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Thanks for popping in. Yes, I though that title would grab your attention! Click bait at its best! Here’s a cheeky little blog about something completely different – and very smelly! Interestingly, at Christmas, I was shopping at Macknades Food Hall in Faversham for special things and treats, when I saw a cheese called just that: MINGER.

  1. it made me laugh.
  2. it made me buy it.

Perfect marketing. Backed by the fact that this particular cheese is absolutely delicious – and I mean excellent! So good in fact, that I went back yesterday to Macknades with Mum, and the very first port of call was the cheese counter, to see whether they had any MINGER!! From home to Faversham is nearly 50 miles one way – and the girl was on a mission! Delighted to advise that they had just had a fresh delivery. Woohoo!

Back at Christmas, the kids were home from the States, and I bought it more as a gimmick than anything, to put a smile on their faces. But when we opened the package and tried it – well it was gone in 5 minutes flat!

It’s expensive. But hey. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t go out on the tiles. So if I can’t enjoy a little MINGER every so often, what’s the world coming to??

Sourdough bread, salty butter and Minger = heaven.

It’s not too stinky. There are much MUCH stinkier cheeses out there! Have you ever heard of Harzer Käse? That has got to be the stinkiest cheese ever, and my Mum loves it! Whenever we went to Germany, we always had to bring back Harzerkäse. Honestly, it is rank! Even if you put it in a bag in a bag in a sealed container, and buried it in the boot of the car, the fragrance would seep through the back seats and make your eyes water. If you put it in the fridge it would make you gag every time you opened the door! Mum would eat it by the chunk – and we would run for the hills!

I remember she once told me, “It’s really good for the figure because it has no fat.” Give me full fat MINGER any day of the week!!

What’s your favourite cheese? I do like a good cheddar too. Wookey Hole’s a firm favourite here! And red leicester..

I’ve worked up an appetite just writing this! Gotta have a little nibble before Dave gets home…

Daily Quote

In Queso emergency, eat cheese!

Love always

Barb x x x

50 thoughts on “Minger!!

  1. Love cheese – most types except the real stinky ones. Lidl had an Alpen Fest and sold all things German and Austrian- bought some very nice Bergsteirer cheese- quite nutty!

    They sold Schnitzel, plum dumplings and Käsenudel (cheese noodles) and Speck too – needles to say I bought loads.

    Lots of love

  2. Mmmm cheese & fresh crusty bread – brie & fresh baguettes were the hi light of our camping trips to France back in the 90’s. Now days it is easy to find here in the UK but having gone gluten free I do miss this tasty lunch. Cheese is fine though & I love trying new cheeses. OH bought some from the market in Banbury on our recent holiday & was amazed at the price but it tasted good. Agree some of the names are strange but it certainly makes it an eyecatcher.
    Have a lovely few days with Mike & Shona in Wales. Hope the rain keeps off as we have had some torrential downpours this week but then the sun has come out & it has been really hot.

    1. No wales this weekend, we moved our visit because we have too much on. So I’ll see you in the SHAC Monday !! X Pass it on! X

      1. oh great, glad I came back to check what everyone else had posted or else I would have missed this & told others that they had it wrong LOL. Don’t work too hard though – find some time to enjoy the Minger xx

  3. I could never be a vegan as I love cheese too much. Baked Camembert or Brie with something to dip into it (what do you mean it’s meant for two to share, I’ll just eat it all by myself). A nice bit of ripe Stilton is always good too. Got to go off and have a rummage in the fridge now xxx

  4. Cheese,any variety,best food in the world. Never heard of this one so will have to try and find it.

  5. Hello Barbara
    Whenever I come across Bexton Cheese (usually at the NEC) I make a beeline. so many different flavoured cheeses. the citrus one is my favourite.

