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Thanks for popping in. Dave’s gone to work to make the rest of the extra stock stencils which sold on telly this week, (makes for an easier Monday, as he says), and I’ve been having a little spring clean. Well, I’ve been putting away the last of the Christmas decorations to be precise! Yep. Like I said. This year has been all out of sync. It’ll be ok though. Main thing is we’re here, and we’re getting there!!

Have you ever been in that place, where you’ve lost your way? Things aren’t as they should be or even where they should be? You’re not sure what’s where or how to handle it all? Everything’s a bit of a muddle? Well… WELCOME TO MY WORLD!! YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT ALONE !!! We’ve gottaletitgo…

There’s a thought or an attitude which really calms me down when I start to panic. In fact, I reckon we could make a quote out of it..

Things may not be as you’d like them to be, but they are exactly as they are supposed to be.

Maybe it’s also time to accept the fact that some things will never go back to how they used to be either. There’s that word again: ACCEPTANCE.

So when things are a bit of a muddle – in the home, at work, in the artroom – it’s really not crucial, is it? There’s absolutely nothing that important that it can‘t wait a while. It’s just going to have to be as it is. None of it is important. As long as Dave and the cats are fed and watered, and they still remember where home is…

Speaking of muddles, so many of you joined in the Anagram Competition this week!! 55 to be exact! I was seriously impressed. And you mostly got the answers right too! WoW. Thank you so much for joining in. You’ve gottabeinittowinit, right? But there can on be one winner of the £20 Clarity Voucher, so I closed my eyes, scrolled down all the entrants, and my finger came to rest on the lucky winner……


Well done all, and congratulations LYNN !

Here’s the key, in case you’re interested

  1. IGDREPSWOMBEONS (2 words) Embossing Powder
  2. SKIGNAMPATE (2 words) Masking Tape
  3. ANETHUG Heatgun
  4. SELBADLEPERRYAB (2 words) Speedball Brayer
  5. RILATYCSMAPST (2 words) Clarity Stamps
  6. PATMELET Template
  7. GLITLEBATH (2 words) Light Table
  8. FRANKFICET (2 words) Craft Knife
  9. FRAPPLETREESC (2 words) Perfect Pearls
  10. SLAPGRINEER PergaLiners

Time to go see if the cameras and microphones etc are where they should be for Monday, when the SHAC BUS No. 300 leaves the depot at 10am. And also to check if I can still remember how to put the key in the ignition!!

Love always,

Barb x x x

36 thoughts on “Gottabeinittowinit…

  1. So looking forward to being back on the bus and that you are well enough to take us on a mystery tour 😀

  2. Morning Barb, a great quote today. Well done Lynn, enjoy using your voucher. Still hoping to be on the Shac bus on Monday, take it easy though Barb and don’t overdo it. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  3. Well done Lyn Moir. I only completed part of it and put it away to finish later, only I forgot all about it!
    I do like today’s quote. I seem to be in a permanent muddle , but at least there’s food etc in the house! Well until today! Must race off to shops! Haha. Onlyacouple of slices of bread and the milk has run out!!!
    Have a good weekend.x

  4. Looking forward to Monday on the bus.
    Have a lovely weekend and as you say acceptance ! I must accept My craft room is a mess 😊😊 xx

  5. Lynn Moir congratulations!!!🎉
    Barbara I know exactly what you are mention with the state where you are in right now — sometimes I think that if my head was not fastened to my body,I would have lost it too….
    After moving house and all the appointments in the hospital the last two years sometimes the most simple things I cann’t remember how to do.
    But I have my cards to make and the Shac and otherwise I think I didn’t made it where I am right now. So so happy with the Shac although I didn’t was there live but watched it in the evening.
    Take care Barbara and take your time to be okay again.
    Have a peacefull weekend

  6. I hate that muddled feeling and I usually get it when things are not tidy around me. I can’t focus unless my desk is tidy – I was like it at work and now in my craft space. So I can’t start a new project till everything is in its place. But oh my, does it get messy while I’m crafting 🤣🤣🤣.

    Did make me laugh – it sounded like you were worried about Dave finding his way home not Just the cats.

    Have a good weekend – don’t forget to chill!

  7. There were three I just couldn’t seem to get. When you see them now it’s ‘oh of course’. That got the little grey cells working …. why is it that I’m thinking that with a Belgian accent 🤣. Looking forward to Shac on Monday but will have to watch on catch up as I’ve got art class.

