Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a making day all day here! Dave and I have been getting with our hands!

Made a cup of tea

Made another cup of tea ! It is Sunday after all…

Made a batch of German potato salad

Made the bed

Made a plan for tomorrow’s SHAC. So the Bus Driver knows the route at least! It’s a Vase!

Made some miniature abstract water-colour paintings

Dave made some little frames for said little water-colour paintings…

Made lunch. Chick chick chicken!

Made a set of handbuilt vases. Well, started them. Did the construction work. Slabwork. One‘s a bit wonky. Can you see? I shall sort it out tomorrow when the clay’s harder.

Make, make, make. I’m happiest when I’m making. Takes me out of my head, energizes me, makes me feel good about Life. Do I strive to do the very best I can? Of course. It’s focus and concentration, it’s trying to improve my game, which turns me on.

By the 4th set of water colour paintings, I was getting more control over the paint.

By the 4th pottery vase, I’d worked out the most efficient way to make a good cylinder vase.

The bed I’ve made a thousand times, but I still enjoy making the room lovely, opening the window, letting the fresh air in.

The German potato salad I’ve also made a hundred times. But every time I strive to make the best batch yet. And I think this IS the best batch yet!

Quote for the day is one my Dad often used.

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

For me, it’s about repetition. I never tire of trying again, and again, and again, until I am happy with the result. Everything can be improved on, that’s for sure. I accepted a long time ago that there will always be better potters, better artists, better cooks than me. I am not competitive. I have no desire to be the best; I have a desire to do my personal best, and I am simply happiest when I am making. My passion and delight lies in MY progress. I learned to stopped comparing what I do with others some time ago. It serves no purpose.

Time to stop for the day.

Love always,

Barb x x x

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  1. We made a few cups of tea today ! That’s about all apart from dinner – was going to make a card but finished a book instead ! Glad you had a productive one. X

  2. Hi Barbara
    Funny thing is I’m very competitive when I’m playing sport or games but not with Art I just accept that I’m as good as I am and I’m happy with that. I do love repetition always got the job of keeping records in order at work and am currently putting all the vinyl records in alphabetical order. Keeps my mind focused. Pots are looking good, love the watercolours.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  3. Love German potato salad – wonder if we make it the same. I also love coleslaw made German way. Mine never tastes as good as mums though!

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable day.

    Looking forward to 10 tomorrow! X.

  4. My brother in laws mum was German so he has the recipe for German potato salad. He makes it a lot and a hugh bowlful at that but doesn’t tell us quite how he does it. Must be the odd secret ingredient I expect. It always goes down very well

  5. Love those water colours, particularly the one in the frame. I was hoping to get in the garden today but it rained….and drizzled….and rained, so as much as I love my garden I didn’t fancy that! So instead I got the duster and vacuum out and did one room (had intended to do more but hey ho). Then I made some cakes . Then while my hubby was cooking the dinner (aren’t I lucky!) I went upstairs and made a card whilst watching a dvd of Last Tango in Halifax. I do love that programme. All my favourite actors and scenery to die for! Hope the coming week is kind to you Barbara x

  6. Quite a busy day you had but sounds very satisfying. My day was muddled as all the plans went out the window when hubby decided to have a lie in and then get under my feet for the rest of the morning. In the end I gave up and tackled a huge crossword. However he redeemed himself by cooking a delicious dinner and doing the clearing up.
    I have just finished filing all the Clarity goodies delivered this week. The shelves are looking crowded but just a bit tidier, at least I can now find most things.
    Looking forward to doing some serious crafting this week as we have no other commitments in the offing to interfere.
    Like your painting, can we please see some of the others. Perhaps a Dave’n’Barb gallery?
    Stay safe. 🍒

  7. There is just one problem with your German Potato Salad – I am totally addicted to it and could very happily settle down to eat it all.
    I enjoy using my hands to create cards etc, but, I suddenly realised I was making far more than I could ever use in one lifetime, so had to come up with another good way to use them. I have decided to sort them all into cello bags with matching envelopes, and take them out to our Coronation party and ask for charity donations. Any left afterwards, I will donate to a local charity, keeping just those I cannot bear to part with. That will allow me to carry on enjoying creating new things, keeping my hands and my brain busy. I try not to compare what I do with other people. Instead, I try always to do different things with class designs, making my brain work harder.
    I am glad you and Dave are doing things for your own satisfaction. So good for you both. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  8. What a rewarding day for you both, can understand the satisfaction of an end result. I got excited today, making faux leather out of a brown paper bag and turning it into a journal cover. I love making and wish I could do more but having a person in your life that doesn’t have a hobby, can be tricky. He’s very supportive of my hobbies and I’ve got him onto the Shac bus, not every trip but that’s a result!

  9. Hello Barb, that sounds like a fabulous day to me. I also love making when I get the opportunity, but yesterday was more garden than crafting. I am sure you shared it before, but any chance you would be willing to share your recipe for German Potato salad? I am sure there are tons on the web, but would rather have it from someone who is good at it. Take care everyone. Enjoy the Shac today, sadly I cannot make it. Bx

  10. I spent today learning about visible mending techniques, where you repair a piece of clothing or textiles using coloured thread or wool to make a visible feature of the repair. I’ve wanted to try this for a long time and today was the day! “Progress not perfection” has been my mantra for a while and it definitely helps to free my inner critic x

  11. Making things is so rewarding. I make cards, knit, crochet and have learnt Broomstick crochet recently, which caused a lot of hilarity amongst my family! So good to see you looking well and back to your old self on the Shac Shack this morning. xx

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