Back on the bus!

Back on the bus!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. And thank you also for catching the No. 300 SHAC bus if you managed it this morning. Here’s the Youtube link if you want to catch up..

After almost 3 months it was certainly good to get the old bus back out of the depot and go for a little spin with all my fellow SHACKERS! I hope the speed was right, and we didn’t take off too fast. As I mentioned, we’ll be meeting just once a week on a Monday at 10am. If circumstances change, and there is a need to hang out together more, then it is certainly a moving feast!

That’s the thing, isn’t it. The secret to Life is to go with the flow, be open to new things, and embrace change. But be yourself too. Don’t change who you are, or what you do, to please or appease others. Easier said than done for sure. But it’s important.

Here’s a perfect quote for today:

To thine own self be true

William Shakespeare.

Love always,

Barb x x x

48 thoughts on “Back on the bus!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankfully I didn’t know then that my mum wasn’t too well this morning. My sister is with her waiting for a paramedic instead of doctor. She’s ok in herself but a bit confused. Fingers crossed it’s just a water infection but we have to wait to see. My sis has already despatched a sample to the docs. Luckily she is just around the road from Mum. Anyway, it was lovely to be back, even if I’m a bit stressed now ! Take care xx

      1. Thank you, checks were ok by paramedic and water sample threw up something but doc wants to wait until tomorrow so he can give right antibiotic. She takes one everyday to keep infection at bay but might need something different. Thanks for asking xx

  2. Much as I wanted to join you on the bus this morning it was impossible to concentrate with workmen arriving. However they have just left and I will Mahler a coffee, put my feet up and click on YouTube to view in peace. I am sure it will calm me down.
    Good to be back on the bus.
    Take care of yourself. 🍒

  3. It was so lovely to get back on the bus with everyone this morning and I even managed to doodle along once I had stencilled around the basic heart shape to infill (my drawing has to be seen to be believed – artistically challenged doesn’t come close) 😂😂😂. What’s in my head gets completely lost in translation by the time it gets down to my hand and a pencil but I really enjoyed the process – roll on next Monday morning.

  4. It was good to be back this morning and see you again. So enjoyed doodling like we’ve never been away. Sent you many virtual hugs when you wobbled, as I’m sure we all did. The road ahead may have a few potholes but we’re all back on the bus. Hope your mum gets over her unfortunate dip soon. Much love. Xx

  5. It was a lovely morning sitting on the bus and listening to you. And seeing all the artwork you showed. How marvellous. Every one a keeper!
    And the pace was perfect. Not that I doodled along today as I was doing something else as I listened. But that’s not to say I won’t do that doodle this week now I’ve finished all my secret stuff.
    Love and hugs. Xx

  6. yes tissues were at the ready, but still can catch up hopefully dried eyed( don’t think so) ha ha love to your mum she must be hopeing nothing else bless her, great to see you anyway didn’t spill me tea on the bus sorry about the biccy crumbs love lots xxxx

  7. I’m gutted to have missed this session. I’ve had raging toothache all weekend and my dentist fitted me in at 10-30am to take the flipping tooth out. Still in pain, the abscess will take a little while to clear up but I watched the SHAC session and can’t wait to try it tomorrow. So very glad to see you back on top form Barbara. x

  8. I was happily sat in my seat watching when we had everybody and their dog knocks on the door, one after another – typical. Never see anyone than several at once (all unannounced). One good thing was my order from the sale also arrived so I’m now a happy bunny. Lovely to see you back – caught up on the uTube later. I’ve got plenty of time to practice the heart now that we don’t need a ticket until next Monday.