  8. I was stuck on no 4 and no 9 so relieved to have the answers now. I did enjoy these little brain teasers. Thank you Barbara, take it easy and let yourself regain your strength. Looking forward to Mondays Shac session.
    Linda xx

  9. Well done to Lynn on winning. I’m sure you’ll put that voucher to great use.

    I can totally relate to that feeling of things not being quite right or being in a muddle. It gets to me more now than it used to do. I think it may be an age thing! It’s how you cope with it that makes all the difference. That word Acceptance is key. If we don’t accept change we can’t move forward. But once we do we can take on whatever we are able to do.
    Have a good day Barbara and I hope that the bus starts first time. It’s been a while so a gentle run to fuel it up would be good.
    Love and hugs. Xxxxx

  10. I really cannot do those brain teasers,my brain don work for them, never mind,I love that quote we will need a stamp , and those stencils you were using any idea were mine have gone the ones with the stripes on they just vanished I know they were in a folder but were and which one ,my stuff is all over the place as I took them all out of shed as was to very cold in there now hubby has pinched my table upstairs for his orchids as has taking them out of greenhouse as heating it was to costly and has claimed spare room to put them in ,need to get my she’d sorted so can put them all back xx

  11. I really cannot do those brain teasers .my brain don’t work for them, never mind,I love that quote we will need a stamp , and those stencils you were using any idea were mine have gone the ones with the stripes on they just vanished I know they were in a folder but were and which one ,my stuff is all over the place as I took them all out of shed as was to very cold in there now hubby has pinched my table upstairs for his orchids as has taking them out of greenhouse as heating it was to costly and has claimed spare room to put them in ,need to get my she’d sorted so can put them all back xx

  12. Congratulations Lynn! I gave up on the last two in the end – think my mind has been elsewhere, now I see the answers they were so obvious 😹

    I’ve got a big box of new groovi plates (how did I order that many when I have more than enough here already !) to look at and hope to get around to that today. Been a week of visitors for hubby’s birthday and I’m quite out of sync.

    Have a good weekend and rest up for Monday ! X

    1. Congratulations Lynn,
      Love doing the anagrams and felt a sense of achievement when I solved them all. That’s my prize🤣👍. Still early days for you, Barbara, it will all be ok given time and support. X

  13. Congratulations Lynn, enjoy spending your voucher on crafty stash. Thanks for confirming the answers, I enjoyed unscrambling the letters although a couple took longer than they should have. Little squares of paper laid out on the table to move around as I passed by which was fine until I closed my laptop & the draught blew them everywhere !!
    I am off to tidy away my Groovi stuff which lives in the dining room as we have 8 for lunch tomorrow for Mothering Sunday – 4 generations, 3 that are mothers – making the most of family gatherings.
    I am sure you will be fine once you get sat in that drivers seat, pop the key in & off you go !! Perhaps a gentle spin down the lane & back just to get a feel of it.
    Dave sounds like you in that if there is something that needs to be done it is better to do it now than think about it until Monday but hopefully you will both be able to have a restful afternoon watching the rugby xx

  14. Congratulations to Lynne. Acceptance is my word for the year and I had a long walk along the Caledonian canal last week and realised that “gratitude” comes along with it. I’ve had a lot going on this year and keep telling myself “it is what it is” which is a precis of today’s quote really! x

  15. Congratulations Lynne. Love today’s quote,will be waiting at the bus stop on Monday morning. Don’t overdo things Barbara take a bit of a time to yourself over the weekend.❤

  16. Finally finished the anagrams this morning, but too late to submit, but I did get them all correct, eventually, so that is satisfying for me. I was determined to work them all out. Thank you and looking forward to Monday.
    Keep well

  17. Congratulations to Lynne. I missed a few. Looking
    Forward to being back in the Shac on monday, I will have my seat on the bus waiting for our bus driver. Enjoyed you’re tv shows a few days ago. Glad to have you back xx

  18. Congratulations, Lynn, enjoy your goodies when you use the voucher. Thanks Barb, the anagram puzzle was fun!
    Muddled craft room? muddled life? Yep, that’s me! Sometimes, I seem organised, head on right, relaxed, but just like the proverbial Swan, my feet are going nineteen to the dozen below the surface! 🤣
    Acceptance, though, sounds good, and suddenly another ear worm jumps into my head – Que sera, sera! 😄
    Looking forward to Monday’s bus ride, Barb, but make sure you get plenty of rest in over the weekend!
    A big shout out to Dave for once again going above and beyond, making sure the goodies are ready to go out. Thank you Dave!

