Floral Swirls & Corners – Design of the Week

Floral Swirls & Corners – Design of the Week

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Tuesday again, and time to shine a light on another fabulous Clarity Design, as part of our Design of the Week Celebration. 30 years in business certainly merits a hurrah and a special price of 30% off + club discounts. But just for the week. So this week we take a look at Tina’s magnificent Floral Swirls & Corners.

But before we do, I‘d like to announce the winners of the Clarity Open Day Prize Draw. For those of you who came along to help us celebrate those 30 years of all things Clarity, your ticket was entered into the Bumper £100 Prize Draw, and I am delighted to announce the winners…..drum roll please…………………

Friday – Jean Burt
Saturday – Roz McLellan

Congratulations to you both! Your gift voucher will be winging its way to you!

Now. Back to the Design of the Week, where everyone is a winner!

Available in stamps

A4sq Groovi

and then last year we made them smaller, A5sq

We also have a fantastic iiBook which works with both the large and small Groovi plates

Here is some inspiration from the design team

All available HERE

These weekly Design Offers are really driving home just how many wonderful designs we have come up with and developed over the years. It also goes to show how timeless our work is. These Tina designs are as beautiful and en trend today as they were when they were launched. I use these ones on my pottery too. Perfect!

When I was at Mum’s yesterday, we were having a little sort out of clothes and things. She asked me if I’d like a dress back that I had given to her 35 years ago! I kid you not! I had bought it in Nürnberg before Grace was even born, and it was my absolute fave. Then Mum had visited me, and had loved my dress too. So I gave it to her. 35 years later it has come back to me. And it still fits beautifully, looks lovely and is in pristine condition too! If I saw it in a shop today I’d snap it up! When a style can survive for 35 years, you know you bought well! I’ll wear it next time I’m on telly, so you can see it. It’s a long, loose black dress, buttons down the front, with little flowers.

Here’s another one. Grace wears a little number all the time, which I bought over 30 years ago in Santa Barbara, when she was just a little poppet. It suits her beautifully now….

Quote for the day:

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers.
And style is what you choose.

Lauren Hutton

Love always

Barb x x x

18 thoughts on “Floral Swirls & Corners – Design of the Week

  1. Hello Barbara,

    Oh wow, thank you for my prize. I will have great fun spending it. I am the same, Barbara, I am still wearing one or two blouses which are over 30 years old.


  2. Congratulations to my ENGG friends Roz and Jean on winning the prize draws! Well done girls.
    The Lauren Hutton quote is so true Barb and very relevant in this age of throw away fashion. I still wear a knitted gilet, which I bought in South Africa when my younger daughter was in a pushchair. She is now 45 😂. The only clothes I have bought this year are from Charity shops and for each thing I buy, I donate one. Just trying to do my bit to help. X

  3. Congratulations to Jean & Roz on winning the vouchers from the Open Days.
    Lovely to see all the DT samples for these plates & stamps again – a reminder of what can be achieved.
    They reckon if you keep things long enough they come back in fashion !! but that’s ok as long as you stay the same size. We went through mom’s wardrobe last week & removed quite a few pieces that had no chance of being worn by her again so now we can at least see what is in there. Having downsized from a 3 bed house to a flat there is much less storage space than before but done gradually she was happy to give them up.

  4. Congratulations to the two lucky winners. You will enjoy spending those vouchers. I went onto YouTube this morning to catch up with Paul. Now I am just letting YouTube continue playing whichever Clarity programmes it likes. I am really enjoying it and being reminded of lots of tips and tricks I had forgotten. The latest one is you, Grace, and Linda struggling in the dark. Lots of giggling and fun. xxx

  5. Congratulations to my ENGG friends Ros and Jean, very worthy winners. Clarity produce some amazing Groovi plates (as well as all their other crafting goodies) and have a brilliant Design Team to show us how to put our purchases to good use and give us less experienced crafters lots of inspiration. Thank you Barbara and team Clarity 💕

  6. Well done Roz and Jean. What a fabulous surprise,have fun spending those vouchers. I have some clothes that I have been wearing for twenty years, sadly any longer than that and they would not fit. A lot thinner in the years when I was pushing pram on a school run. x

  7. Well done prize winners! I’ve got the first edition of these plates so will look out some designs I’ve done with them, probably inspired by DT! The sandals I’ve worn out to lunch today are 30 years old – block heel back in fashion but I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t ! I stooped wearing them for a few summers as I didn’t want to wear them out ! They’re gold and remind me of the Mary Quant flower design and I’ve got the white version too. Still got my wedding sandals and they’ll be 40 years in August ! All Roland Cartier and comfy. Going to have a look on eBay and Vinted now to see what they’ve got ! Lovely to hand things down/on. X

  8. Congratulations to the winners, have fun spending your prizes.
    I so agree with that quote. I have never slavishly followed fashion, couldn’t afford it in my youth so mainly kept to classics all through my working life. I have in my wardrobe some blouses that are 45 years old and as good today as ever. Now I have lost weight I am looking forward to wearing them again.
    I have the Groovi plates and stamps, so versatile, and it is nice to see the samples others do.

  9. Lucky winners!
    I wear clothes until they wear out, or I mend them if they are still useful (so glad we were taught sewing at school!!).
    Barb, please would you take a moment to just remind us (and by that I mean me) of the etiquette on making one’s own version of a design from your wonderful design team. How best should we acknowledge the original if one’s copy is shown anywhere? I hope that makes sense!
    I did my version of a card originally by Sarah Brennan but when I uploaded it onto Clarity worldwide, I did not know whose design it was. I hope no-one was offended as none was intended.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  10. Just caught up with the Groovi Tuesday from Paul on Youtube. Love the new designs coming out!! I too have outfits that were purchased many, many years ago. A recent example which saw daylight at a family wedding was a silk jacket purchased when I remarried 19 years ago; still fits like a dream.

  11. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Enjoy!
    I am often amazed how long I have had certain favourite clothes when I see them in photos! They are still my “go to” standbys, and why not!
    Still very little rain here near The Lizard in Cornwall, we’ve had a hose pipe ban for months. I bet when The children break up for the hols it will be wet, August is not our best month. Rain tonight please!

  12. Oh my Barbara, thank you so much for my Prize Draw win on Friday. I’m so chuffed as I never win anything, until now lol. I shall have great pleasure in choosing which goodies I go for. Cannot believe my luck 🥰🥰xxx

  13. Hello Barb, A huge congratulations to Roz and Jean. Enjoy spending those vouchers. Love the quote, very apt when sharing details of clothes shared between Mum and Daughter. I think I still have some of my Mom’s tops, which I sorted through when she passed away in 1998. Love the design of the week too, and the amazing arty samples. Take care everyone. Bx

  14. Many congratulations to Roz and Jean on your prizes, have lots of fun with your goodies! There is a joy and comfort in still being able to wear favourite clothes from many years ago – the “clever” bit was buying them in XL sizes so they still fit me now! 🤣🤣

  15. Congratulations Jean & Roz – enjoy your crafty shopping! These are lovely designs – have realised I don’t have the stamps, so I just might have to go and do a little spending…!

  16. Well said Ken and congratulations Jean and Roz. Wonder what you will choose. So glad your water is back on Barbara. Take care.

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