One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday? I thought I’d do a photo step up the SHAC art I started on TV last week, using a set of those Floral Panel Stamps…the Tulip.

Here goes…

Now would you mind if I let the pictures do the talking? I’m pretty bushed to be honest!

Pretty easy to follow, right? Stamps and Groovi Plates all available HERE

See you bright and early in the SHAC at 10am tomorrow. You can find us either on the Claritystamp Facebook page, or on the Claritystamp Youtube Channel.

Quote for today:

Do more of what makes you happy.

Love always,

Barb x x x

21 thoughts on “One Step at a Time

  1. Congratulations on the great shows on Create and Craft. Beautiful artwork as always. Make sure you have a good rest now and cuddle the cats !
    Love and hugs

  2. Fabulous artwork.
    I hope you’re taking time out to sit a while and rest. Don’t be overdoing it.
    I am looking forward to the SHAC tomorrow. It seems ages since the last one.
    Lots of love. Xxxxx

  3. Lovely Barbara. Hope you had a lovely Mothering Sunday. I certainly enjoyed mine! Next Sunday, I’m being taken out for an afternoon tea!yum!
    Hope you are resting now before you jump on the bus tomorrow!
    Love today’s quote!

  4. Magic little project, Barb. Love the versatility of these sets and looking forward to having a play.
    Really looking forward to joining you on the no 300 SHAC bus tomorrow, but make sure you rest up and take time out so you don’t overdo it.
    Take care, travel gently.

  5. The step by step photos are clear & easy to follow so need for words. You have had a busy few days, with more to come this week so take it steady for the rest of the day. We will all be waiting at the bus stop for bus 300 at 10am tomorrow with our pencils & paper at the ready to see where the driver is going to take us. Just a gentle trip for our first outing to get us all back into the swing of things.
    Travel gently !!

  6. Go rest now, More important than the Shac is you being well, don’t overdo it please we will look forward to number 300 but if tomorrow or next week does it matter, just travel gently. Xx

  7. Go rest now, More important than the Shac is you being well, don’t overdo it please we will look forward to number 300 but if tomorrow or next week does it matter, just travel gently. Xx

  8. You need to be more selfish and take more time to allow your body to continue recovering properly. Don’t run before you walk. Softly, softly, gently does it. xxx Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  9. Hi Barbara,
    The shows this week have been spectacular. They are such a beautiful set, I’m sure all us Shac’ers are very proud of them, and of you. Thank you so much for being the most brilliant bus driver, I for one would never have dreamed I’d able to draw like that in a million years. The way you break each step down makes it possible for a complete novice like me to have ago, so again…thank you. I am so looking forward to 10am tomorrow but please take time to rest and listen to your body. If the bus leaves this week or next week it really doesn’t matter to us. We’ll all be standing at the bus stop whenever it’s ready to leave. I hope you don’t mind I have quick question, do you think the square, oval, round and rectangle stencils above can be considered to be sold as an individual package too? Take care, Penny x

      1. Doh! thanks Barbara for answering, what a plonker I am! wouldn’t mind but I’d looked at well . See. You at 10am x

  10. Dear Barbara,
    I will defenitely watch the shac tomorrow but it will be on catch-up again. Still taking care of my mum on mondays and thursdays.
    It is wonderful you are back but don’t over do it!

  11. these are gorgeous stamps & I love the stencils – they’re on my shopping list for the Open Day! You need to make sure you pace yourself and don’t overdo it. Can’t join you tomorrow as have to be at a meeting – I know you’ll all have a fab time back on the bus!

  12. That looks beautiful Barbara. Definitely going to try it. I might have to use different colours as I do not have that many distress inks. looking forward to watching Bus 300 leaving the depot (tonight Australian time ). Drive safely.🥰

    1. Hi Jenny, I am on holiday in Perth so will be watching may be not live as I think we will be out for supper.
      Great city having a fab time.

  13. This looks really lovely Barbara and I will have a play with the stamps etc I have some day soon. Although it would be lovely to be with you in the SHAC tomorrow, I am really worried you might be pushing yourself too hard. If you need longer before starting the bus again then, we will all understand and be ready and waiting whenever you can get back in the driver’s seat… Much love and gentle hugs, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  14. I have to be patient and wait for these lovely stamps. Got lots of ideas and have been making notes for later.
    Slowly and steady is the order of the day, try to take it easy and relax.

  15. I’m at the bus stop with a flask and sandwiches, so excited. I’ve just caught up with yesterdays blog, thank you for the step by step. Hope you are really looking after yourself and have had a good rest. Got my box of tissues ready as I feel this morning is going to be a very emotional reunion x

  16. Hi Barb, what a lovely step by step. Hope you managed to get some rest. Love the quote, and very fitting for a crafter. These stamps are beautiful and have been added to my wish list. Hoping to join the Shac bus this morning. Take care, stay warm and enjoy everyone. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara
    My stamps and groovi plates arrived yesterday, thank you for the step by step. Looking forward to the show today but please take it easy.
    My Granddaughter is on a plane right now after 6 weeks in Australia, she hugged a Koala, fed the Crocs and sky dived out of a plane, she needs to come back to cut my hair in her salon down our garden, opposite my Craft Shed.
    See you at 10am to catch the No 300.
    Love Janet xx

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