has changed. Think we all need to take a breath.
    Have fun at the retreats. ❤️

  7. Oh Barbara, please take care of each other – you have a good team, who I’m sure will keep Good Ship Clarity sailing in the right direction if you take a break, and a loyal customer base, who will still be here when you get back – but you only have one Dave, and it’s important that he doesn’t burn himself out whilst trying to stop you doing the same. Those TIAs are warning signs to slow down, so it’s surely time for both of you to take your foot off the pedal for a while and breathe.

  8. Wurka and Hollick visit me too. They sneaked in the back door this week when I wasn’t watching. I managed to frighten them off and had a couple of days relaxing making Clarity samples. Mind you the sleep devil also visited and I ended up crafting in the early hours!

    I hope you get time to chill a bit Barbara and Dave- busy time for you and the team for the open days just after the sale too – no wonder Wurka and Hollick snuck in.

    Take care and enjoy your plum crumble – sounds tasty!

  9. Right Barbara I’m going to sound like a Mother Hen – please, please, please both you and Dave listen. When Dave had his 1st TIA if you remember my brother had a bleed on the brain whilst on holiday in Spain. The upshot is, he’s now in a Nursing Home and not in a good place mind wise. I put it down to stress so get hold of Wurkka and Hollick and don’t entertain them for 1 minute more. Seriously, take time for yourselves and don’t put your minds or your bodies under anymore stress.

  10. Now you have told us Dave has had another tia we shall all be nagging you both to slow down, and really , life is too short to take risks. Book a real holiday on the Isles of Scilly, it’s like another world. Beautiful in September, no cars, just the sound of the sea. It’s expensive but unique. Not too far to travel,no queues, highly recommended. Get well soon Dave.xx

  11. Send Wurka and Hollick my way and I’ll kick them into touch for you. Glad to hear Dave is recovering but cleaning cars in the rain!! It’s time for You both to have as little holiday.You have a great team at Clarity that will keep things running smoothly while your away. Can’t wait for the shows tomorrow these stamps are fabulous.xx

  12. Tell Worka & Hollick ( I always smile when I see that name as it was my MIL’s maiden name) to do one !! At least you are aware of the situation but Dave’s TIA is another sign you both need a break – that week in Wales has still not been taken. Next week you have the Retreats then you can think about some downtime – Paul as well. Neither of you have been away from our screens, TV or FB for ages, its so long I can’t remember when. I am sure we all have plenty to keep us occupied for a couple of weeks or more whilst you all have a well earned break.
    Back to the art nouveau – I love the dies especially paper piecing them. I have also looked out my stencils today to see which ones I have already. Looking forward to seeing what hints, tips & tricks you have lined up for us tomorrow but remember 1 day at a time -travel gently. There are only 24 hours in a day & not all for working !!

  13. I can only agree with what everyone has said. Please, please, take some time for you & Dave. You are so important to so many people & we need you to put yourself & Dave first for a change. We will be here waiting when you have recharged your batteries. As for Wurka & Hollick, tell them to take a long walk on a very short pier! x

  14. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear Dave has been unwell. I will reiterate everyone else’s comments and beg you both to slow down. You both have children and grandchildren who wish you to be around for a long long time so make the most of them. Work will be there long after you retire make a promise and take some down time.
    Please both look after yourselves.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  15. Honestly you two…..what is it going to take to make you both realise you ain’t getting any younger and you need to slow down. I’ll never forget my hubby saying to me (when I was particularly stressed to the eyeballs) ‘every thing matters but nothing matters that much especially when you’re dead’ it sort of put everything into perspective. If you need to take time out take it, you have a fantastic team who support you as well as loyal customers who understand. Having said that I’m really looking forward to tomorrows shows and the retreats. Xxxx

  16. Looking forward to tomorrows shows, safe journeys to and from the studio, and please take care of yourself and Dave, and get some chill out time. xx

  17. I’m saying it here and I’ll say it in person that you both have to look at your futures and decide that you want one. So slow down and make sure you see tomorrow.
    I know that is bossy but maybe your Mum can add weight to our sentiments. We want you and Clarity to go on, and that means you all have to look after your health.

  18. So sorry to hear that David have had another TIA and you almost back to the beginning of the year when you were in the hospital.
    Please 🙏 slow down both of you,or there will be no more both of you…
    I know you have the company, but there are people who can take over when you take a holiday and all will going smoothly while you let the stress go away.
    Have a save journey today and a big hug for you both– take care please…

  19. Dear Barb and Dave, slow down. Please! Take down time, take a little trip, there are loyal people that support you, and will hold things together for you. Safe travels to the studio, looking forward to the shows, love all the beautiful creations from the team. Take care everyone. Bx

  20. Barbara and Dave it is time to take it easy!
    Dave it’s time to get the ol’ guitar out, strum along to Simon and Garfunkel’s magic song – The 59th Street Bridge Song!
    (With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel!)
    “Slow down, you move too fast
    You got to make the morning last
    Just walking down Ashdown Forest
    Eating plum crumble and feeling Groovi!
    Take care you two, keep smiling
    Great shows on Create and Craft, Barb, as always!

  21. Oh Barb! Please listen to what you have said re Worka and Holic. Life is so very precious – we all know from our own experiences of loss. So often it’s vital to reasses just what is most important in our lives – those we love, health and the times we spend together are all priceless. Please make time for you and Dave to step back and breathe – and simply be.
    Love and heaps of blessing to you both xx

  22. So enjoyed the sunday programme on create and craft .The art nouveau stamps are so classic and so beautiful .
    The sentiment font is special also .
    Just a small thing ,would it be possible to include the word “Happy ” alongside any christmas wording ?
    “Merry Christmas ” is not a phrase used as often here .I have tried in the past cutting stamps in half not always with great success ! .However in saying that ,do please take good care of yourself and Dave too .Put time for yourselves in your busy diary .Warm regards Carmel

  23. I’m a day late with this comment but I hope you will see it. I honestly can’t remember when you and Dave last had a holiday. Isn’t it time? You don’t have to go far. Find a wee cottage in the back of beyond, stick some relaxation tools – the guitar, some good books,some paper and pens – in the car and off you go. Which corner of the UK have you never managed to explore but always wanted to? Go there! Anywhere!

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