Design of the Week – Flowers from Tina

Design of the Week – Flowers from Tina

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How can it be Tuesday again so quickly? Is it just me, or does time seem to fly by faster and faster as you get older?!

Well, it’s all about flowers today! Spent a busy morning putting the finishing touches to tomorrow’s ODS Launch Show at 6pm. Paul and I are sharing the 4 hours. To me (6pm) to him 9pm) to me (10am) to him(2pm). Then HOME JAMES! And don’t spare the horses!

I’ll tell you all about the brand new products in tomorrow’s blog, but for now, let me just say that any SHACKERs among you will instantly recognise these designs! They were such fun to draw, weren’t they?! And they’re a pleasure to work with too. Notice the new packaging? Yep. Time to give ourselves a proper sign over the door friends! I add another stencil idea too. More will be revealed tomorrow….

Oh! And just in case you were wondering… yes. They are being launched as Groovi plates too!

Tuesday sees the launch of another Design of the Week with 30% off to celebrate our 30th year in business.

More flowers! This week we shine a light on some fabulous flowers from Tina…………….

Available in stamps too.

and also a Groovi Plate with an amazing iiBook

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Available HERE

Such beautiful flowers plates. A real must have if you like flowers!

And here’s a pretty special photo of our old piano this evening, laden with more fantastic artwork. How lucky am I to have so many creative, clever friends, who make such exquisite birthday cards. Thank you so very much.

I was thinking, next week, we should fire up the old SHAC bus next Monday morning at 10am. And the first thing we are going to do is take the time to enjoy all the wonderful artwork which has been created by your good selves. It will be the 300th hour we will have spent together !! Wow. Who’s with me on the 300 bus?

Quote for today?

Friends, like flowers, make life more beautiful

Love always

Barb x x x

34 thoughts on “Design of the Week – Flowers from Tina

  1. Wow , love the look of the new goodies. Will defo watch the shows
    Count me In for the bus ride next Monday too.

  2. Those birthday cards are beautiful! Hope you had a good birthday!
    The new stamps look fantastic and all the samples are great! The 300th Shac shack hour is awesome and shall look forward to watching it!
    Enjoy the c&c crafthours.x

  3. Wow!! Our driver is coming back, It’s fantastic news!! knowing you are feeling so much better to start the old bus up again, it makes your crafty passengers very happy. It will be so nice to see you. X

  4. Can’t wait for the bus to start again!!! So glad you are healthy again – but don’t over do it!!!

  5. Looking forward to the shows and Monday now ! Just made a very quick one for hubby for tomorrow, he’ll be surprised as I don’t always do one for him but the fisherman came in very handy ! X

    1. Hahaha! If people didn’t know you were a Cardmaker, they’d be seriously concerned for your husband!!!

  6. Yes, time does seem to go faster as we age but we keep going.
    Those birthday cards look great as do the samples.
    The new stamps look appealing but I may wait fir the Groovi plates.
    Good to know you feel well enough to do TV but sharing the shows with Paul sounds like a good idea. Please don’t overdo it.
    I still have some SHAC progs to catch up on, may see you on the bus on Monday.
    Safe journey tomorrow. 🍒🍒🍒

  7. I’ll be there at the bus stop! So glad you are feeling well enough to do this and the TV shows. Take it easy at the weekend. Xx

  8. I am so delighted to hear that you feel well enough to tackle the long journey up to C &C studios , it will be good to see you.
    Will be waiting at the bus stop with a spring in my step, but please take care of yourself first. No hurry for the Shac,i am sure we will still be waiting whenever it suits you.
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday. xx

  9. It will be lovely to board the bus again and 300 journeys together, wow! You have been a friend and companion to so many of us since March 2020.
    Seeing Tina’s flower plate (or Oops plate, as she calls it) I can honestly say that mine must be wearing out, as I have used it so much. If I don’t have a project on the go, I make flowers etc whilst watching tv/listening to a book and store them for when they are needed. The devil makes work for idle hands! All the best for your tv return tomorrow. X

  10. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the shows as always but it’s special to have you back!

    I’ll be camping out at the bus stop so I don’t miss the 300. Be lovely to see everyone’s art!

  11. I will be catching that bus, certainly. Will be nice to see and hear your voice. Loooking forward to watching you and Paul tomorrow. Safe journey. X

  12. So lovely to hear the number 300 bus service is to be resumed. Do however take it easy as I’m sure the long journey to and fro to tv land as well as the shows themselves will really tire you out. I do love those stamps as my hand drawn versions were pretty dodgy to say the least. Take care tomorrow xx

  13. Take care Barbara, don’t over do it. Good luck, I’ll be there as much as possible. Looking forward to all the new ideas and revisiting the shac Shack, very exciting. Travel slowly, all good wishes. X

  14. It’s great news that you feel well enough to start the bus on Monday, I hope the battery hasn’t died, Barbara. Unfortunately Monday will be the 1st day of a 2 day return journey home from a weeks holiday in northern Scotland but looking forward to catching up.
    Fingers crossed for a successful return to C & C tomorrow & Thursday.

