Looking ahead…

Looking ahead…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. While Paul was doing a great job on Create & Craft TV, selling out Linda’s fabulous new Layering Frames Collection, I have been pedalling away back at base, prepping next week’s TV shows on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The Thursday shows are done and dusted, so I can rest easy knowing the first day is sorted at least!

But before that, dear Tina Cox is gracing our screens tomorrow, at 1pm and 5pm. Twas the Night in Groovi – I look forward to seeing her take on those plates, seeing what she does with them. I always learn so much from Tina.

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary too. 5 years!! So much has happened in 5 years. So so much. I don’t think I’m the same person who Dave married, I really don’t! Covid did quite a number on a lot of us I think. It certainly made me reframe Life, and what it’s all about. And losing Dad this year, then getting so ill myself – that has pushed me further along the road less travelled. I get a real sense of how precious and limited time is now, whereas before in Life BC (Before Covid) I just used to poodle along, wasting my days doing “stuff“. More and more now I get the urge to do what I WANT to do, to do more of what makes me happy, rather than what others expect of me, or what I’ve always done to keep the peace. As if time were running out. And it is!

Quote for the day:

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.

I spoke to my good friend Sam Crowe earlier. She’s got a really sound head on. We always kid around that she is scatty, and perhaps when it comes to art, she is such a creative, that many things gush out quickly and on top of one another, and she does come across as a bit crazy (in the loveliest way of course). But when you talk to her about LIFE, she is as sound as a pound. Much stronger than she thinks actually. When Paul her husband died suddenly and without warning a couple of years ago, she really did go to the back of the cave for quite a while. Understandably too. And I’m sure she still has dark days. But I’ll tell you what: she gets me. And I get her. Just half an hour’s banter, and we both feel better. Now that’s what I call friendship, don’t you? I count myself lucky to have Sam as a friend. I know that she needs a little plan, something to work towards, something into which she can pour her art. And she knows I just need empathy and understanding. That’s it in a nutshell. Neither of us are complex women. And we’re both pretty easy going. It’s that age old adage: Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Not hard.

Upshot: Sam’s going to plan a TV Show, and decide what she wants to show us. In the meantime I’m going to design a set of stamps for her that we think would work well. Cool.

Sometimes she does crease me up though. When we were at the Open Days, she and I had a little conversation. This is how it went…

Sam: I’m going on a cruise in a few weeks time
Barb: Ooh. That’ll be nice. Who are you going with?
Sam: Cunard
Barb: Hahahahaha. Silly mare. I’m not asking which cruise line you going with! I mean WHO are you going with???

That about sums her up!! You’ve gotta love her!!

Love always,

Barb x x x

23 thoughts on “Looking ahead…

  1. I can totally understand the great friendship between you and Sam. Just half an hour, putting the world to rights, makes such a difference. Laughter and tears are so close together and the mix of those emotions does so much to rebuild our equilibrium. I have had experience of your little chats and how you have the ability to lift the weight off my shoulders. I am sure that many others reading this will know exactly what I mean. Without trying to make you feel old, you are at the point in your life where you are entitled to choose what you focus on, and to spend as much time together with your lovely Dave. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  2. If you’d have asked me that I’d have said P&O 😹
    Lovely to see Sam coming to the tv again too. I’m not a ‘grunge’ girl but like Sam’s work that’s as much grunge that I can cope with. In the meantime we must do what we want and, as long as we enjoy it, that’s enough – well it is for me! Happy Anniversary xx

  3. If you’d have asked me that I’d have said P&O 😹
    Lovely to see Sam coming to the tv again too. I’m not a ‘grunge’ girl but like Sam’s work that’s as much grunge that I can cope with. In the meantime we must do what we want and, as long as we enjoy it, that’s enough – well it is for me! Happy Anniversary xx

