Saturday – Get Groovi with Tina

Saturday – Get Groovi with Tina

Happy Saturday!

Thanks for popping in. Crumpets and cheddar cheese for breakfast – and now I am one happy bunny! Sometimes you’ve just got to break out of those sensible granola pants, and eat what you like best! What’s the plan today friends? Have you got one? I’ve decided to eat what we’ve got in the freezer. Not all today mind! But having lost my way on the domestic front over the past few months, I thought it might be smart to plan our meals a bit better, and shop a bit more intelligently. Hahaha. Hence the crumpets! Found them in the freezer!!! Blimming love a toasted crumpet with Butter und Käse!! A chunkachaze, as Dave calls it!

Another thing I found was a big unsmoked joint of gammon, so that’s defrosting nicely. I bought it for Christmas, as a back-up, but we never needed it. Problem is, it says Feeds 8 on the wrapping. So I’d best look up a few hammy recipes! We’ll be oinking by the end of next week!

Just trying not to be wasteful. Have had a good look in the cupboards and even written a little list before we trot off to the store. I buy with my eyes, not with my head. See something I like and buy it. Like Hellmans Mayo. Then get home, and realise there are 2 big jars already on the top shelf, and one in the fridge! We live in excess.

I saw a very powerful quote painted on a Charity Shop window in Tunbridge Well, in aid of Ukraine.

When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.

Anyway. Back to the Create & Craft Clarity Marathon. Day 3 of all things Clarity on Create & Craft with Tina Cox – 1pm & 5pm

Tina will be shining a light on Linda Williams Flowers & Lace Set 3

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

I hope you take the time to sit back and enjoy Tina’s shows. She is so clever and inspirational.

Love always

Barb x x x

21 thoughts on “Saturday – Get Groovi with Tina

  1. Hello Barbara
    I am going to edone of my daughter’s today, together with her mother-in-law, for afternoon tea to celebrate Mother’s Day.
    Last week we had a wasted three hour round trip as needed a specialised CT scan. It turned out the radiology appointment centre had sent me to the wrong hospital. Last Tuesday we made another three hour round trip to the same city, different hospital. This time it was successful.

  2. Gorgeous samples. I’ll be watching.
    Good idea to make a list. We have a small ‘overflow’ chest freezer in the garage but I never know what’s in there, so often have a ‘live out of the freezer week’
    Luckily my hubby likes supermarket shopping (mad!) so will nip out and get any bits I need to bulk meals up.
    We’re off for a walk. We’ve both had covid so have been cooped up for 3 weeks.
    Take care. X

  3. its great once in while to use things out of the freezer. You,ll be surprised by what you find. If you plan your weekly meals, it becomes boring. I like to whip up meals sometimes with just what we have in fridge, freezer or pantry. Never had a complain so far.😉

  4. Hello Hello, Wonderful freezer surprises, Gammon and Branston pickle is lovely in a sandwich. We always have cold meats and mash tatties and pickles boxing day so that’s always nice. What about cutting a thicker slice, ham egg and home made chips. Macaroni cheese with diced chunks is also good. What about a lovely ham and pea home made soup and crusty bread. Nasi Goreng ( bolied rice, browend onions, fry the rice with a beaten egg in a wock, add ham peas, and seasoning= Indonesian stir fry. I’m the queen of using left overs can’t abide waste.
    Beautiful artwork from the Groovi DT team as per usual. Have a restful weekend Barb. We are off to friends for an afternoon of fun and games, gonna take some craft products so us girls can play, when the boys play with their virtual reality games, so that should be fun. After a lovely Bacon lettuce and tomato home made sub. Yum.xx

  5. Morning Barb
    Do you have the cheese WITH the crumpets (like melted on top?). Freezer – lore. As the outside freezer broke down and I had to get a new one, I had to ‘manage’ what we had. So…..we now have “usey-uppey weeks”. Works for me (cat didn’t mind helping with the fish!! – surprise, surprise)
    I watched Tina last time she was on – could not stop giggling, she is FAB, I love the way she looks at life.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. Loved the TV shows and the new products and as usual the design team have done an amazing job – you are so lucky to have them all. We quite often have a freezer week, or at least a tidy up, it’s surprising what you find buried at the bottom. Hope you have a relaxing and restful day.