  15. Yes, time does flyz especially when you get older. Glad you’re feeling so much better and will be on craft telly again tomorrow. But please take it easy and don’t overdo it! So sorry, I won’t be able to join you for the 300th SHAC session on Monday. I will be in Germany and have appointments all day on Monday. I will be catching up later though and definitely watch your shows on C&C tomorrow. ave a great day! Alles Liebe❤

  16. Great news that the SHAC bus driver is ready to resume her travels. I will be at the bus stop ready & waiting to jump on board at 10am.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows to see more of our SHAC Shack doodles come to life in stamps & Groovi plates. Take it gently though as preparing & presenting 2 hours of TV must take much longer than that but no doubt Paul will have your back & help if needed xx

  17. Really looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days and jumping on that bus on Monday. You’ve been missed but you are very important to so many and we all worry about you so, travel gently ❤️

  18. Love the look of the new stamps and stencils amazing as usual remember doing these in the SHAC xx glad you are back but hope you will take it slow and steady xx Glad Paul will be there to support as always xx
    Cannot wait for the SHAC next Monday will definitely be there and look forward to seeing all the artwork xx hope you had a fantastic birthday 🥳 xx

  19. Stamps look amazing loved doodling these in the shac. Will be watching tomorrow and Thursday. Don’t overdo things though so make sure you have a long rest at the weekend. Will definitely be at the bus stop on Monday morning.xx

  20. Ooh, Barb, these new SHAC stamps look the bees knees, full of flower power! Can’t wait to have a play when they’re available. I bet the “doors get blown off” again! 🤣
    Glad you’re sharing the shows with Paul, easy does it, step by step. Remember we’re all out here to support you, so lean on us!
    And SHAC 300! Wow, that’s special, looking forward to being there to share it with you.
    Take care, Barb, rest and relax before travelling gently to the TV shows.

  21. Will be at the bus stop next Monday waiting for the return of the Shac bus and driver! So delighted that service is resuming but we all need to travel gently on its first outing after the service and MOT. Will be watching the shows and looking forward to seeing Barb back on the telly with Paul, great products and surrounded by friends in the studio and watching :))

  22. Hi Barbara
    Seeing the piano reminds me of a story. When I left school I worked in a piano factory as an action finisher. The chap who tuned the piano’s was blind and he said he was called to tune a piano one day and did as the lady requested. The next day she called to say there was a tinkling noise when she played. So he duly went back but couldn’t find the problem so went away again. He received a further 2 calls each time the result was the same. He decided to call around unexpectedly to see her in action, when he listened he too could hear the noise. He sat down and the lady proceeded to clear the top of the piano so he could get at the strings the sound disappeared. A light bulb moment he realised the sound was the vibration of the picture frames on top of the piano 🤣🤣. Happy birthday for yesterday sorry about the delay hope it was a good one. Glad to hear you feel well enough to get back on the bus hope it goes well. Erik was the answer to a crossword clue the other day he looks like he is enjoying the fox.
    Hope all goes well at the create & craft tomorrow.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  23. Hello Barbara
    What a beautiful dislay of your lovely cards on your piano🥰 It will be so lovely to “see” you on TV tomorrow and Thursday. Even better to be able to “be” with you in the SHAC on Monday. 💖 You have been dearly missed, but please remember if you’re not upto to it after the next few busy days then please don’t worry, we will all understand and be waiting for you if you need to reschedule… Lovely new products from the SHAC doodles and amazing samples from our wonderful DT 👌🏼 Please take extra care tomorrow, as I know even just being driven after being so poorly can be exhausting in itself. Much love and genlte hugs, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  24. Hello Barbara
    What a beautiful dislay of your lovely cards on your piano🥰 It will be so lovely to “see” you on TV tomorrow and Thursday. Even better to be able to “be” with you in the SHAC on Monday. 💖 You have been dearly missed, but please remember if you’re not upto to it after the next few busy days then please don’t worry, we will all understand and be waiting for you if you need to reschedule… Lovely new products from the SHAC doodles and amazing samples from our wonderful DT 👌🏼 Please take extra care tomorrow, as I know even just being driven after being so poorly can be exhausting in itself. Much love and genlte hugs xXx 🦋💕

  25. Hello Barbara
    So lovely to read that your going to showcase those lovely flowers that so many did with you in the shack.
    I didntchave ago may be thats something I should revisit while I am still away travelling.
    I shall be on catch-up as I am in front of you as we travel around the South West of Western Australia, enjoying there lovely sunny weather which is not as usual as it is at the moment.
    Please take it slowly as you get back into TV land.
    I will love seeing all the artwork next week when your back in the shack, but as others have said only if you feel well enough.
    Take good care and travel gently, think about a holiday I can recommend it after caring for Mother -in- law and like your Dad she sadly passed away.
    But you me her daughter has come home to England to care for her Dad and he is doing well and will go back to Spain to Estepona to live with her.
    Good news that will allow me to go to visit hopefully a bit more as I have now fully retired.
    Also when I return home more crafting time am missing my crafting bits but have got a colouring book pencils to be able to play.
    Lots of love Happy Belated Birthday Wishes from Christine xxx

  26. Such exciting news and yes will be with you for the 300th hour on the bus, better sort the sandwiches! Looking forward to the tv shows and bet it will be a sell out. Lovely to see the Shac packaging, feel proud we were all part of the plan.

  27. Hello Barb, the design of the week is really lovely, and so much inspiration from the DT. The new SHAC designs are just gorgeous, can’t wait to see you and Paul put them through their paces. Take care and stay safe and warm everyone. Bx

  28. WOW !! 300 hours and all well spent. Looking forward to the shows tonight and tomorrow and glad that Paul is taking turns too.See you on Monday with my bus pass.

  29. 300th hour on the SHAC. Time flies when you re having fun. Your face on tv during lockdowns and beyond was something to look forward too every day. Looking forward to next week.

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