Design of the Week

Design of the Week

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A little later than usual this week, we held off launching the Design of the Week until after the Coronation Event on the website.

This week is another of my personal favourites: arty and funky Word Chains in stamps and Groovi, I just love playing with different fonts, uppercase and lowercase, and mixing it all up. It doesn’t matter what your style of crafting is, they seem to work perfectly everytime.

Here is a selection of the stamp version

and a selection in Groovi

They are built to mix and match. So you will notice that the chains don’t always read logically, that there will be a ‘with’ at the end of the chain. This is intentional, so that you can build various phrases, greetings and messages.

How about a selection of artwork to inspire you? You’ll see. They work with your entire stamp and stencil stash! Or your Groovi plates of course.

All available HERE

Sometimes, all you need is a few words, or even a single word, to say it all. So take a look at the word chains. They’re very arty silhouette stamps, and they’re what I call real value for money, even at the regular price. And a 30% discount plus club discount is what I call a real barrrrrgin!!!

Quote for the day?

Hakuna Matata

No worries for the rest of your days.

The baffling thing – and a fact well worth noting – is that we are only dealing in English here! We could translate these word chain words into over 7,000 languages. That’s how many living languages there are in the world. Over seven thousand. I find that amazing.

Maybe we need a few new Word Chain stamps!

Love always

Barb x x x

7 thoughts on “Design of the Week

  1. New word chains, both large and bijou would be very welcome. The existing ones get a lot of use in my crafting.
    Had my spring booster today and spent the afternoon relaxing with Tina on the telly. Good tips on attaching parchment, something for everyone.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we really had no worries for the rest of our days. Can’t see that happening though.
    Take care. 🍒

  2. I have quite a collection of both stamps & Groovi word chains just need to use them more !! but love the samples
    Amazing that there are over 7K languages in the world.

  3. Wonder what your new design will be. Another great one for our collection. The day has just started here, so I,ll try to follow “Hakuna Matata.”

  4. Hello Barb, love the quote. The word chains are so brilliant and I have a few, just need to use them more. All the samples are just amazing, such creativity. Take care everyone. Bx

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