    1. If anyone telephones me or knocks on my door whilst I’m in the Shac I don’t answer 🤭🤭🤭 as far as I’m concerned I’m not at home

  9. Dear Barbara, this morning I had an early appointment in town which was then cancelled once I arrived so I made record time getting 2 buses back home! All I could think about was seeing you, and didn’t it go well! Thank you for this morning’s SHAC, the doodle was paced just right. Take care xx

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the shac today. I didn’t doodle but just sat and watched! Can rewatch later to then do the doodle! Do hope your mum has improved today. Loved your sleeveless top! Hope you enjoyed the bus journey this morning! X

  11. It was lovely to join you on the bus again this morning, even with all your trials you still sound so positive which did me a world of good. Not sure I’m a fan of your design but love the concept and will have to give it a try sometime.
    But I’m so pleased you have used one of my favourite quotes today, it may have got me in trouble a couple of times and I’ve ended up out of work, but each time I’ve known I was true to myself and that is what matters. Looking forward to next Monday

  12. It was great to be back on the bus with you this morning Barb. I got the impression it was great for you too – fab therapy all around. The art was a bonus!

    take care all, Cx

  13. Hi Barbara ,I popped in and out when I could this morning and looking forward to doodling later when I watch it again.I just love the design and am even thinking it would make a lovely 3 way overlay stamp as well .You were super !
    Warmest wishes Carmel x

  14. Great to have you and the Shac Shack back Barbara. Thoroughly enjoyed our hour together, old friends and new friends. Take it easy! X

  15. I loved this morning on the bus again. I really enjoyed the drawing and was sorry to have to run off early.

  16. So great to have you back driving our bus and yes we were crying with you, for you and so relieved you are ok and getting better everyday. Loved the doodle today and even got Michael doodling along as well.
    Lots of love x

  17. Just loved being back on the bus. Good job I brought tissues with me though. Had a little cry with you. You look really well and I pray it stays that way. Hope your mum is feeling better. Lots of love but remember to take it one step at a time xx

  18. Couldn’t join you this morning – life as got very busy and am running around trying to fit everything in! On the upside, my sale order was waiting for me this evening when I got in – happy days!

  19. Sat ready with alarm set to 9.55 so I wouldn’t forget. It was so lovely to see you so well, on the outside anyway.. very emotional I needed a tissue.. loved seeing all your beautiful birthday cards. So happy to get back to drawing. I have been sewing whilst you’ve been away. See you next week. Lots of love Julie x

  20. Loved being back in the shack this morning. Beats housework any day and the sun wasn’t shining, so you couldn’t see the dust! There is always tomorrow.
    Great to see you looking well Barb, but go easy on yourself. X

  21. Got up early to get the bus and oh boy what a journey we had. It’s a good job I remembered the tissues. Loved seeing a few of the cards you received all of them beautiful such a talented group you have nurtured since 2020. So glad to be back in the Shac and seeing you looking so much better. Hope your Mum is feeling better. See you in the tv on Thursday.xx

  22. Throughly enjoyed being on the bus and back in the Shac this morning. Lovely doodle, I was watching and will have a play tomorrow. Best wishes to your Mum.
    PS A big thank you to all at Clarity Towers, my ODS was received very quickly on Saturday.

  23. It was a pleasurable journey with you, and lovely to see you back in your craft room. 😘
    Love & “get well soon” wishes to your Mum 💕🥰💕
    Have a lovely evening with Dave xxx

  24. what a grwat wayvto start a rainy Monday morning, back on the bus. had a go along with the bus driver. Thank you Barbara a new season for all of us.
    keep it slow and easy, one day at a time.

  25. Hi Barbara
    What a brilliant time I had this morning, every time you welled up with emotion I did too. I’ve always been the same I’ve only got to see someone I care about choke up and that’s me done. My friends are always laughing with me about it. The funny thing is Barbara we haven’t even met and you managed to set me off!!🤣. The thing is you became such a huge part of my days all through the lockdown it felt like a very dear friend would call on me on a daily basis to have a chat a cuppa AND give me the confidence to attempt to draw. So of course i welled up too!! you’re my Shac mate. Brilliant show, but remember only do what you feel you can manage to do Penny x

  26. Enjoyed the bus ride very much. Thank you for taking on your old job again. Taking it slow and not going over the speed limit. Going to try drawing the little heart. So appropriate. You are definitely the heart of the Shacshac group. Drive safely.

