Pottery. Ups and downs…

Pottery. Ups and downs…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. In a bid to switch off from work, and break the Nose-to-the-grindstone routine, I ventured out to my pottery studio this afternoon. I had started an Architectural sculpture course at the beginning of the year, but then things happened, and pottery got mothballed. Been missing from class pretty much the whole term. But the architectural project has been waiting patiently for me to find my mojo, and this afternoon it landed!

It comprises layers. They nest within one another, on integrated ledges. Like building blocks. Look…

there’s more…

There‘s one more tall cylinder to add, then I reckon that’ll do.

What is it? No idea. It was an exercise in nesting and layering. It was a Yoga for the mind. It required quite a lot of measuring and focus, and was actually a lot harder to construct than you would think.

Has it got a function? Errr….no. I guess you could stand very tall dried grasses in it! It would make a very leaky vase, since all the layers have holes in them! But does art always need to be functional? The process of making it was the function here, since I made this art piece when Dad died, and during the weeks leading up to the funeral. This afternoon, whilst working on it again, I spent a few hours thinking about Dad. There. That’s its function. It’s a tribute to Dad.

Quote for the day

Life is made up of a collection of moments that are not ours to keep

Time to stop.

Love always

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Pottery. Ups and downs…

  1. A fitting tribute to your dad Barbara. I work in a pre-school and I’m forever telling parents that it’s the process and not the end result that matters with their art, it carries on for the rest of our lives xxx

  2. My first thought was the Leaning Tower of Pisa with its layers. It is a great design that must have taken ages to work out the logistics but what a lovely idea to finish it as a memory piece for your dad. Fill it with dried grasses or flowers & every time you look at it you will think of those wonderful times spent with your dad x

  3. Will it be the leaning tower of Pisa? So pleased you are taking time off to do other things, especially if you find them calming.
    Been a busy day for me today as it is the eye hospital for Ray tomorrow, have the appointment but it always takes a lot longer. Will have to be patient, a good book will help. Not looking forward to driving him home as I am not comfy in this car. Roll on Wednesday when we get the new one.
    Have a relaxing evening. 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Beautiful quote. moments in in life are not ours to keep, but to rembember forever. Looking at your pictures, my first thought was, that could be a lovely fountain in memory of your dad.

  5. Hello Barb, what a beautiful way to spend time thinking of your Dad. I really love your pottery creation, can’t wait to see it fully complete. And this quote has really touched me, so very true. Take care everyone. Bx

  6. Art doesn’t need to have a function or meaning or purpose. It can just be …
    be there at that moment of creation in your hands, as you guide the ink or paint or parchment or clay. Guide it on its journey to be …
    an expression of emotion, a joyous memory, a token of love, a fitting tribute to the memory of a loved one. Or be a magic piece of artwork that is personal yet can be shared, to be enjoyed alone yet can bring us together as one. Just like the SHAC! See you at 1000am, Barb!

  7. I suppose the whole purpose of ‘art’ is that it is good for the soul whether that be music, dance, painting, drawing etc. Does it feed your body and supply it with essential nutrients for life or keep you warm and stop you freezing to death, no, but it does calm the mind and feed the soul. As you say it is the process of just doing rather than having a specific physical purpose that is important. Hope you enjoy the rest of the processes to complete it xx

  8. I love your pottery piece . Just looking at it feels calm and I am sure each time you look at it you will find a different aspect to enjoy xxx

  9. Hi Barb, you will notice I’m a day behind again but will never miss your daily diary.

    When I first saw your design I thought of water feature. I know Dave is very busy but even if it has holes in it could it be a water feature of some sort with a solar pump perhaps how tranquil it would be placed somewhere where you could sit and contemplate.
    Lots of Love Megan

  10. Your pottery build sure is a lovely and fascinating tribute to your Dad but I think the most brilliant and beautiful tribute and legacy he has left as his mark on the world is you.
    I bet he is watching down and so so proud of not only the amazing business woman and creative you are but more proud of the amazing big caring sharing lovely heart you have and all you give back.
    A quote I don’t know the origins of or it’s true wording is along the lines of
    To give freely of your time and experience is a gift like no other but expecting nothing in return is a gift to your own heart too xx

    It always makes me think of you and several other amazing people I have happened on on this odd old path of life – mush love Barbara and the clarity team as you do all I e so much xxx

  11. A lovely tribute to your dad. Your piece of art would make a lovely water feature and the trickling water sound would also give you moments of mindfulness and remembrance x

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