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Thanks for popping in. I’m in the middle of listening to a novel on Audible at the moment. It‘s entitled ‘The Favoured Child’ by Philippa Gregory. It’s the sequel to Wideacre, a story about the Lacey family – Beatrice in particular. The sequel skips a generation and picks up with another Lady Lacey: Julia. Anyway, it’s easy listening, well narrated and very well written, so it keeps me company when I’m driving back and forth to mum’s house, or doing the housework. I do find listening to books very therapeutic. When I read a paper book I find my mind wanders or I fall asleep, but listening enables me to do something else – drive or clean or iron – activities to stay awake to !! Book 1 = over twenty five hours of listening, and Book 2 not much shorter! There are still 11 hours to go! Anyway, on the subject of Lacey, here’s a Rosie Lacey! A step by step using one of those lovely floral panel stampsets we drew in the SHAC together. The oval stencil is very useful too.


And here’s a little photo step by step of a simple card I made recently, using the petite Gelpress plates and a strip of lace..

  1. Place the oval stencil on a piece of Clarity stencil card 7x7in. and secure with low-tack masking tape.
  2. Use a fineline black Micron Pen to draw around the inside of one of the larger ovals.
  3. Use a black Archival ink pad to stamp the single large rose into the aperture.
  • 4. Mount the oval Petite Gelpress on a 4x4in. Megamount, ink up with a pink ink. Archival, Distress Oxide, Distress – you decide! Spread the ink evenly with a brayer.
  • 5. Layer the lacey swatch over the aperture and press the Gelpress through the lace to the card.
  • 6. Do this twice, to fill the aperture.
  • 7. Uss a Spot-on sponge to drag the ink on the stencil into the aperture.
  • 8.Repeat this Lacey Gelpress trick down the length of another piece of card, ready to cut into strips.
  • 9. Trim the white card, layer up on companion paper.
  • 10. Assemble and add a sentiment sticker
  • 11. Use a grey pencil to add a drop shadow on the oval.

There ya go! Lady Rose Lacey! That’ll be the trilogy sorted then!

Quote for the day

One rose says more than the dozen.

Wendy Craig

Love always,

Barb x x x

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  1. I love the effect the lace gives and I’m definitely going to try this. Haven’t got that particular stamp yet, but as soon as my crafting space (the loft!) cools down a bit, I will improvise and give it a go! Can I ask what you listen to your audible books on? Is it your phone? I listened to one of the books that Grace narrated and thoroughly enjoyed it….and wanted more….but I found that having it on my phone was a bit cumbersome and annoying to cart around with me while I did housework etc. I just wondered if there was another way? I’m off to open the windows in my loft space now!!

  2. I had those stamps in my hand yesterday. They are so simple and easy to use. Rather than listening to a book or music, right now all I can hear is the police helicopter and a lot of sirens. The helicopter has been over us for nearly an hour. No idea why! I am off to find Barbara’s set of pale colours which I need right now. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  3. Love Phillipa Gregory. My sister introduced me to her books a few years ago. Started with The White Queen and have been hooked on her books ever since. Wildeacer is not one that I have read will have to purchase this one soon. Have not yet used a gel press but like this lacy look think I must add the gel press to my ever growing list of must have.xx

  4. Read a few of hers in my youth ! I’ll add them to my audible list as I’d forgot about her and they’d make a good listen. Love mine for nodding off to in bed – then have to repeat a chapter. It’s good you can set a timer! also when I’m crafting too.

    Pretty card xx

  5. The gel press & lace is on my to do list. Yesterday I made 4 cards using the design shown to us for the make & take at the Open days.
    I haven’t got to listening to books yet but I find if I watch the C&C shows on catch up or even live on my laptop with my headphones in I tend to nod off to sleep so end up having to watch it several times !!

  6. Lovely project xx I’ve read the whole series of Widacre at least twice. Phillips Gregory is a brilliant writer. Listen to all the Tudor books if you get a chance.

  7. Oh wow! That looks gorgeous! It’s my favourite colour too- pink!
    I too fall asleep when reading books. Hadn’t thought of listening to them. Shall have to investigate!

  8. I love this effect and must try it with a different stamp as I haven’t yet got this set! I have an old Kindle that has the option to have it read (with male or female voice!) but I find it too slow for me, and prefer to read at my own pace on the Kindle -can’t hold books now, especially in bed! I have 2 Kindles and always have a book on each on the go.
    My tastes run more to crime and non fiction, though I sometimes try other genres I always return to my preferred authors (just started a Kathy Reichs on one and one of James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series on the other).

  9. I love the roses we drew. Mine evolved into one of my favourite cards. I wish I could fall asleep over a book, I just find sleeping eludes me. Maybe I should try audio books to help me switch off.! Looking forward to tv tomorrow.xx

  10. I love these stamps. So pretty.
    I found a box of tape cassettes when de-cluttering, I had forgotten how many I had purchased to listen to travelling from Essex to South Wales for work. Sadly my Roberts radio with the cassette player got destroyed in the move so I forgot all about them. I have treated myself to a new radio/cassette player as there is quite a lot of good listening there while I craft.
    I have always got books on the go too. I love the feel of paper and can get lost for hours in a good story.
    Looking forward to the new shows this week..

  11. Lovely card step by step, thank you. Phillipa Gregory is my go to author at the moment. I prefer to read, rather than listen. Have a copy of Wideacre, waiting to be read, along with another couple of her books. Looking forward to this weeks shows. xx

  12. Lovely rose. Now have to work out the gel trick. Would lacey vellum work too, if I dorso colour on the back? Will give both a try.

  13. Hello Barb, what a lovely step by step, a great effect with the lace and petite gel plate. Love the quote too. I love reading, and use my kindle a lot, maybe need to try audible at some point. Take care everyone. Bx

  14. I do love this effect – I keep saying I must fish out my petite gell presses….! Been a Philippa Gregory fan for years – love the historical accuracy in her novels, she does such detailed research.
    Looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days

  15. I have the lace and a gel plate so I must get it out and have a go.
    Margaret we have the helicopters overhead today.
    Take care.

  16. Just catching up on your blogs, and it just so happens that I received the rose, japonica and some stencil card in the post today (Thursday) so will have a go at this one but without the gel press(not got one of them!)

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