Easy Layouts.

Easy Layouts.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. A while ago, we introduced a collection of clever layout plates, designed as an aid to composition when doing Groovi parchment work. They are brilliant! The whole idea/concept came from a design that lovely Linda Williams created for one of the Groovi Club issues…

Available HERE

I was so taken with the sample she made, I called her to find out how she had done it!

The layout had been created by moving the Nested Square Groovi plate around to build the sections. After a chat and a little creative banter, the idea/concept of the Easy Layout plates was born!

Set 1

Set 2

Take out all the elements and you have some amazing layouts that you can fill with whatever designs you like!

This is what the design team came up with:

Tina was showcasing these plates today on Create & Craft. If you missed the shows, you can watch on Catch Up. The shows were at 11am and 3pm.

I think it helps so much when you have a framework to build your art in and around. These composition plates are ideal for both beginners and seasoned parchers.

Quote for today?

It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.

sally field

Mmmm. Food for thought.

Speaking of food, I just made a chicken fricassé with capers on a bed of rice. Delicious (if you like capers!). Used way too much flour when I was making the bechamel sauce though. Ended up using ALL the milk in the fridge. So Dave had to go get more milk for our tea. And rice – We’d run out! How do you plan a meal with rice, when there’s none in the cupboard?! Ahhh… but she had the capers. And the chicken. And the flour. And the milk! Almost a full house!

Honestly. My life has become unmanageable. Hang on. What am I saying? My life has ALWAYS been like this! I didn’t know what was for tea until I looked in the kitchen cupboards after work. Saw the capers and thought, “That’ll do!”. And actually, it’s ok. Most people wouldn’t know how to make a creamy bechamel sauce from scratch would they. I bet you can though. But do you use 2 pints of milk and have to strain it ?? That’s the secret!! Anyhow, Dave is a grateful eater, and fortunately he likes capers !

Love always,

Barb x

PS Don’t forget the Moment of Clarity/Craftalong tomorrow at 7pm on Facebook LIVE /Claritystamp Youtube.

14 thoughts on “Easy Layouts.

  1. Hi Barb
    You are so funny – “Dave’s a grateful eater” that really made me laugh!
    Looking forward to the session tomorrow evening, the treescape is a favourite of mine so it will be good to use it again.
    Enjoy your supper!
    Zara xx

  2. Sounds yummy – 2 pints of milk though 😹 you can bet your life if there’s something I fancy doing there’s always something missing ! Love the frame plates and glad I already have them – have used the bathroom one loads of times just as it is ! Makes for a really easy card when I’m struggling. I’ve been grooving on and off today, watched Tina and tennis too. Enjoy your supper ! X

  3. Mmm that sounds tasty, and yes I can make a bechamel sauce from scratch, and do so every week when I make lasagne. I DO have rice and plenty of milk, but sadly no chicken or capers. Hope you enjoyed yours!! x

  4. Watched Tina’s shows, the DT artwork was beautiful. I know they’re other layout plates, at least 2, but only able to find one. Will have to go rummaging again.
    I just wish I could get my OH to eat a proper meal. I cooked up a storm today, he started to eat, choked, had a coughing fit, and is still trying to settle down. That’s 3 days in a row he’s not eaten a proper meal. So frustrating. Perhaps your béchamel sauce would slide down easier.
    Will try to join you tomorrow if I can.
    That quote, we all judge ourselves that way from time to time.
    Stay safe.

  5. Hi Barbara
    I’m not a cook so can’t help I’m afraid 🤦‍♀️. Just wanted to let you know last week me and Jackie went to Keith Brymer Jones. He is doing a tour it was very amusing and a bit of crying 😭 went on. We both enjoyed hearing where he started out and how he got to where he is now he even threw a couple of pots.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  6. Thanks for reminding me about tomorrow evening, I’ll be there. I’ve been so caught up with the tennis and Tina today – great shows Tina so it was a good job I was out to dinner tonight. Hope you enjoyed yours xx

  7. That thought needs some pondering on. Mmm!!!
    I love building designs from varied layouts. My favourite so far was a series of varied sized interlocking circles, filled with designs from plates that just happened to be within reach. Then I picot cut them all with a mix of fine perforating and the even smaller two needle split (just lightly perforating with that). That is one card I cannot bring myself to part with. I will be there tomorrow (actually today now as it is after midnight), although probably just watching. I love those treescapes. See you later. love from Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  8. After 50 years of cooking – lunch, dinner, tea – I’m well and truly sick of cooking. So, now we are retired I find I go for more of the ready meal style approach – good old M & S! Mind you, I DO have to do an inventory of the freezers/cupboards more these days. Also, I find we need more ‘snacky’ food now. Ah well (there’s no less washing up though).
    These lovely plates remind me of the montage stamps – not sure which came first?
    Hope you are all well. How’s the water situation?
    Maggie (York UK)

  9. If I get sauces that go that go like that, rather than sieve it, get the stick blender out. It works a treat every time.

  10. Hello Barb, love the sound of your dinner. I am a bit like that, don’t decide until you look in the fridge and cupboards. Great quote. Tina was just amazing as always, and the artwork from the team is yet again wonderful and inspiring. Take care everyone. Bx

  11. Fortunately I don’t have your cooking dilemma as my OH of 50 years does 99% of the cooking. I do assist with the puddings & coffee !!
    Haven’t caught up with all of Tina’s shows yet but will do so later while I am having my lunch.
    Making the most of the sunshine & catching up with the washing.

  12. Hopefully will watch later, but may be a little late joining as garden to be watered, using a watering can, and dog to be walked. Although, I’ve been cooking a little rice yesterday and this morning, as my dog Meg has had a gurgly tummy, so she’s on the rice and chicken for her meals, though thankfully, apart from her gurgly tum, she is her normal dash about, cheerful self! xx

  13. Dave’s a grateful eater!!! That did make me laugh. I try to plan my shopping around meals and what I already have in – hate to waste food! Tonight it’s giant couscous, cod, chorizo, red onion, peas and broccoli – love a one pot dinner that just gets put in the oven x

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