Make something today!

Make something today!

Hi therte

Thanks for popping in. I have had a brilliant making day today. Pottery class first thing this morning. Working on another piece of this totem pole project. It’s growing! This is another one of those projects which is not finished until it’s finished! See the long cylinder in the first pic? Well, that runs through the centre of the square piece. I can’t wait to get back to it !

How big is the totem pole going to be? We shall see…The sky’s the limit! It may turn into two!!

So that was the morning.

Then we made lunch, and enjoyed an hour in the garden.

The afternoon was spent making a plan for the SHAC tomorrow morning. We need a new destination for the SHAC bus, and I’ve come up with something you will love, I’m sure. It’s right up your street! So much scope! We had originally planned a long weekend with Mike and Shona in Wales, but there’s just so much to do right now, we all agreed that later on in the summer might be smarter – and more relaxing.

So I hope you can join me at 10am tomorrow, Facebook Live or Claritystamp Youtube LIVE, for a new SHAC trip. It’s an easy one. All you need is a pencil, micron pen and paper – and tracing paper.

How about you? Did you make something today? I don’t know about you, but my head never stops! You could make this, you could make that. Or how about this? And that would be cool to make! From the minute my eyes open. So much so that I often have to make a list, so I don’t forget the ideas that have popped up! There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Dave made a cool sign with the platen press. I love it. Isn’t that FABULOUS?? Spot Erik in the background…

Perfect quote for Sunday:

Make something today


Have a good evening.

Love always

Barb x x x

15 thoughts on “Make something today!

  1. I too have had a making day. Lots of toppers for birthday cards. Always good to have a stock handy. x

  2. I made a mess, does that count? Seriously though, I made lots of tiny parchment flowers with offcuts and they were flying everywhere. Also lots of coloured ‘dots’ to use Instead of brads. I was listening to a great audiobook and it was perfect to do something which didn’t require concentration. Guess what I am doing before the SHAC tomorrow? Yep, vacuuming my craft room. 😂 See you in the morning, have a good night. X

  3. Well you have certainly had a very productive enjoyable day! Wonder what we will be doing in the shac tomorrow! Sounds interesting! I like Daves quote! It’s straightforward!
    That totem pole Is certainly growing!

  4. Every day should be a making day, be it a big or small make. Love Dave’s sign. Where will it live?
    Your totem is looking good too. Await with bated breath to see the finished item.
    Have a good evening. 🍒

  5. It has been another beautiful day – another kind of crafting today. Painting fence panels & rediscovering garden that had got buried under an honeysuckle bush & other shrubs that had gone mad. Filled a metre square bag that sand comes in from the builders merchant – tip run booked for Tuesday.
    I have now sat down with my stash to try out the Groovi Sunday project from Frances Knott with a glass of wine – we will see how it goes !!
    Your Totem pole project is growing & as you say its not finished until its finished but all the smaller elements will equal the whole in due time.
    See you tomorrow in the SHAC, sorry you have had to postpone your trip but better to have a clear diary so you can enjoy your break xx

  6. I made dinner ! Was going to do some craft but finished my book in the garden instead! Roads around here are shut/blocked for various reasons this weekend so couldn’t visit Mum, well I could but it would have meant a 10 min journey being over an hour there and over an hour back if yesterday was anything to go by ! Not sure what the planners are thinking as it’s going to be like this for a few weekends! I note Erik has the best seat in the garden – if I get out of my chair Mikey gets in it ! I have to dare him – he has his own cushioned chair so why does he want mine ! Looking forward to the Shac, had a lovely week last week cruising on Norwegian Fjords – weather not great but nobody cared ! Glad you had a good day. See you in the morning ! X

  7. Hi Barbara
    I’m making a radiator cover quite ambitious but hey ho. I spent the day gardening sorting out the rambling rector (rose). Also weeding hate that job. Managed to get Jackie in the potting shed finally started on a new pottery project.
    Can’t wait to see what the totem pole looks like.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  8. At last I am beginning to think about what I MIGHT make…no, not lost my mo jo, just four weeks of illness which was resistant to the usual antibiotics. Worse over the bank holiday when you feel there can be no help. But our fantastic nhs 111 were brilliant, ambulance here in an hour, very thorough,reassuring and caring. So , God willing, I shall be watching Barbara on fb live and enjoying the welcome company of friends. X

  9. I should’ve made a Baby Shower card today but things got in the way. I walked the dog early (that should’ve made him happy) then went to Church. Came home and made dinner (always have main meal at lunchtime on Sundays), that made hubby happy, took dog to park for a lovely free run this afternoon (dog now ecstatic), came home for spot of gardening then collapsed in armchair this evening. I’m now in Scarlett O’Hara mode ‘Tomorrow is another day’ (could that be a quote?) I say it so often 🤣🤣

  10. I ‘made’ a trip to the supermarket this morning, ‘ made’ a telephone call to a poorly friend, made the Coronation Majestic chicken pie ( very rich, plenty left for tomorrow!) and this evening I made 2 eclipse cards. Quite a productive day ! What shall I make tomorrow? Xx

  11. Hello Barb, love the Dave quote and sign. Glad to hear that the Totem is going well. I built a shelf for garden storage with hubby’s help, then helped him clean a load of cupboards that we are going to use to refit our daughters kitchen next week, but have some sort of virus, so with coughing and sneezy/runny nose, had to keep sitting down and taking a rest. We see those garden seats every year at Chelsea Flower show, it is my dream to own one, no wonder Erik is on it, was lovely weather too. Take care everyone. Bx

  12. Just caught the blog. Finished several small craft projects yesterday. Made a start on paperwork first thing this morning. Now sat for 5, before going to top to bottom house.

  13. Made a start on tidying the craft room. Haven’t had a chance for ages Mind you it doesn’t look any different. Sorry couldn’t watch SHAC this morning but will watch tomorrow when I have the house to myself. Pottery is coming along nicely. Take care.

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