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Thanks for popping in. Just had a lovely meal: Smoked ham with honey, fresh beetroot and….German potato salad.

I’ve blogged this recipe before – over 10 years ago in fact!! Where does the time go? It’s a specialecial secret, which I share only with my friends…my world famous, handed-down-to-me-by-my-Mum-and-through-generations 


Nothing to do with making cards, but certainly something to serve friends and family. 

It’s so easy!

Here’s what you need:

Red Potatoes



Lardons (German Speck)

Chicken Stock cube

Onion (red for a little colour)

Salt and Pepper to taste


If you want to make a batch for say 8-10 people, use a 5 lb bag of spuds, a medium jar of Mayo, a pack of lardons, 2 small red onions and 4 large gherkins.


Steam the Potatoes in their skins, and allow to go cold. I usually let them stand overnight. 

Peel and dice.

Slice and dice the onions, and add.

Dice the gherkins, and add.

Dissolve the stock cube in a 5 tablespoons boiling water, and add.

Stir it in gently, so that the spuds soak it up.

Fry the lardons in a pan until well done, and add the lot, fat ‘n all.

Add Black Pepper

Finally add the mayonnaise.

Carefully mix it all up so it doesn’t go mushy. 

Add salt to taste. 

Serve with cold turkey, ham, frankfurters – whatever!

This evening’s batch was delicious! I don’t think I have ever been to a party and not taken a big bowl of my German Potato Salad. And the best thing is, the bowl is always emptied!
Give it a go. 

Mmm. The Germans do like their potatoes. Have I shared my German potato soup recipe with you? That’s another winner – and so inexpensive to make! Whenever the kids come home from the States, I have to make a pot of potato soup – it’s the law! Hands up if you would like the German Potato Soup recipe. So easy! Also handed down to me from my German Mum and her German Mum, and all the German mums that went before. Grace makes it too. And the potato salad. That’s the way it works, eh. Handing it down, passing it on.

Being born into a mixed race marriage – German/ English in my case – makes for a life of such diversity! Different languages, different countries, different foods and seasoning, different traditions, different fairy tales, different literature, different music, just different. I am so English. But then again, I am so German too! I am so grateful to have been raised by a German Mum and an English Dad; it has broadened my horizons immeasurably. Perhaps that is also why I hate bigotry to my core. Always have. Always will.

Today’s quote of the day:

The Beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

Love always,

Barb x x x


  1. I must keep a note of that recipe! The soup recipe would be great, too, Barb. Thank you. Hope you are doing ok. Hang on in there. Lots of love. Hxx

  2. Potato salad sounds would you use smoked or green bacon? Would love to see the soup recipe too…..can’t beat a good soup.

  3. Yes please, recipe definitely needed – now while you’re at it, I have one for you – he is Herman the German, Friendship Cake which was in a cookery book for students I got at a car boot sale. It’s one of those that takes over 4 days. Have you heard of it? Herman says he is a sourdough cake and if he stops bubbling, he’s dead! I can scan it on and e-mail to Jeannine if you like. I thought of you when I found it!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  4. Recipe for the potato salad sounds great & so does the potato soup so look forward to seeing that one to at some point. Have been catching up with the FB live – 3 projects on the go which is great for doing parchment work as each can be left to rest whilst moving on to the next one. Have my Groovi Tuesday homework done as well. Surprising what I missed spending 4 days on a canal boat. It was good to be back in the SHAC this morning – haven’t done that homework yet LOL !!

  5. Always up for trying new recipes, although I’d have to leave out the lardons (veggie). Love to see if the soup was suitable. Great SHAC, LOL at your story regarding the trip to Holland. Good to see. you smile recalling good times.

  6. Mmm that recipe sounds delicious. I’d leave out Speck as I don’t eat much meat but love the sound of the gherkins.

    Love a good soup – would love that recipe too! My mum used to make a lovely potato sauce that we’d eat with a selchwurst. I bet the flavour of your soup is similar- cant wait to compare! Bay leaf and a small amount of vinegar- is my mums secret wonder what yours is!

  7. Mmm that potato salad looks so good….and yes please for the soup recipe. I love how recipes and traditions are passed down through the generations. There’s something very special about them. And talking about being passed down through the generations…..I still giggle about the story you told in the SHAC about your pyrex dish and the kind American lady who washed it. SO funny!!

  8. While I love spuds cooked in a variety of ways this is not one for me. However the potato soup sounds great. There is nothing quite as warming on a cold winters evening as a homemade soup. Have you tried parsnip and coriander? Its yummy.
    This quote is so true – love it.
    Been parching this afternoon with Tina’s new flower plates which arrived this morning, they really are delightful to work with.
    Take care of yourself.

  9. love your recipe, thanks for sharing. I lived in Germany from the age of 10 until 23, father was in the army. love German food. I usually put some capers in my potato salad. must give yours a try.
    love potato soup 🍲
    hugs and laughter
    Heather xoxox

  10. I look forward to the soup recipe. I’m not a mayo fan so don’t use it in recipes, but soup is a different thing -I LOVE to make soup!!

