Flutterby One Day Special

Flutterby One Day Special

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. When Butterflies meet parchment it is indeed a very pretty thing. And this wonderful collection of Groovi plates has been made to fit our butterfly dies – so definitely a win win!

Paul launched a brand new One Day Special on Create & Craft at 6pm this evening, with some stunning butterflies created by our lovely Clarity designers, Jazz and Lisa.

You may recognise the designs as we launched them earlier in year in A6 & A7 stamps

They were designed to work along or alongside of Fresh Cut Large & Small 3D Butterfly dies

The Groovi plates have also been designed to work alone or with the dies as well

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

So I hope you can join Paul at 9pm this evening and again on Tomorrow at 10am & 2pm. If you missed the 6pm show, you can always watch on Create & Craft Catch up

I’m so tired I am going to bed now. Bit early, but hey ho. I will be up really early, so as to get some work done while it is still cool. We are working underneath the roof in the warehouse, trying to consolidate stock. And it is HOT!!!!

Still no water, which is uncomfortable in this hot heat. The South East is going to hell in a hamper. No agua, dustmen are on strike, no post men so no mail, and pot holes in the roads that will do serious damage to any car. Cyclists and Bikers take their lives in their hands round here.

Thousands of new houses, but no extra reservoir. That would be too intelligent. Err.. I mean expensive.

Southern Water were kind enough to furnish us with a quote for the day too. Here’s the text they are sending out to their customers today:

One person’s paddling pool is another family’s drinking water.

Southern Water

They’ve got some neck. It’s scandalous, it really is.

Enjoy your evening!

Love always

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “Flutterby One Day Special

  1. The 6pm show was great. I loved the stamps but butterflies definitely look special in parchment. Wonderful Groovi samples!

    Southern water have got some nerve! I hope it’s resolved soon.

    Stay cool everyone!

  2. You poor things! I can’t imagine being without water in this heat. Just disgusting. I hope they’ve delivered bottled water. Fingers crossed it’s back tomorrow. Xx

  3. Watching Paul now. At 6pm my tv decided I wasn’t going to watch , no signal and I’m no technician , tried all I knew but no joy so I was not a happy bunny and missed Paul. But ok now and I’ll be back in the morning. SO sO hot here, and we grow veg for a living, amongst other things. No grass, no cattle feed for the winter. No potatoes, or small crop = very expensive this winter. It’s not funny all this hot dry weather. Xx

  4. This heat is beyond a joke, especially with no water. It also stops us getting a good nights sleep. On the plus side the appetite has gone awol and my weight is decreasing steadily.
    Managed to watch both programmes today. Butterflies are quite lovely and I am not surprised they flew out the door. Superb samples from the team.
    We had a manic morning trying to get the dealer to accept that there were faults on our new car. Made the manager go for a drive in it. Success finally, They have booked it in to be rectified next week. As we have no other commitments booked I can CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT all week with the new goodies delivered and some of the Clarity classics. It will be a chance to really get to grips with the 3D cards too.
    Stay safe, don’t overdo things in this heat. Take it steady.

  5. The addition of the Groovi plates completes a great collection with lots of possibilities. They certainly flew out the doors on the 6pm show, need to catch up with the 9pm show but will do so & be ready for tomorrows shows as well.
    Hope SW get their act together & find some water for you. To have to close schools etc in the UK due to lack of water in 2023 seems a little worrying.

  6. My order is in for the stamps and Groovi plates (plus a few essential oddments). With what I brought back from Ditton, I have plenty of new things to play with.
    I don’t know how you manage without water. Bottled water is fine but how about the loo? New housing etc should not be allowed without sufficient water etc being put into place well beforehand. At the very least, I hope they will compensate you well. No matter what they give you, it will not make up for their money-grubbing inefficiency, which returns you to the days before piped water and sewage, the days of virulent disease outbreaks.
    You might gather that I am in battle mode, ready to have a “conversation” with Premier Inns. Fine to replace the beds this year, but to add a good six inches, plus large casters to the height is not fine. There was no way I could actually get into the bed in my room. Did I have a good sleep? NO!!! These big companies do not care about their customers, just how much money they can squeeze out of us. They need to take lessons on customer service from Clarity. xxx

  7. Good morning
    Glad to hear your water is now back on. Just been listening to Jenni Barnett on ITV. She made all the same comments that you have been making about new house developments, no new reservoirs etc
    Loving the shows on create and craft

  8. Hello Barb, these designs are beautiful. I have the dies and stamps on my ever growing wish list. As always the artwork from the team is awesome and inspiring. I must say Southern Water have a bit of front sending that out, seen as they are responsible. Hope they do something about it. Take care everyone. Bx

  9. So sorry re lack of water – I really hope that is restored asap!
    Lack of infrastructure is rife all over the south east, it seems – more and more dwellings being built without any consideration for all the extra essentials that will be needed for every day life – for everyone.
    The samples are beautiful as always, the talent of all the parchers is incredible! I don’t do parching any more, wrists not up to the delicate work now. But manage stamping and stencils and colouring, and love it. Have a good day everyone, stay cool! xx

  10. Seems typical of this country’s “decision makers/planners” (I use these words lightly!)….do whatever they like and once created an unholy mess, throw even more money at it and achieve absolutely nothing🙄
    I thought we were supposed to be living in enlightened times??
    Rant over….shame sticking a butterfly on it won’t fix their messes!🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. Hope your water is back on now Barbara. It’s no joke is it?! Have you got water butts in your garden to collect the rain (when it comes)! Doesn’t help with drinking water or washing, but at least you could flush the loo! Ask me how I know!! We had a power cut a couple of evenings ago, for a couple of hours and all the burglar alarms in the road were going off. We were scrabbling for the torches. We have loads!! But guess what…..all the batteries were dead! Be prepared and all that…..we weren’t!! Still at least a lot of people in the road came out of their houses and we had a good natter!! Oh the joy of the peace when the alarms stopped!! Hope you get a nice cool shower tonight!!

  12. Oh my – can’t believe you’ve been without water for so long! No joke in this heat!
    These designs are just beautiful – I think the stamps were launched while I was on holiday & they didn’t get onto my shopping list for the Open Day…! Still, there are always other shopping opportunities to be had!
    Take care xx

  13. Read through the comments that your water supply has returned. So hope they don’t put restrictions on. Here in Australia we have that sometimes in summer. Watched Paul yesterday on Create and Craft, 10 am show. Love the butterflies. Large and small, groovi ,stamps and dies. Have to decide what to order now. Good luck with the new warehouse.

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