  19. That number 9, kicking myself now should have thought of perfect pearls, but could only see crafter. Got number 7 right but thought it must be wrong. Anyway well done to Lynn and all those who entered. Thanks to Barbara for running these competitions she does always get the grey matter working. See you all Monday morning aboard our favourite bus. xxx

  20. Well done Lynn enjoy your spending.

    As Jane says Acceptance is key and I’m beginning to accept I’d rather be crafting than doing housework 🤣🤣🤣 this morning I’ve cleaned the last door of the blinds in dining room (just hate that job so only gets done once a year), done a small amount of ironing, dinner is sorted and hubby will be out playing bowls – Me? I’ll be Grooving, going to start Christmas cards. Think I’ll put Paul on You Tube and spend a delightful afternoon in my own little world. Happy weekend everyone

  21. Well done Lynne and enjoy spending your voucher. That word acceptance is easy to say but can be very hard to do. Hope you and Dave have a chance to relax this weekend as I’m looking forward to getting back on the bus xx

  22. Know all about muddle and chaos. We are in the middle of completely rearranging the lounge with includes moving the computer which entails sorting all the wiring that entails. This afternoon is the turn of the piano from one end to the other (over carpet!!!) Who’s idea was this??? Could have been mine😂 Fingers crossed we’re all still talking at the end of the day!!🤞

  23. Acceptance was my word on Thursday, when I finally admitted defeat with the anagrams. It was driving me mad, trying to solve two of them, so I hate to say that I gave up. Too many other things to do unfortunately. Anyway, thanks Barbara, as I did enjoy trying and congratulations to Lynn.
    Enjoy the rugby and the rest of the weekend and see you and my fellow Shacers on Monday. X

  24. Well done Lynne for winning the anagram puzzles and enjoy spending your voucher. Talking of anagram I think that’s how my head feels most of the time-totally scrambled. As for my craft room well messymuddle is my middle name! Even when I have a blitz and tidy everything away I forget where I put stuff, even if it seemed logical at the time, so I’m still scrambled as it were. Never mind. It might be messy but it’s my mess. Soooooo looking forward to joining the Shac bus on Monday-a lovely easy start to the week.

  25. Congratulations Lynne. Thank you Barbara for the anagrams. Had a very enjoyable (?!) afternoon moving scrabble tiles around muttering ” I will not be beaten” periodically. I’m pleased to say I was not beaten & managed to get them all but admit that pergaliners had me stumped for quite a while! xx

  26. Acceptance. Lately I have needed to take a deep breath and accept the inevitable. I hate muddle. Every time I start to get organised hubby moves things, never puts them back where they belong because he has put something else in its place. It is a good job he is so lovable, funny and humorous. So, ACCEPTANCE is the word this year. No point worrying about the inevitable which won’t change however hard we try.

    Congratulations Lynn, well done.

    I agree with Dave, better to get it done now easing the Monday stress. Thanks Dave.

    Take care both of you. 🍒🍒

  27. congratulations Lynn. you’ll enjoy the spend.

    I certainly know that out of place feeling. It’s certainly hit home for Mum, who is now really struggling, not a lot of puff until she gets 3 units of blood, to replenish the harsh reality of the chemo meds. For an active lady she is struggling with not being able to do anything. little oxygen means her body can’t function. No picking up after the boys have left a mess, and for a lady that can’t rest until the place is tidy is must be exhausting being exhausted unable to do anything.

    Then there is me getting frustrated because I’m so tired and everywhere I look in the house everything needs a thoroughly good spring clean. All the clutter went when we moved in 5 years ago, but slowly it’s all crept back again, after inheriting stuff which has sentimental value and can’t be thrown away. The mess dives me made.

    So it will be a trip back to Kent to do it all again in Mums house, the next week I get off.

    So I can certainly relate, and Mum even more so.
    Enjoy your weekend what ever you are doing.
    lots of Love T.xx

  28. Well done Lynn. Maybe 55 got all the answers, but by the looks of it, a lot more of us gave it a good go. I got just two. 😂
    So congrats to the winner, and please Barbara, set us all another teaser, they are really fun.
    See you Monday.

  29. Congratulations Lynn! I just couldn’t get number 9 on the anagrams – I had ‘pearl’ but couldn’t make sense of the rest of the letters!
    I know just what you mean about feeling like everything’s in a muddle. I feel like life is just rushing up on me – I’m heading off travelling next week and nowhere near ready!! I think I need a pause button for my life at the moment so I can catch up!

  30. Oh my! What a lovely surprise.
    Thank you.
    I’m in that place at the moment where everything is in a muddle. I also have to accept that life will not be the same but believe it can still be good. Being there on Monday to catch bus 300 with you back in the driving seat is proof positive. We will all be travelling gently with you.
    Lynn xx

  31. Congratulations to Lynn 🥰
    Looking forward to hanging out with you tomorrow Barbara – Get plenty of rest tonight just in case there’s any dodgy corners on the bus journey 😉😘💕
    Sleep well. 😴😴😴
    Love to you, Dave & “the fluffy ones” xxx

  32. I spent ages on these anagrams and got all except pergaliners and – pearls! I thoroughly enjoyed trying and got a lot fo funny possibilities which I meant to send in to make you laugh but I forgot!!
    Congratulations to the winner who obviously remembered to send her answers in!

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