      1. you can vary the salad in different ways, for example by adding tomatoes or hard-boiled eggs – and replace the mayonnaise with a light yoghurt cream…always delicious!

  11. The pics of the food are great. Must definitely try his recipe. Many thanks. Will look out for your soup recipe too xx

  12. Potato soup sounds amazing! Not a big gherkin fan so I’ll stick to my potato salad recipe but might try with the stock cube and lardons added x

  13. Thank you Barbara, def trying the potato salad. Great craft this morning thank you, not sure what to try first, stamp on parchment, homework on vases, black ink on parchment, etc etc.
    Ticket on the way for Ditton Friday 9th, wish it could have been on the birthday Sat, but depending on my generous son to drive from Wiltshire, having driven me from Cornwall the previous day. A big ask, just hope I’m well enough on the day.xx

    1. Oh that’s great news that you are coming to spend the day with us Pat! What a great guy! And we’ll just have to pretend it’s your birthday on the Friday! x x x

  14. Love your potato salad recipe Barbara – I make mine the way I learnt in Zürich, Switzerland, lived and worked there in the late sixties, as a chef (cook really – only one chef in a kitchen, that’s the head guy or gal!), steamed in there skins, allowed to cool, mixed with very finely chopped shallots, dressed with vinaigrette – ace! 😊 Defo looking forward to the soup recipe.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, as it brings back wonderful memories of my friend’s mum. She was a German Jewish lady who fled to Israel, met and married an English soldier and then moved to Nairobi in Kenya, before finally settling in South Africa. Phew! You can imagine the wealth of recipes that she gathered during her life. However, her potato salad was always my favourite and almost identical to your mum’s. Delicious and brilliant with braaied (bbq) sausages too. X

  16. HI Barbara, looks delicious your batch. Our dutch potato salad has little cocktail onions( jar) in it instead of large onions and we put a bit of vinigar through it as well. But now I have to try yours, as husband loves onion. l

  17. HI Barbara, looks delicious your batch. Our dutch potato salad has little cocktail onions( jar) in it instead of large onions and we put a bit of vinigar through it as well. But now I have to try yours, as husband loves onion. l

  18. Hello Barbara, potato salad looks yummy 😋
    Yes please to potato soup.
    So glad your getting back into life, your such an inspiration.
    Have appointment at Maidstone hospital on 10th so will be in little later on open day, but so looking forward to it.

  19. Hello Barb, thank you so much for sharing the recipe again, it looks wonderful, and I am certainly going to give it a go. A very big Yes Please to the soup recipe too. Love the quote and it is very true. We are having a street party for the coronation, and we have at least 5 different cultures/countries, mainly from within the Commonwealth, so we are all going to try make something unique to the countries of our birth. I am also from mixed origin, in that my father was English/Irish and my mother Afrikaans (Dutch), and that led to a lot of diversity in our meals, learning from both my grandmothers and my Mom, and I still do a lot of it today! Take care everyone. Bx

  20. Potato salad looks delicious, I’ll definitely try it. Yes please to the soup recipe too. I love potatoes however they’re cooked.

  21. Thank you for the recipe. I was going to look for it on the internet. Yes please to potato soup recipe. Love making soup. Keep well and happy.

  22. Maybe you remember that I told you before that I am German but I have been coming over since a baby as my auntie had married an English soldier when she was just 18 so we been visiting her forever as long I can remember then when I was 18 I met my English husband the rest is history lol and we are still married having 3 children
    Jamie the first is now 35 and has a daughter so that makes me a grandmother she is born on Christmas Day and is 7 years old
    Then seven years later I had a daughter now 27
    And then the last one my son who just turned 21 a few days ago
    Funny that I come from Essen it’s in the north my potatoe salad is made different no meat mayonnaise it’s got German vinegar in it if anybody wants the recipe just pm me x

  23. Cor! that sounds delicious! – I have a plan seeing as though my lot don’t like gherkins. Plan A: Either I stick them I’m and say nothing, hoping they won’t notice or Plan B: I make it leaving them out and just add them to mine. I can’t wait to try it! thank you for sharing. I eat everything, because I had to as a child. Nowadays, even as parents ourselves we’ve gone flipping soft !🤣

  24. Mmmmm 😋 this salad sounds lovely. I’m going to make it for our family coronation party, thanks Barb! Would love the spud soup recipe too. Love today quote 💗 xx

  25. I’ve never come across potato soup before and it’s something that I think I would like very much. I will keep an eye open in case you do post the recipe. <3

  26. Sounds delicious Barbara, glad you mentioned Hellmans & not the dreaded salad My grandparents were from Russia & it is marvellous that our forbears culinary skills remain,
    It’s a fact that the last thing that disappears in a culture is the food. How true is that. The potato recipe is how I make mine….only the best ! Xxxxxx

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