Grace does it again!

Grace does it again!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Proud Mum moment here. Grace has read yet another Audible book for Penguin Random House, which is being released tomorrow. The Title is “Her Lost Words”. It’s about Mary Shelley, the creator of Frankenstein, and her mother Mary Wollstonecraft. I pre-ordered it weeks ago, and cannot wait till it lands in my Audible library!!

Gracie actually read and prepped this book in January this year, when she came home for her Grandad’s funeral, and then recorded it in New York while I was in hospital. Remember she couldn’t stay in England with me any longer, and had to fly back for an important job? She had wanted to cancel this contract and stay with me, but I had told her that would upset me more than being stuck in hospital! You just never know what’s going on in a person’s life, do you?

Here is an introduction and excerpt…


From A Vindication of the Rights of Woman to Frankenstein, a tale of two literary legends—a mother and daughter—discovering each other and finding themselves along the way, from USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Marie Thornton.
1792. As a child, Mary Wollstonecraft longed to disappear during her father’s violent rages. Instead, she transforms herself into the radical author of the landmark volume A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, in which she dares to propose that women are equal to men. From conservative England to the blood-drenched streets of revolutionary France, Mary refuses to bow to society’s conventions and instead supports herself with her pen until an illicit love affair challenges her every belief about romance and marriage. When she gives birth to a daughter and is stricken with childbed fever, Mary fears it will be her many critics who recount her life’s extraordinary odyssey…
1818. The daughter of infamous political philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, passionate Mary Shelley learned to read by tracing the letters of her mother’s tombstone. As a young woman, she desperately misses her mother’s guidance, especially following her scandalous elopement with dashing poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Mary struggles to balance an ever-complicated marriage with motherhood while nursing twin hopes that she might write something of her own one day and also discover the truth of her mother’s unconventional life. Mary’s journey will unlock her mother’s secrets, all while leading to her own destiny as the groundbreaking author of Frankenstein.
A riveting and inspiring novel about a firebrand feminist, her visionary daughter, and the many ways their words transformed our world.

The audiobook is narrated by Grace Gray and Hannah Curtis.

You can listen to a sample below…

Find Her Lost Words on Audible UK HERE

Find Her Lost Words on Audible US HERE

You know what we were talking about in the SHAC this morning? About how we so often look at what we haven’t done, and forget to consider what we HAVE actually accomplished. Well, Grace is a perfect example of that! She’s lived in New York for 11 or so years now, she’s made it by grafting and working and hopping about and thinking on her feet, and generally being brilliant.

When she moved to The Big Apple she had hopes of becoming an actor. Found a top agent, went to countless auditions, but learned quickly that the entertainment industry was a very tough nut to crack. The toughest. She landed several bit parts, but has never hit the big screen (yet). So she always felt that she had somehow failed, that she was “less than”. In the meantime, however, she started building up a tidy little voiceover career for herself. Became the voice of BBC America, landed loads of commercial work, and did all of this whilst holding down full time jobs. You get the picture.

Have you looked at her website? Here’s the link…prepare to be impressed!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you will see not one but FOUR Audible novels that she has narrated within the last year. Like everybody who ever works with her says, it’s not just her talent which gets her the jobs- it’s her energy and great attitude. As I said, proud Mum here.

And quite aside from all that career success, she also happens to be the loveliest, kindest, sweetest, funniest daughter a Mum could ever wish for.

Now she is helping us get Clarity launched in the States, and also helping us in the UK with our marketing and Social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Yes. She who has many hats.

Quote for the day?

You are enough.

You really are.

Love always,

Barb x x x

29 thoughts on “Grace does it again!

  1. Brilliant news, Grace is a very talented young lady, not afraid to try lots of things to get to her goal, remind you of someone? I would say a chip off the old block. Both very talented determined resourceful ladies. Hope it all goes well for Grace and you should be one very proud mum xx

  2. An amazing young lady who is more than enough and is definitely a success in her own right just like her mum xx well done Grace a beautiful person inside and out x

  3. Bought the audio book Aphrodite and the Duke as you’d told us in the Shac about Grace it was the first book I ever listened too. After listening to Grace narrate the next book I listened to sounded very flat. She defiantly knows how to tell a story. You must be very proud of her.❤

    1. Ah thank you for that, Catherine! 🙂 I think Her Lost Words is going to be the best audiobook yet! A fascinating read. Oh! And if you enjoyed Aphrodite and the Duke, the second book in the series (Verity and the Forbidden Suitor) comes out on April 11th. The entertaining Du Bell family is back! x

      1. Look forward to it and pleased to know the second book of the Du Bell Family is on it’s way, your voice is so smooth xx

  4. Grace has certainly inherited her work ethic from her mum. Success does not come without hard work. No wonder you are so proud of her.
    Take care. 🍒

  5. Oh Barbara definitely a proud Mum moment 🥰 Grace’s success is well deserved after the hard work she puts in to always do her best in whatever she is doing and genuinely caring for everyone she meets … sound familiar?She’s definitely like mother like daughter… and like Oma too 💖💖💖 Love your quote today and also this one from the extract from Grace’s new book ” Live each day like it’s your last” Loved the SHAC with you today, as always. Listening to you really helps me put my mind/anxiety/depression at rest even just for an hour. 🥲Have missed these hours with you. So pleased you’re better and taking the time to rest in between your work. Thank you so much Barbara 🥰 Much love, Nahid xXx 🦋💕 ps Belated Happy Birthday to Grace !🎂🥳💝

      1. Of course … and all your samples too … I love them all but the Johnson & Johnson is so seeet 👌🏼💖 You’re welcome Grace 🥰 xXx 🦋💕

      2. Well done Grace!
        I’ve just listened to the sample, it sounds fascinating. Your voice is so soothing.
        My husband listens to audio books all the time, – I’ve always been a traditional ‘ book in hand’ type of girl, don’t particularly like my kindle because I like to flip back and forth through the pages. However, I might just give your audible books a try.
        Congratulations and well done.
        Take care, Sheila.

  6. Thank you, Mum! What a lovely blog. I think this audiobook will be the one our Clarity friends (and you & Dave!) enjoy the most. It is SO good. I’m actually excited to listen to it myself! Love you xoxox

  7. Congratulations Grace. Well done. Wouldn’t you always just want to rejoice in your children’s achievements than in anything you’ve done yourself. By the way, I’ve discovered my husband has the same birthday as Grace. Belated happy birthday for last Thursday Grace. xx

  8. Proud mum indeed and with good reason. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Well done Grace. xx

  9. Well done Grace, just listened to the sample, you certainly can tell a story, you have such a lovely voice. A very proud Mum indeed. I had to go to collect my new specs., so missed the live Shac and catching up this morning. X

  10. Hello Barb, that is certainly a beautiful way to applaud Grace and her success. Well done Grace, your really follow in your Mum’s footsteps with your talent and creativity, keep going. The quote is perfect. Take care everyone. Bx

  11. Really beautifully read and I can understand why you are so proud of Grace. I met Grace last year at the Open Day – lovely girl. I felt I had known her for years.
    Really enjoyed SHAC yesterday. Lovely to be back on the bus.
    Take care.

  12. Ooh I will definitely be listening to this. I thoroughly enjoyed “Invisible by Day”.
    Grace has got such a beautiful voice which is very easy to listen to.

  13. Gracie is just the best. I dont know how I missed thos blog, but I found it today. fabulous narrating Grace. I’m not surprised at her talent, built from talented Stock. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It doesn’t surprise me your a proud Mum.
    lots of love to all. xx

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