  4. Just read the blog and I can hear that conversation between you and Sam, she’s absolutely fabulous and I could listen to her for hours and never get bored. That made me belly laugh. So glad there is a plan to get her back on TV.
    love her personality she literally lights up a room, and it doesn’t surprise me that she can cheer you up with even the shortest of conversations. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, that time has flown, 5 years for us in our house too! doesn’t seem possible. How time does fly.
    lots of love T.xx

  5. What a great blog as always.
    I can say I had the pleasure of spending time with Sam on the Open days. Such an arty funny sensitive person. Sam is really is great and I can’t wait to see her on her own show. Her use of colour and pattern is amazing – a real talent.
    Missing my art space – the only thing I brought with me is my adult colouring book and water colour crayons and water brush.
    3 more days to enjoy in Austria. Wow it’s been hot and some great storms. Feeling relaxed and ready to tackle my world again.

    Cant wait to watch next weeks shows.

  6. Ooh Happy Anniversary to you both that time seems to have flown by! And a show to
    Look forward for with Sam I
    Love her style though when Sams work looks great mine never seems to get past the what a mess and never to the work of art emerging from it will have to look more closely this time and follow Sams lead properly

    1. I used to be exactly the same, the first card I made I just painted with Deluxe Paint!!!!, can you imagine how long it took me to stop it curling up at the edges!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you Both, it does whizz by but look what you have enjoyed together. I think PC has made us wake up and appreciate everyday, re access priorities. Enjoy your weekend xx

  8. Happy anniversary to you and Dave. I hope Jeannine had a special last day with you all at Clarity before going off to enjoy her retirement. Have a good weekend. XX

  9. Lovely to see Sam smiling, enjoying the moment and back out of the cave! Really excited about the show she’s planning too.
    Everyone needs a friend like that, that can make you belly laugh and open your soul depending on what you need. I am fortunate to have those friends, and to be a volunteer befriender for those who don’t. x

  10. As they say it’s good to talk especially with some who gets you even if only for 5 minutes. Like Karen I love Sam’s work but never seem to be able to get past the messy bit and bring it all together. Guess I just need to keep playing and trying. Hope you and Dave have a lovely Anniversary day xx

  11. Happy anniversary Barb and Dave! I hope you make time to do something lovely to celebrate.

    I am so pleased that Sam is going to be back on tv. At the Open Day I spent ages watching her be creative; she’s amazing. Sam, I did get my gelli plate out again and I have been trying out your twisted art. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Zara xx

    1. Thank you Zara, Lovely comments are always welcome. I would love to see what you made with your Gel Plate and my Twisted Art. Maybe you could put it on Clarity worldwide? Or my page and I will post it for you. Don’t forget that Twisted Art is Patented!!! Haha. x

  12. Hope you have a wonderful day, happy Anniversary. I’m laying in bed trying to get comfortable with 4 broken ribs so will look forward to Tina’s shows later and I’ll be with you in the Shac on Monday. Great news to hear Sam planning a show. I’m not a grunger but need to learn how to do more 🤣🤣

  13. Happy Anniversary Barbara and Dave. It’s our 45th Anniversary today and I think we have both changed a lot since our wedding day. Lots does happen – some good and some bad and yes Covid was not good for me.
    I have a special friend who I see often and we help each other and usually end up laughing.
    Looking forward to watching Sam do a show. I couldn’t get near her at the Open Day this year but spent ages with her last year. She is a great crafter. Take care.

  14. I really get how you feel Barbara, I’m late end of 50s and it’s really hit me how short life is and how I need to do more for me, must admit I’m struggling at the moment with fibromyalgia and menopause, I’m so tired constantly. My crafts are everything to me and I love to watch you in the shack, sometimes I just watch, I have 2 part time jobs which zap my energy and you help me chill out so a big thank you Barbara xxx

  15. Somehow I missed this blog – how I don’t know as I thought I checked every day !!
    It was great watching Sam at the Open Days & look forward to her showing us more of her hints & tips to create different art with the new stamps on TV.
    I think I need to be braver & just go with the flow – ”its just a piece of card”
    You think 5 years have flown by – times that by 10 & I still wonder where the time has gone !!

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