  27. What a fabulous trip. My eyes were sweating too. Hubby thought I had a cold when I kept blowing my nose 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so good to all be back together xx

  28. I so enjoyed this morning, Barbara. Loved getting the tracing paper and pencil out again and following your clear instructions. You definitely haven’t lost it. Thank you.
    Hope your Mum is feeling much better now and you didn’t overtire yourself, although I must say how well you looked.

    Lynn xx

  29. Dear Barbara it was so lovely to spend SHAC time with you again. Typically FB/wifi played up at the start and near the end and important phonecalls interrupted my time with you making me miss bits … But have caught up now. I cried then and again now 🥲 Much love to you and Mum, I hope she’s feeling much better very soon. Please make sure to rest up thoroughly. Gentle hugs, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  30. Dear Barbara. I enjoyed the bus ride this morning, and I did get my pad out but as usual not very good. I was surprised to find all the sheets of paper that I have tried so many times. Heartfelt Wishes for your birthday, I thought it was this month but not too sure, sorry I missed it. We have a lot of birthdays in March.
    Your cards were beautiful, you have a lot of clever customers.
    Hope your Mum is feeling better. Xxxxxxx

  31. It was great to be back in the SHAC this morning & a nice surprise to see my card as one of the ones you showed. I found my tracing paper & when I opened it found the rose doodle so must finish that project. Started the heart doodle but had to get off the bus early as I had a number of urgent things that needed doing before going out this afternoon. I will hopefully catch up tomorrow but if not definitely before next Monday.
    Hope your mom is feeling better now – we take medication given to us by doctors never thinking that it will cause even more problems. Travel gently through the rest of the week xx

  32. Hi Barbara
    Did weep along today with you. Not commented for a few days first Mother’s Day without Mum and struggled a bit. But was pleased that you did ok this morning and I enjoyed the doodle.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  33. Great to be back on the bus this morning, up early for a visit to the vets, more medication purchased for Meg, though thankfully she is on the right track at the moment, so much relieved. Time for my Meg to have a mooch around the garden, before I caught your special bus. A lovely selection of cards, before we started our journey. Thank you. Hope your mum is feeling better. Travel gently. xxx

    1. I see from the time, I was on the bus yesterday morning. It’s just been one of those days, had a nap and suddenly, its tomorrow! Ah well, off to bed. xx

  34. Loved getting back on the bus, but had to ride without tracing paper. That’s in the summerhouse, which I can’t get in because the doors have warped in the wet weather. Never mind, I’ll get there, but might need a new eraser by the time I’m finished🤣😂🤣. Love your pretty ornament; how appropriate to hang a heart at Christmas. I have angels on my tree that ensure my departed loved ones still share the season with me. Live life gently.

  35. Hello Barb, I joined the Shac bus, albeit silently, as I was working at the same time, and could not remember my logon, so could not comment on YouTube. Loved the drawing, and will revisit. So good to have the Shac back. Great quote today. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  36. Hi Barbara,
    I joined the shac albeit late today and really enjoyed it thank you!
    Unfortunately I am unable to join live due to going to my watercolour painting classes , so I will be doing catch up. I wish I had known about the SHAC during the pandemic ;I only started Groovi at the end of last August . The community which you have developed is amazing.
    Take care of yourself and THANK YOU.
    Lorraine x

  37. I wasn’t able to watch yesterday after all so have just joined in now. Lovely show and no nice to have you back Barbara and looking so well. Do hope your Mum is feeling better today.
    Looking forward to your shows on C&C now. Thank you.

  38. Was a little bit late for the Shac bus, but I enjoyed to be back after missing a lot of buses due to hospital appointments.
    Live is much more than watch it afterwards by youtube.
    Please take care and see you next week.

  39. wonderful to have the shac back. Didn’t manage live but caught up in evening. Loved the doodle. Thank you

  40. Hi Barbara
    I managed to doodle along to the ‘Bus no. 300’ heart doodle on YouTube yesterday and really enjoyed it. (I’m not on Facebook, so I have been doodling along on YouTube since the first lockdown in 2020). It was great to see you back in the SHAC again and hear you are making progress. I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of love. Thank you for everything.

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