One Day Special – A trip to Japan…

One Day Special – A trip to Japan…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie before I head out the door to TV Land. I wanted to show you what’s coming up at 6pm this evening on Create & Craft. I have a feeling these stamps and stencils will be very popular, so be sure to tune in if you can!

Calling all SHACKERS! You may recognise the designs from our recent sessions in the SHAC. Two we created together, and the third I rustled up on a quiet Sunday morning, when nobody was watching…

Japanese Flowers & Butterflies – Stamps, Masks & Stencils make up the One Day Special launching on Create & Craft at 6pm.

Also on the show is another set of ever so useful circular stencils

I have to say. These are so lovely!! Don’t you agree? And judging by the huge number of art samples the Design Team came up with, I think they liked them too! That’s always a strong indicator. When the art makers, the people who actually use the stamps, stencils and Groovi plates etc, when they come up with loads of art, then you know you’re onto a very useful and appealing design.

I have prepped lots of demos to share with you over the 4 hours, with lots of tips, tricks and techniques – all very achievable. Who knows? I may even get to the Tea Bag demo !

I’ll blog it Friday anyway …

So I hope you can join me:
Wednesday – 6pm & 9pm
Thursday – 10am & 2pm

Quote for today?

Experience nature, and in doing so learn about yourself.

Japanese Proverb

Love always

Barb x x x

16 thoughts on “One Day Special – A trip to Japan…

  1. Wow these are all beautiful samples. Going to blow the doors off, so get in quick. looking forward to the shows tonight. can’t wait.xx

  2. So looking forward to 6pm. You definitely have a winner here Barbara- hold onto the doors. As we speak, kitchen worktops covered in drying tea bags 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Wow! I think these are lovely! The samples are super too! I really want to start now, but of course, I haven’t got the stamps nor stencils, yet!
    So hope these don’t sell out too soon, although it would show that they were what people want! Safe journey to tv land! X

  4. Have a safe journey- I’m sure these will fly out the door as they are so lovely. Looking forward to the shows xx

  5. Oh my word Barb, how incredibly beautiful are these designs. The samples from the team are absolutely out of this world. Love the quote. I’m off to set record for the shows. Safe Travels Barb. Take care and enjoy everyone. Bx

  6. Hope you had a good journey and the shows go well (I am sure they will)> I have recorded them just in case. Take care.

  7. I just love these stamps and stencils – they’re so beautiful and fabulous to work with! Wonder how long the supplies will last and whether you’ll get to do all 4 shows….?!

  8. Beautiful must haves. I fancy they’ll wizz out at speed. It will be hard to wait for them from Clarity, but patience is a virtue we are told. I’ll be watching tonight and for as long as they’re on tomorrow for lots of Clarity loveliness. Wishing you a safe and easy journey there and back.

  9. Samples are brilliant, such pretty stamps and stencils. I’m sure they will be fluttering out of the door with great speed. I also have tea bags drying on the window sill, and now make my tea differently by putting the milk in after removing the tea bag and giving it a extra good squeeze!! xx

  10. Wow, Barb, this “little” project really demonstrates what is so good about Team Clarity! Amazing artwork produced in the SHAC with the Clarity community, followed by magic design skills from your good self, Jazz and Lisa. Top teamwork throughout Clarity Towers to produce the goodies in double quick time and incredibly inspirational samples from the brilliantly awesome Design Team! All topped off by yours and Paul’s demos and hard work in the C&C TV studios.
    When the Team works, the Dream works – the Clarity Dream!

  11. My mind is fizzing already with plans to use these, especially the stencils. I can see them fitting so well with other stamps I already possess. I reckon Sue Carpenter was right in saying it will be the first sell-out within 15 minutes. Well done to the design team. Their samples are stunning, as always. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  12. Loving all the art work,looking forward to the shows. Teabag demo in the Shac was brilliant. Saving and drying mine, even going to do fruit tea ones which I assume will be varying colours depending what variety of fruit etc was in them

  13. Hi Barbara, Wishing you all the best for the next show days. Will be watching you at 10 am, because thats 7 pm here and a reasonable timeslot. Can’t wait for all the tricks and demos you promised. 😊

  14. Could of sworn I wrote on here last night but can’t find it so I will try again. Loving the shows but wish they would let you have a bit more demo time – when will they realise that Clarity products sell themselves & we just want more ideas as to how to use them. Yes I know it’s a shopping channel but they could speed that up a bit. Its such a shame you spend hours prepping lots of demos & not being able to show them. At least you have some blogs for next week sorted if you don’t use them on TV xx

  15. Wow, what an amazing variety of crafting styles, enough to inspire everyone.
    I agree with Sue. Yes the goods need to be itemised at the beginning of the shows but then let us have more demos and less of the presenters talking over the demos. It is easy to miss your words when this happens. You work so hard on the prep it is a shame that we miss so much of your talent. To be shown the techniques is such a help to all levels of crafters. I have been parching for 23 years and card making for nearly 45 but I still learn new things from you.
    Have a safe journey home and have a good rest when you get there. Let Dave pamper you.
    Stay safe.

  16. We bought lots of teabag art made in the projects in South Africa. I’ll have to look out your demo.

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