  7. Yay someone else who likes crumpets with cheese.
    I like to grate the cheese then mix it with mayo, spread it on a toasted crumpet then melt under the grill. 😋

  8. I add a bit of Marmite sometimes. A favourite breakfast. I must be boring, as I plan meals for a week and make a list for shopping. I do keep it in a notebook, so that I can make sure I don’t do “if it’s Tuesday, it must be ….”, as that would drive me mad. It must be the Virgo in me, but I also hate waste and with food prices as they are now, I have to budget, or I wouldn’t be able to craft!
    So looking forward to Tina’s shows. These are my absolute favourite plates and I love watching the brilliant Tina demonstrate. Enjoy the weekend. XX
    Looking forward

  9. If you get fed up of eating gammon just cube up the leftovers and freeze . I use them in quiches and pizzas. Love a crumpet too, so does youngest grandson.
    Having problems with hot water at the moment. Need a plumber really but Fred has done a quick fix to get us over the weekend. x

  10. I’m glad that I am not the only one who finds ‘surprises ‘ in the freezer. I’d forgotten that I too had a sizeable gammon joint and a turkey crown that I had bought just in case. So that’s Easter covered. I guess we’ll be eating turkey for a week !
    More spare cash for craft goodies.

  11. You were great on tv yesterday Barbara, the energy was there. But take it easy. I loved the stencilling , I have the gorgeous brushes and some stencils but not the skills…yet! Tina was excellent as always, I’ll be there at 5. My son is telling me to get a ticket for Ditton, as he’s taking me! Well, time will tell, I shall be there on the first day if humanly possible! Keep safe. And well. Xx

  12. I or ally treat us to crumpets once a month as I am trying to lose weight which is not possible when they are loaded with cheese. Hubby likes marmite on his – yuk!!! However I have been craving garlic bread, thick sliced bloomer loaf, real butter mixed with parsley and garlic and topped liberally with strong grated cheese, yummy. Dracula beware when I exhale.👹
    We have a system with the freezers. Both are small so all new frozen food purchased goes in the new conservatory one and as the kitchen one starts to get a bit low we transfer from the new one to the kitchen. That way nothing gets too old or wasted and no major surprises. Always make a shopping list for essential stuff so nothing gets forgotten. Impulse shopping can get expensive.
    Watching Tina at the moment on record. She is a giggle and so clever. Although I have all the plates she is using I love to see what she does with them. The design team artwork is great as usual, so inspiring.
    Received my club envelope this morning, delighted with the content. Getting older does bring problems, as I well know, but they can be overcome if you are strong and don’t let the so-and-sos beat you. Good to hear your mum is still doing well.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  13. Crumpets, butter and raspberry jam for me ! I was reading your blog stood in supermarket queue earlier then realised I didn’t finish it ! Glad to say I have these plates already and have been using the daffodil one this afternoon for the first time. I was watching Tina at the same time. Enjoy the gammon, some good ideas for using up the leftovers from others ! X

  14. Mmmmm crumpets and cheese….I like the sound of that! Crumpets always remind me of my childhood…toasting them in front of the open fire on a Saturday night whilst watching Dr Who, with so much butter on, it dripped down my chin!! Makes me sound ancient! You’re right though, we DO live in excess! We have both just had Covid. Managed to avoid it for 3 years, then it hit us with a thud. We managed to live out of the freezer for a week….and ate very well too!! Hope you manage to have a restful weekend x

  15. Hiya Barbara,

    Yum…..favourite savoury option, very well toasted crumpets, lots of butter, melted cheese and a little brown sauce….my mouth is watering at the thought! If I fancy going for sweet, well toasted crumpets lots of butter and homemade damson jam.

    The shows have all been amazing this week, so many useful tips for a Shac Shac newbee. Have bought tickets for both of the open days, it’ll be my first time I’m so excited can’t wait. You are doing brilliantly, take care and remember not to over do it Penny xXx

  16. Hi Barb, why don’t you use left over gammon joint to
    Make a ham hock pie or pea and ham soup which is a firm favourite here especially if this cold snap hits with some cheesy garlic bread . Enjoy

  17. Don’t know why but I’ve only just seen your blog Barb. Cereal for breakfast this morning (Sunday) as I was off to Church. Lots of prayers needed today – we had a fatal stabbing in Kingsthorpe, Northampton which has unsettled a lot of people. Came home and just demolished a roast dinner.

    Your comment about Mayo made me laugh out loud as that’s just what I’ve discovered – 4 bottles Mayo, one out of date and it’s not as if I use a lot of it as hubby says he doesn’t like it. I use it in cooking and he eats it then 🤣🤣🤣

    This afternoon I’m sitting in front of a fire Grooving xx

  18. Just realised that I read the blog but didn’t comment yesterday. We have freezer meals every so often to clear the things that have been there a while but I am lucky that I don’t have to think of what to do with the ingredients. OH loves cooking & makes really tasty meals although if asked to repeat can’t remember what he used !!
    Meanwhile I can remember toasting crumpets in front of the coal fire at home back in the late 50’s – mmm hot with butter dripping through. Have not had them with cheese on though – perhaps something to look into x

  19. Hi Barb, have not watched Tina’s shows yet, as we had a bit of a hectic weekend. Like the idea of crumpets with cheese. The artwork from the DT is so pretty. I love this quote, very powerful. Take care everyone. Bx

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