A Moment of Clarity in review…

A Moment of Clarity in review…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Thanks for joining in yesterday evening for the Moment of Clarity if you did. We had about 160 guests, which is great on a Friday night! Those Doodle Discs and Tiles, designed by Tina Cox, really are a pleasure to play with. Here is the simple card I made, and a link to the video. Plenty of tricks n tips methinks…

A LIVE Moment of Clarity YouTube recording from 2nd June 2023

Our stats tell us there is a swing in numbers from Facebook viewing to YouTube viewing. My guess is that you can watch YouTube (LIVE too) on your smart TV. Also, I suppose some folks just don’t DO Facebook. The other thing our stats tell us is that our Americans friends use YouTube more. I certainly do too, when I am watching LIVE streams or recorded tutorials/demos. YouTube is amazing like that. God knows how many hours I have spent watching Japanese Pottery, printing and craft videos! Can’t understand a word, but to watch these masters at work is not only super interesting and informative, but also humbling. When you see the modest tools they work with, and you have a rough idea of How it works, then you really grasp the genius, and the dedication to their artform. But when it comes to pottery, my absolute Go To Expert is the English guy, Florian Gadsby. He has such a superb, gentle way of explaining, and is so generous of his knowledge. Oh to be a disciple, an apprentice, in his studio! Ironically, he honed his skills in Japan, working under one of the great masters. His work reflects that too.

Last week I went back on the wheel after many, many months. I was trying to build some stock for the Open Days! (Now I’ve commited to selling some of my work there, I need to make a few!). My first attempt was pretty ropey, and it all felt a bit alien to me. None of that “it’s like riding a bike” flannel. I fell off! So rather than persevere, I stilled the wheel, wiped my hands clean, made a cup of tea, and sought out my trusted friend Florian on You Tube, to ground me, calm me down. “How to throw a bowl”. Back to basics. After watching intently and listening carefully, I returned to my wheel, and tried again. Much MUCH better. A day later, I watched him again, “How to turn a bowl”! It’s not that I don’t know how to do these things; I just wanted to watch somebody much better than me, and soak up some of his creative talent.

When we visited the V&A London on Thursday (V&A stands for Victoria and Albert Museum), we were enthralled by the Renaissance Sculptor Donatello exhibition. Such emotional sculptures! I was moved to tears. It was the eyes. I stared into them, and they spoke volumes back at me. I left the exhibition wanting to try to emulate those eyes in clay…

Then Dave and I picked one area each, which we would like to investigate together. Dave picked Buddhism, and guess which room I picked. Go on. It’s a no brainer! Answers below….

Quote for the day, something that my Mum often says to me. It is in German. Loosely translated it reads, we never stop learning, even when we get as old as a house.

Man lernt nie aus, und wenn man so alt wird wie ein Haus

Let’s have some fun all you non speaking German peeps! I will write it as an English speaker would say it. Ready?

Munn lairnt knee 'ouse (like House without the H), 
uunt ven munn zo (like toe with a z) alt virt 
vee I’n (like I’m but with an n) House. 

When you come to the Open Days we can check it – and surprise my Mum!! She will love it!

See you on TV tomorrow! 3-5 Create & Craft. I’ve drawn two really nice additions to our SHAC flower panels. Actually, I drew them as a treat for the Open Days, so that Tina Morris and Sonia Goodliff would have new stamps to use at their Make n Takes, and then we decided to launch them on Telly – to make them extra special and share the love !

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity in review…

  1. I joined you as a guest on the Moment of Clarity “Live” last night and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw. Who knew that scraps of paper could be so inspiring! I have a box of off-cuts and will certainly look at them in a different light from now on. I am just embarking on my stamping journey after die-cutting for many years. You have given me such inspiration so many thanks for that Barbara. I shall continue to watch your “Live” links as and when I can – it’s good to know we can always “catch up” if we have missed them. Thank you.

  2. I’ve set the TV to record – I see you have some Mixed Impressions stamps on C & C – I am always seeking inspiration for these lovely big stamps, which I don’t use enough (and the backdrops).
    Glad the V & A is still wonderful, if the train strikes stop, we might get to London at some point.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS do your ginger vikings like dreamies?

  3. I missed the live as we were at a wedding but caught up on YouTube (not a FB) person. I suspect you picked Japanese room ( if there is one). Never been to the V&A. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.

  4. Barb, last night’s Moment of Clarity was absolutely brilliant! The truly inspirational Design Team Gallery at the beginning was genius and should stay for future Craftalongs! Your tips, tricks, and demos are as wonderful and useful as ever! It’s no wonder so many eager crafters are tuning in, and as your Mum says, you’re never too old to learn something new ( or be reminded of it!) Speaking of which (“being too old”!), I may not be able to watch your shows live tomorrow (recorder set up!) as it’s the “big family birthday”! I share my birthday with my wife and son, and it’s a “big one” for me this year so I think the family’s plans will prevent me from watching the telly! Good to hear there are some new stamps for the Open Days, I was wondering what I might spend my “birthday money” on, apart from some must have Barbara Gray pottery, of course! See you Friday!

  5. Couldn’t join in live yesterday but the photos on fb that everyone has made has inspired me looking forward to catching up

  6. Loved last night’s Moment of Clarity and really looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. And then the Open Day next Saturday… Definitely getting my Clarity fix this month xx

  7. I think your favourite was the Donatello exhibition room.
    Really enjoyed A Moment of Clarity last night & needless to say a few things fell in my basket afterwards having been inspired by the demo & the samples by the DT.
    Will be watching tomorrow & still hoping we make it for the Open Days x

  8. Tomorrows shows on record. Glad you enjoyed the V&A, it is a great museum, sadly a long time since I was last able to visit.
    Hope the pottery goes well, checking in on the experts is always a good idea.
    Sadly I am going to have to record all the forthcoming shows. Wait forever for hospital appointments for both of us and like buses they all come at once. The up side is I will have plenty to enjoy when they are over.
    Safe journey tomorrow. 🍒

  9. I can’t wait for the open days! I hope to buy some pottery 😉. Btw, please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks that Florian Gadsby is a pretty cool name!

  10. I always watch on YouTube as I don’t do any social media. I will have to catch up on the live shows as I’m going to see a big-screen showing of Top Hat today.
    Going to my first Open Day on Saturday, so will see you then!

  11. Wasn’t able to join you on Friday evening but will watch today.
    Looking forward to the live shows today and Open Day on Friday. Lot to look forward to.

  12. Hello Barb, was not able to join on Friday, but will catch up today as I love your card. Laughed at your translation of the German quote. Bx

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