Lucky Number’s 13!

Lucky Number’s 13!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s my birthday today. 64 years old. Blimey! How did that happen?! One minute you’re getting a bus down from Manchester University to an Anti-National Front rally in Hyde Park in the 1970’s; the next you’re living in Nürnberg, witnessing the demolition of the Iron Curtain in 1989 – and before you know it, you’re 64 and looking for the Anti-Nazi bus again. Forty-five years later, and we’re still doing the same dance. Bigots and Dictators. The circle of Life, eh. That’s it, I guess. If you hang around long enough, things keep revolving, don’t they. The good and the bad.

Quote for the day?

“Do not regret getting old. It is a privilege denied to many.”

Mark Twain

We were watching David Attenborough’s latest Series on the British Isles yesterday evening. What a legend and a gentleman he is! 96 years old!! He has brought it back home for his final hurrah. Fabulous photograpy, beautiful. Wild Isles, it’s called. There is some controversy around a sixth episode he filmed, which apparently is too close to the knuckle regarding the destruction of our nature here on the home front. But it has been filmed, and I’m sure it will be available for viewing somewhere soon. Let’s be honest friends. We KNOW we are destroying our country, we know man is pillaging the earth globally; Sir Attenborough just wants to give us a bird’s eye view. And if anyone can, HE can. Perhaps in hopes of motivating us to find a protest bus.

Tell you who else was spellbound by the programme…

You should have seen Erik glued to the box when he saw his buddy Reynard the fox.

And he even sidled up like a fox when the birds appeared!

It was fascinating to watch the cat go from hanging out, lounging in front of the log fire, to SUPER ALERT, like a miniature Bengal Tiger!

Anyway. Time to kick back and chill. Have a good evening.

Love always,

Barb x x x

45 thoughts on “Lucky Number’s 13!

  1. Happy birthday lovely lady! And age is just a number.
    Love the pics of Erik watching TV. Reminded me of when Charlie used to watch You’ve been Framed. As soon as the music came on he would be there.
    Have a very lovely evening.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Like many many of your friends, colleagues and fellow crafters, I would like to wish you a happy birthday and hope that you have had a good day.
    At I think, 96, Mr Attenborough still holds his audience in a way that few can compare with and he seems to have more energy and drive than people half his age. Let’s hope and pray people will listen.
    Makes me wonder what Erik was thinking watching the TV.
    Continue to look after yourself, we need you here for your next birthday and many more. Happy birthday 🎉🥳 xx

  3. Happy happy birthday Barbara. The quote for today really resonated! At 76 and having had , shall we say, near misses I can so agree with that sentiment.
    Thanks for your thought provoking blogs. Hope you have had a peaceful birthday doing what makes you happy X

  4. Lovely programme as you say the photography was amazing. I’m looking after my neighbours Jack Russell – what a little minx she was whilst watching. She charged the TV growling and barking. Had to turn it off so she calmed down 😆😆 hope you’ve had a good birthday xx

  5. Happy Birthday ! I’ll catch you up on 13 October ! Hubby will be 76 on Weds – he often quotes that saying, he knows too many who haven’t made it. Glad Erik enjoyed the programme – haven’t watched it yet. The final episode will be on iPlayer only I think. Have a good birthday evening. X

  6. Hope you have had the best day. Wishing a peaceful, happy and healthy future to a much loved by all lovely lady.

  7. Hope you’ve had a great birthday. Don’t bother about the numbers – you’re only as old as you feel! I thought the first episode of Wild Isles was fabulous – going to watch it again later while I’m doing the ironing!

  8. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
    I hope Dave spoilt you & that you enjoyed a relaxing restful day.
    Keep well & don’t overdo it.

  9. Many happy returns Barbara and I hope that you have had a lovely birthday. I haven’t watched the wildlife programme yet, but from everything I have seen and heard about it, it is wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the evening, X

  10. I hope you had a wonderful day and that there was a celebratory cake somewhere in the mix. Add the numbers together. That’s what I started to do sometime ago. 10 is a wonderful number and offers such possibilities to look forward to. Rest up before Wednesday.

