Tina Tomorrow!

Tina Tomorrow!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a good day today. We have good days and growing days, right? Some days are easy, others are more challenging. But today has been a GOOD DAY! It started with a very productive meeting first thing with the Clarity Design crew. This is how it goes. Somebody has an idea (on this occasion it was myself). We then call a meeting with the team, bounce said idea around, gather responses, throw suggestions into the pot, add more ideas, and before you can say “That’ll do donkey!”, we’ve hatched a super new arty plan, set out a manufacturing process, allocated jobs – from design, production through to packaging – and set a target date! That’s what turns me on. To have an idea, and then take that idea, and run with it, right through, through, through, to finished product. There’s nothing like it – especially when you work with the team we’ve got.

More will be revealed…

Speaking of designs, here’s a collection of formidable art, created by the inimitable Tina Cox. You may recall that last month, we released the 2nd collection of KISS by Clarity Tina’s Flowers stamp sets during my 3pm-5pm show.

together with a smaller set

We also launched the Groovi version at the same time…

and this completes the collection

The thing is, during the 3pm-5pm shows I never get the time to play with the Groovi versions, so tomorrow is a perfect opportunity for Tina to shine a light on them during The Pergamano Shows on Create & Craft and really indulge the designs she has created herself.

Here is some wonderful inspiration from the other Design Team – the artists who take the finished products and breathe life into them. They inspire us, show us what we can achieve with these designs.

What a gallery! I hope you can join Tina at 11am & 3pm and see what she comes up with.

Quote for today:

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them,
and it will change your life

Amy Poehler 

What a great quote! And on that note, I will invite you to meet my tribe, my creative people who challenge and inspire me, at the Clarity Open Days. They’re pretty cool, totally dedicated, and very clever. Click here for your ticket

Love always

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Tina Tomorrow!

  1. Must be lovely to have a group of people who gel together and produce such fantastic items! The samples are gorgeous!

  2. Love the design teams samples. Look forward to watching Tina tomorrow.
    I reckon the new things you are discussing may be Christmas goodies xx

  3. Your morning meeting sounds exciting, wonder how long it will take for it all to get processed? Time for us to save some pennies I hope as it sounds as if it will be something we all really need !!
    Great samples from the DT again, have put the shows on to record as I am sure Tina will have lots of hints & tips to share & I will be at our fortnightly Bromsgrove Parchers meeting.

  4. Looking forward to Tina’s shows, recorder set, as work tomorrow. Lovely artwork from the design team. x

  5. busy day so recorder set to let me watch at leisure as often as needed.
    incredible art work by design team – so inspiring

  6. Hi Barb, it must be absolutely amazing to work with such a determined and like minded group of people. Love the quote. I am sure that Tina’s shows are going to be very popular, such beautiful designs and artwork. Take care everyone. Bx

  7. Beautiful samples from the team.
    I have these items and am looking forward to seeing what Tina has in store for us. The shows are on record so I don’t miss anything.
    Was going through my old Parchment craft magazines and could not believe just how many of the projects I completed over 15 years of traditional parching. Couldn’t do it now so Groovi is a blessing for my ageing eyes.
    Love the quote. 🍒

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