  6. A really strong, and I do mean STRONG, cheddar is my favourite. Can’t stand blue cheese. Unfortunately I am not really allowed cheese in my diet but just VERY occasionally hubby makes garlic bread with lots of cheese on a thick sliced bloomer or tiger loaf and then I am in heaven.
    This blog has made my mouth water and my tummy grumble so now I am going to go get a slice of Black Bomber, another strong cheese, to satisfy my craving.
    Good job crafting isn’t fattening!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your stay in Wales. Travel safely. 🍒🍒🍒

    1. No wales this weekend, we moved our visit because we have too much on. So I’ll see you in the SHAC Monday !! X Pass it on! X

  7. Mmmmm cheese 🧀 One of my favourites is blackstick blue and I also like Cambozola. I was a latecomer to cheese, so don’t like anything too strong, but you can’t beat it with fresh bread #excesssalivation! 😂

  8. I love cheese, too and my favourites are extra mature cheddar, red leicester, wensdale cheese with red currants or dried apricots. As for Harzer yuk, absolutely HATE it and like you said it STINKS, even if wrapped up a few times and put in a box! Just thinking about it makes me….. Anyway, glad you’re enjoying your special cheese treat!

  9. Cheese isn’t my thing, I don’t mind mild and like it melted/cooked more than any other way. Rarely have a slice unless hubby presents me with a cracker with some on. Philadelphia is ok ! Now chocolate …. Glad you and your Mum enjoy your cheese. I remember a cheese called Stinking Bishop but never tried it !

    Sounds a nice day out for you both! Back to reality today, washing in cases unpacked and I even made it back in time for my hair appointment earlier, you usually have your hair done for your holiday don’t you – not me ! 😹. Have a good weekend I’ve got some shows to catch up with ! X

  10. The cheese sounds amazing, sour dough bread my favourite. As a vegan , a good quality cheese is the only food I miss.
    But I can still have sour dough bread xx

  11. Mature cheddar and Red Leicester for me,don’t like stinky cheese at all. Hope you enjoy your weekend here in Wales sun has been out all day here in the North. Not sure what’s promised for the weekend though.xx

    1. No wales this weekend, we moved our visit because we have too much on. So I’ll see you in the SHAC Monday !! X Pass it on! X

  12. love cheese, but it doesn’t love me. too much and headache material. will have to try Minger.0

    1. Same here! Migraine just looking at cheese. 😢 tho I do try now and again. Makes it difficult if we visit anyone because cheese and bread is always on the table. I have jam instead!

  13. Mmmmm – goat’s cheese and red onion chutney. Best for me.
    Hope you (and cats) are well – Bendy cat has been to the vet this week, so he’s feeling a bit sorry for himself – the temperature taking was too much for him I think!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  14. Shropshire Blue is my favourite, or Stilton. I seldom buy it though because once I start, I can’t stop!! Have a really lovely weekend in Wales. A fair old hike from Kent I should think! Have fun xx

    1. No wales this weekend, we moved our visit because we have too much on. So I’ll see you in the SHAC Monday !! X Pass it on! X

  15. I think I must be the odd one out. I don’t like any cheese much though will use mature cheddar in cooking occasionally as Bea likes it (but the smell of cooked cheese makes me feel ill). I’ll also have a cheese and tomato sandwich about twice a year, even though it makes my mouth feel ‘wirshy’ !! So no cheese for me thanks anyway!

  16. Liz Johnson, I agree the Shropshire Blue is lovely, really creamy. My favourite hard cheese is proper locally made Double Gloucester. Sue Carpenter, try eating your cheese with a tasty fresh apple. I like going round the local farm shops in the Vale of Evesham and trying all the special cheeses there, made by different farms.
    Have a lovely relaxing time with Mike and Shona.
    xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

    1. No wales this weekend, we moved our visit because we have too much on. So I’ll see you in the SHAC Monday !! X Pass it on! X

  17. Yum! I’m very partial to a bit of cheese, the stinkier the better! – I’m pretty sure I’ve had that one before. I’ll keep a look out when next at our Farm Shop who have a whole room of cheese! – I drool everytime I open their door! – I have a rule when I buy cheese, if its unpasteurised and washed in alcohol, its generally going to be a good one! – Now I’m fancying a piece of 🧀!

  18. We live close to The Cheese Pantry in Ardersier, and Tain where they make Minger is only about 45 mins drive away. There is a fabulous pottery there too and a glass blowing studio!!! You and Dave are always welcome to come for a visit xxx

  19. Blue Stilton, the King of British Cheeses. I was almost weaned onto it, impressing many purveyors of the stuff as I happily accepted samples as a 7 year old. Last meal – good wholemeal bread, salty butter, blue Stilton and crisps lettuce, best sandwich ever.