  11. Happy Birthday dear Barbara and All The Very Best. Hope you’ve been having a lovely day! Alles Liebe ❤

  12. Age is just a number. When asked her age my mom always said ” as old a my tongue & little bit older than my teeth” but now she quite proudly says I’m 94 !!
    Hope you have had a lovely day – 64 brought the song ”When I’m 64” by the Beatles to mind & I just checked with OH who has sang it all the way through LOL – enjoy the rest of the day.
    How’s the jigsaw going? I am still working on the anagrams – lots of little squares of paper with letters on. All organised in little piles on the table until I closed my laptop & wafted them everywhere !!

  13. Happy birthday, hope you’ve had a lovely day. I to shall be 64 in a few months time. They say time flies, it certainly does. X

  14. Happy Birthday Barbara. Hope you’ve had a great day.
    Our cats are intent on chasing the birds on the tv and spend ages looking behind it and then rush round to the screen to look again and chase around to the back they keep it up until programme is over.

  15. I just wanted to wish you dearest Barbara, a very very very happy birthday. I hope you’ve had a lovely day. I have recently turned 60 myself and I have no idea how that happened either?

    I am relatively new to the Clarity Party, I discovered the Shac Shac in lockdown and you kept me company every day, so thank you. I am SO excited as I have just purchased tickets for the two open days for the first time. Please can I ask a question, do I need to bring any tools/craft items so that I can join in with the various craft makes? apologies if it’s a daft question.
    Looking forward to it. Enjoy the rest of your Birthday
    Love and hugs Penny xXx

    1. You don’t need to take anything with you except your membership card! Everything else is provided. Have a great time, Penny.

  16. Wishing you many happies dear Barb! I loved Wild Isles and Sir David’s no nonsense comments about what we need to do. I hope we can all do our bit to salvage our gorgeous country before it’s too late xx

  17. Happy birthday lovely lady. Was at Ally Pally on Saturday you were missed by many.
    Lots of love Susan.

  18. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Barbara, hope you had a lovely day today. I turn 65 tomorrow! How the years fly and you’re right, hang around long enough and events do keep revolving and sadly mankind does not seem to learn from past mistakes.
    With all best wishes.

  19. A very happy birthday, Barb. It was my mum’s birthday, too, so the 13th was a good day for us, too. Life passes quickly, Barb, and even quicker when we get that bit older. I hope you’ve had a lovely day today. I did laugh at your boy! My cats used to watch TV, too, when wildlife programmes were on. They were hilarious. As the animals took off, the cats would shoot round behind the TV to catch them! Take life easy, Barb. Lots of love. Hxx

  20. Hope you had a lovely day today! Attenborough’s programme was very good. I don’t usually watch them as I don’t like seeing the killings even though I know it’s the way of life.
    Weather has changed again! Rain rain and more rain! I glad it’s not cold enough to fall as snow!
    Take care. X

  21. Happy Birthday Barb! I hope you have had a lovely day.
    Our old cat used to love watching snooker on the tv and was always searching behind the tv for the balls! Looks like Erik is a David Attenborough fan.
    I am looking forward to seeing you back on C& C on Wednesday. Travel gently.
    Love Zara xx

  22. Happy Birthday Barbara. Hope you’ve had a lovely day. My cat toffee was fascinated by birds on TV but her sister Fudge just snored on.I enjoyed the David Attenborough programme too (but avoided the orcas and the seal pup bit). Hope you enjoy being back on TV and I’m looking forwrd to seeing you and your lovely stamps.x

  23. Many Happy returns Barbara.
    Had to smille seeing Eric in front of tv. Our Jack Russell would only watch when he heard a dog barking on tv an one day he got tricked by seals.
    Again have a great day.

