It’s National Smile Day!

It’s National Smile Day!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just in case you need a nudge in the smile department …. it’s National Smile Day. Not to be confused with World Smile Day, which is much later, in November. National though? Given that the founders are two dentists in Illinois, I would hazard a guess that it’s the States. So whilst the cynic in me says that these two Dentists, in 2018, were probably drumming up business, it has to be said that smiling is actually very good for you. And for the person you’re smiling at.

Did you know….

  • Smiling releases endorphins. Studies show that smiling can actually make a person happier. Hormones that indicate well-being are released – even with a fake smile!
  • Smiling can relieve stress. The endorphins released from smiling can reduce pain, and can even help prevent illness AND protect against cancer.
  • Smiling helps people to live longer. Studies have shown that intense, genuine smiling is associated with a longer life!
  • Smiling can lower blood pressure. Smiling and laughter may also reduce blood pressure.
  • Smiling strengthens your immune system
  • Smiling makes you more attractive.

Quite aside from personal benefits, how much more pleasant to receive a smile from a stranger than a growl! I am a smiler. I smile at strangers in the street – and they usually smile back. How about you? Every now and then I get a WhatYOUlookinat vibe, but that says a lot more about the poor soul trapped inside a miserable body than about me.

So there ya go!! I shall go watch the last episode of Ted Lasso this evening, and smile. And tomorrow, when we go up to London, I will put my smiley face on. Especially since we are going to see Ben Howard at the Royal Albert Hall! And if we get up there early enough, I want to take Dave to the V&A, to see Donatello’s masterpieces before the exhibition closes. Lots to smile about!

Quote for the Day?

Peace begins with a smile

Mother Theresa

Love always

Barb x x x

16 thoughts on “It’s National Smile Day!

  1. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. I saw this in a garden the other day and it made me really Smile 😊
    I think you will like this one Barbs

  3. This reminded me of Spike Milligan’s lovely poem about smiling, you catch a smile like the flu. Really looking forward to Friday evenings moment of clarity. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  4. Missed the blog yesterday but system now working properly. I think your pots are great especially those tall dark mottled vases. I need a new vase and am devastated that I won’t be there to buy one. Bet you sell out quickly.
    Another saying:
    Smile and the world smiles with you cry and you cry alone. Stanley Gordon West. 1949
    So true. There are many more ‘wisdoms’ from this man – worth looking up.
    I hope I manage to convey a smile even when I am wearing a mask. Proof is the crinkles round the eyes!!!!!!!
    Stay safe. 🍒

  5. We’ve just got back from my home town – Malton – and EVERYONE was friendly and utterly un-stressed (we only saw one person stuck to a smart phone – and she was about 14!) parents talking to their kids (yes talking) it was like going back to the 1950’s. No wonder the new King and Queen loved it a few weeks’ ago. It’s encouraged me to smile more to strangers. So I’m smiling at you now.
    V&A – one of my favourite places – that stautue of the lady lying down with a veil over her head, in marble – HOW!!?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. I get smiles from reading your Blog, Barb! I get smiles from creating with my Clarity goodies! I get smiles from seeing your amazing pottery! I get smiles from being in the SHAC and enjoying Groovi Tuesday!
    Smiles also give me the anagram – I’m less!
    Smiles mean I’m less stressed!
    Smiles mean I’m less sad!
    Smiles mean I’m less lonely!
    I’m really looking forward to sharing lots of smiles with the wonderful Clarity community at the Open Days!

  7. Hadn’t realised smiling had so many benefits !!
    Have a lovely day in London tomorrow, hope you make it to the V&A for the exhibition. One of the places in London I haven’t been to.

  8. Hi Barbara
    I always smile at people so I love it now we don’t wear masks so everyone can see it. They say you use more muscles to frown than to smile. Enjoy the V&A we went up a few years ago to see the Hans Coper exhibition. I used to work just down the road in the late 80’s so fond memories.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  9. a SMILE a day keeps the doctor away. If you can make one person a day smile you,ll have a good day, is my husbands motto. Have a great time in London.

  10. Thankyou for your cheerful blog -I’m definitely smiling now. Isn’t it funny that your jaw can hurt if you smile too much – I got that last year at the open day. You can never smile too much! Smiling definitely makes you feel better, and those around you. Smiling is catching so spread the happiness. Be happy – keep crafting.

    Enjoy your trip to London.

  11. I smile at strangers and it makes me feel good when they smile at me. I think it’s a generation thing. Maybe we should make a point to smile at younger folk – maybe they’ll pass it on. 😊

  12. My thoughts on reading your blog went immediately to the Nat King Cole song ‘Smile’. Anyone who hasn’t heard it, just check out the lyrics.
    If someone smiles at you, you can’t help smiling back at them, or so I find.
    Have a lovely time in London. X

  13. I hope you and Dave have had a lovely day in London and it wasn’t too hot. I too smile at strangers especially in lifts and waiting rooms. Passes the time too. This Saturday is the Epsom Derby very close to where I live. I have just come back
    home that way and it is transformed – cars, caravans, lorries and people getting it all ready. Take care.

  14. For various reasons my circumstances and mobility have changed in recent months. I’ve always been a smiler , it’s not always returned but find now folk are even more responsive when they realise I’m less able; offer to help, find a chair etc etc. It’s heart warming.xx

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