  20. I love Faversham but haven’t come across Macknades Food Hall. We will have to look for it when we come to Kent for our annual visit in August. Stinking Bishop is delicious, Jackie but Barkham Blue is even better! Have a lovely weekend. X

    1. You will absolutely LOVE Macknades!! It‘s on the A2 Just past the M2 Exit. Opposite the petrol station x

  21. Love milder cheeses – white stilton with ginger or Wensleydale with ginger; Leiden (Edam with cumin seeds), Norwegian Gjetost (fudgy goats /sheep cheese) with fruitcake (delicious). Yes, I have a sweet tooth! Can’t bear any blue cheeses – yuck! Bought hubbie some Stinking Bishop once – stunk the fridge out – never again!

  22. Hello everyone. I live in Tain where Minger cheese comes from. We used to be able to go into the factory and watch it being made. The local schools used to enjoy a visit and a tasting session-but health and safety put a stop to all that. If we want to buy cheese we can’t even go inside to the shop, but have to ring the bell and wait outside! It’s not surprising they were called “The good old days” So now I just have to craft without the cheese . . Not at all the same 😃

  23. That title certainly grabbed my attention! 🤣
    My list of favourite cheeses is endless – stronger, the better!
    The Teddington Cheese shop has a great variety – We used to order from them when we had dinner parties 🥰
    Happy weekend everyone 😘😘😘

  24. Blue cheese all day!!! Specifically Danish Blue 🙂
    My other half doesn’t like it either, so it keeps his hands off my plate 😉 I think Oma was on to something…

  25. I love lots of cheeses – West Country cheddar, Wensleydale, Stilton, Somerset brie and more. I have just got back from a lovely week’s holiday in Cornwall and many years ago on another Cornish holiday, I came across a lovely cheese in a farm shop that was different as it was wrapped in nettle leaves! It’s name was Yarg! I thought the name had some Cornish meaning, but asking the lady behind the counter I received this reply –
    “Yarg got its name from a moment of inspiration. Bodmin Moor farmer Alan Gray first produced it in the 1980s after finding a 17th century recipe for nettle wrapped cheese in his attic. Spell Gray backwards and you have the answer as to how Yarg was named!” Any relation, Barb?

  26. Hi Barbara
    Just spent a week in Wales and Snowdonia cheese is superb. Also love Brie, not supposed to eat it but I won’t tell if you don’t 🤣🤣.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  27. Hi Barb, well that blog post really made me laugh, but now I have to find some Minger too. I don’t like very strong cheese, but do like a good baked camembert with crusty bread. Hubby loves “Stinking Bishop”, somewhat like the German cheese your Mum loves, the smell permeates everything, I have to stand about a mile downwind when I go to buy him some!! Great quote, thank you for todays smile. Take care everyone. Bx

  28. Your post made me laugh, we go on cheese pilgrimages to Macknades too! We even spent our sapphire wedding anniversary buying cheese as it was during lockdown and our weekend away & fancy meal was cancelled, so we ended up with posh cheese and wine in the garden by ourselves!
    Haven’t tried Minger yet though, will have to remedy that next time we go. My other half loves stinky cheese and all the blues, whereas I stock up on Caerphilly and Italian cheeses as Faversham is a lot closer than the specialist Italian shop in Soho.

  29. I haven’t yet tried some of the unusual cheeses mentioned so something to look forward to. Wouldn’t choose Edam but when you have it in Holland it tastes so different. See you on Monday.

  30. talking of stinky cheese, Pete bought some in France when we had rented a gite. It was wrapped in a paper cone. Stank the car out, and later, when we had our evening meal, out came the baguette and the cheeses. I must admit my gag reflex was in full motion as soon as Pete opened his cheese. I couldn’t believe that the smell could get any worse!
    That night, I could not get to sleep because the awful smell was even escaping the closed fridge! I made Pete get up and put it outside and shut door, banished for good!

  31. My husband says that I’d eat one of his old shoes if it was smothered in cheese!………….He’s not wrong!

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