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a great day.
    We have the Attenborough programmes on record so we will be able to re-watch. I think there was a second series about what needs to be done to save the wild but BBC declined to take it up and it will be on one of the other media channels. Shame as his programmes are always excellent and thought provoking.
    Lovely photos of the TV watching cat-and the fox.
    Had a lovely afternoon sorting through a huge Clarity delivery .
    Lots to play with later on.
    Keep well. 🍒🍒🍒

  25. Helll Barbara,
    I’ve not been able to read or comment for a few days, but have caught up now… So pleased to hear you’ve been getting better in that time ie back to work, up in your garage craft room/studio, out for a lovely lunch with Mum and back on C&C on Wednesday. It will be lovely to “see” you again, but please be careful to not overdo things and be kind to yourself. I hope you’ve had a really lovely birthday and have been spoiled by everyone. Awww love the photos of little Erik watching the wonderful show on TV, my Rani is mesmerised when I watch recordings of her on there or sometimes a show with other cats and dogs, trying to work out what’s happening by going behind the Tv too, so cute and funny to see how they react 🐈😻. I hope he’s better soon too. I turned 53 in October and don’t quite understand when and how that happened. Yes we all still love you now you’re 64 and will keep doing so even when you’re 104 🥰 Love your quote for today, something I think of quite often. Sending you much love and a big birthday hug and kiss 🎂🥳 🤗😘 xXx 🦋💕

  26. Happy Birthday Barbara
    Hope you had a good one.
    Who doesn’t love a bit of David Attenborough- I could listen to that mans voice forever, and the film work is just out of this world.
    I’ve been doing the anagrams that you set for us yesterday, and I can’t stop laughing over number 10. I came up with a funny/rude(ish) answer – my only problem is that I can’t get that one out of my mind, and every time I look at the anagram, I keep coming up with the same (wrong) answer. Hahaha!!!!!
    Take Care
    Love & Hugs

  27. Many Happy Returns of The Day Barbara! Sorry it’s late but hope you enjoyed your day. Looking forward to seeing you on C&C and what you show us. L x

  28. Hope you had a lovely birthday Barbara. I thought the David Attenborough show was fabulous but I hear talk that the last show might be cancelled – the BBC bowing to government pressure again (a la Gary Lineker and see where that got them!). Looking forward to seeing you back on tv xx

  29. Belated birthday wishes! I love David Attenborough but can’t watch live as his voice sends me to sleep! I don’t know why but it happens every time so we now record the programmes so I can watch back the bits I miss. Hope you had a wonderful day x

  30. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Looking forward to the tv shows tomorrow and hope all goes well. X

  31. Happy Birthday youngster!!
    Bendycat chases foxes (I’ve seen it with my own eyes, he really goes for them – and they run like the devil is after them – that’s Norwegian Forest cats for you).
    Hope cake was involved.
    Lots of Love, Love, Love
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  32. Hello Barb, Hope you had a really lovely Birthday yesterday. Love the pictures of Erik, it must have been so funny watching him. Wild Isles is a brilliant series. And don’t worry about the age, I am not that far behind as I have a couple of weeks until I turn the big 60. The quote says it all right? Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  33. Hi Barbara
    Happy belated birthday, hope you had a lovely day.
    Our neighbour was 95 on 7th March she’s amazing still gardening, I made her Tina’s groovi card with the Roses and tag ( 95 today – on it) she demonstrated recently, and I did a lot of scissor cutting on the lace border, I prefer using the tweezers. I am 75 and don’t know where the time has gone. Keep crafting.
    Love Janet xx

  34. Happy Birthday. May you celebrate your day with family and friends, doing whatever strikes your fancy.
    I will check out the David Attenborough show. He is phenomenal.

  35. Barbara
    Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. Please take care and don’t let work aholic take over. Now back to the anagrams or jigsaw? Jigsaw much easier I think.
    Stay safe everyone. Susan.

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