New Art Nouveau on Sunday’s Show x

New Art Nouveau on Sunday’s Show x

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. My intention to blog daily has certainly run adrift. The days are zooming by, work is piling high, she’s a poet but she don’t know it!

Sunday I shall be back on TV, 3-5pm, showcasing our lovely Art Nouveau range. On Sunday I shall focus on the stamps, but of course, we have created them as Stencils, Groovi plates and Dies too.

Snowdrops & Tulips

Bed of Roses & Poppy Fields

Eden Roses/Best Wishes & Damask Rose/Thank You

Lillies/Thinking of You & Landscape/Congratulations

In addition to the above stamp sets, we also designed a lovely Flowers & Panels Stamp Set, plus the oh-so-handy Art Nouveau Sentiments Collection:

We’ve added a pair of Christmas ones to our floral range – I hope you approve! They also have this lovely Rennie Mackintosh flavour, just like the originals which Jim and I rustled up years ago. We thought that this Sunday would be a perfect opportunity to launch the new designs, together with the rest of the designs in stencils too.

Introducing our new Christmas Holly & Christmas Star

and the rest of the designs in stencils

and then to top it off a brand new Bijou version of all the stamps in one set! They are the absolute cat’s whiskers!

Looking at all the artwork from the design team, I think they liked them too!

Epic artwork from the Clarity Crew. I am so grateful to the team. They make such wonderful samples, they always get them to us on time, they promote the TV shows and Clarity on Social Media, they help on Clarity Worldwide, Groovi Worldwide etc, and they do this professionally and cleverly. They are always there to help our customers with advice – in short, they are brilliant. Each and every one.

Today’s quote? We may have already had this one this year, because I often think this!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Time to go grocery shopping. No butter, no milk, no cat food. Yep. It’s time. Dave, Erik and Ragnar agree!

Love always

Barb x x x

23 thoughts on “New Art Nouveau on Sunday’s Show x

  1. Love everything and looking forward to your Sunday tv shows and all the tips and tricks which you share with us all. Hope all goes well and safe journey up to tv land x

  2. The new Christmas designs are absolutely stunning and I will be buying them to make this year’s Christmas cards. I haven’t been doing very much crafting, just quickly drawing a birthday card here and there, but these stamps are inspiring me to be creative again.

  3. I already have some of the stamps, and groovi plates. Although I’m very tempted with the bijou set, although they will have to go onto my wish list for now. Lovely samples from the design team. Looking forward to the shows. xx

  4. Oh, Barbara, what are you doing to me? I already have a shopping list as long as my arm (longer, really) of goodies to buy at the Retreat next week. Not sure there is room in the car from it all. Those Bijou and Christmas stamps are definitely being added to the list. Looking forward to trying lots of new skills next week. Lots of love and hugs, Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter) xxx

  5. These look lovely! I’ve always shied away from the art nouveau Groovi plates for some reason, perhaps I was waiting for bijou versions ! the smaller stamps are whetting my appetite and making me want to stamp more.

    Just got in from lunch a deux – decided we’d go on our own for our 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday – I don’t need rubies just some more Groovi I reckon ! Now stuffed and might need a nap. Big delivery of cat food on doorstep when we got home from Zooplus – that would save you a trip! Of course they don’t do milk or butter but as long as the cats are catered for😻

    Look forward to the shows, couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our Ruby Wedding 😹

  6. What a great collection of stencils, stamps and cards. Haven,t got time to watch Sunday, but will do in catch up. Have a great weekend Barbara and team.

  7. Just arrived in Kent for our week just outside Snodland ready for next week’s retreat. I forgot to set the recorder, but if the weather is as foul as the forecast we may just stay in and watch. (Hoping to visit Macknades on Monday, Barb.) xx

  8. Oh those new Christmas stamps look lovely . Keep saying no more Christmas things but tempted by loveliness

  9. I certainly enjoyed working with the Art Nouveau sets. I’m looking forward to Sunday and seeing Barbara’s demos- always something to learn.

    I hate shopping – I avoid it as much as I can – good job my partner is a shopaholic.

    I’m recover from looking after my Granddaughters- so any excuse to put my feet up so rock on Sunday!

    Safe journey to TV land and enjoy the shows Barbara. Enjoy the retreats everyone – sad not attending but I have plenty of samples to be making 🥰😃🥰.

    1. I hate shopping too, Sonia. In fact, I have not been into a supermarket for at least five years. I do go to local farm shops in the Vale of Evesham every so often for really fresh fruit and veg. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  10. Stunning samples, the DT certainly do you proud.
    I have the original sets but the Bijou stamps will definitely be added to my basket.
    Received Linda’s layering set 2 today, they are great. I’m going to trace them out over the weekend ( set 1 already done ) and do some die cutting with the new frames. Will you be doing the other shapes as well? Do hope so as they make such a difference to the appearance of a card.
    Safe travels on Sunday.

  11. When you know you had a set of the original art nouveau stamps in your hand yesterday but today you can’t find them on your desk – but you emptied the bin last night & the dustmen have been this morning !! Hopefully the gremlins will find them & return them to my desk asap.
    Meanwhile the DT have spread their magic over the new stamps & stencils, they have done some beautiful samples again. Looking forward to seeing what you have to show us on Sunday. Safe journey to & from the studios on Sunday then you will have Monday to prepare for the Retreats – I am sure everyone will have a fantastic time over the 2 sessions during the rest of the week.

    1. Just to say the gremlins had returned the stamps to the drawer where they belong 😂😂 so panic over & I can now have a play.

  12. Lovely designs, as usual, but do take care lovely lady. Sounds like you’re chasing your tail again. In the words of Paul Simon

    Slow down, you move too fast
    You got to make the morning last
    Just kicking down the cobblestones
    Looking for fun and feeling groovy
    Ba da-da da-da da-da, feeling groovy. (Very apt for Clarity)

  13. Hello Barb, looking forward to the shows, these designs are all so beautiful, but Oh My Word, those new Christmas ones are just stunning, stencil and stamp would be my thing. Do I need more Christmas stuff, no not really, well maybe, oh Definitely! Absolutely beautiful samples from everyone. Hope you did the shopping in time for tea for the “boys”. Take care everyone. Bx

  14. I sometimes to stamps but rarely do stencils. What I LOVE are DIES. I know you’re not doing as many dies as before, but these might be die-worthy.

  15. It would be great to have rounded corner rectangle dies that fit these stamps exactly & with slight borders. The snowdrops die could also use a rectangle that fits it perfectly & with a border. Fit the groovi plate nouveau designs too, and I am SO sold!

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