Make A Wish – It’s Design of the Week

Make A Wish – It’s Design of the Week

Hi there. Thanks for popping in.

Yes, it is Tuesday already which means that we shine a light on a particular design, and offer it to you with a 30% discount (plus Craft Club discount) to celebrate being in business for 30 years!

This week it is Make A Wish, designed by our good friend Mel Turner

Available as a 3 Way Overlay Stamp

7×7 Stencil

4×4 Aperture Die

A5sq Groovi Plate

How about a little bit of inspiration from the design team

Make a wish. Go on. Make a wish for something. But don’t tell anybody what your wish is – or it won’t come true.

Quote for today.

Be the change you wish to see in the world


Still no water here. But I won’t waste my wish on that!

Love always,

Barb x x x

6 thoughts on “Make A Wish – It’s Design of the Week

  1. Oh Barb that’s absolutely disgusting, especially in this heat. I’m can’t believe you still have no water. 😡

  2. How on earth are you coping without water? Hope the water company is supplying bottled water so at least you can have a drink and cook. I feel for you and all the others affected like this.
    Some of these make a wish items are somewhere in my collection but I don’t think I have the overlay stamps. Will have to check.
    Lovely samples as usual.
    Had to wait a few weeks for a check on some moles which were worrying me as they looked ominous. Got the all clear today, they are benign so I can breathe again.
    Stay safe.

  3. Oh my word – what a time to find yourselves with no water! Hope it soon gets sorted.
    This is such a sweet design – will have to go and dig out my 3 way overlay stamps for a quick play!

  4. Hello Barb, I do hope they sort out your water issue soon. I love the design of the week, and so much beautiful inspiration from the team. Great quote too, always liked it. Take care everyone. Bx

  5. The saying ”Be careful what you wish for ” also came to mind when seeing the design of the week. I think it may be just the stamps that are not already in my stash. The samples are a great reminder of what can be achieved – layers are definitely the way to go to get great results.
    Have they given you a timescale on the water situation – is it a pipe problem or actual lack of water. It is not until something like water isn’t there that we realise on how much we rely on just turning the tap on for it to be available .

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