Who wants to play?

Who wants to play?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Talking of Jigsaw puzzles and Solitaire, who likes anagrams? Whilst having a clear out the other day, I came across one I made up many moons ago as a warm-up ice-breaker game for a workshop. So I thought I’d change it a little, freshen it up, and offer it up to you. How about a little bloggy competition too…for a chance to win a £20 Clarity gift voucher! Just for fun of course.

Here are the very simple rules of engagement:

  • Send your answers to barbaragray123@hotmail.com
  • Write them out in numerical order. If you don’t know one or more, just leave a gap.
  • Submit your answers by Friday 17th March 2023

So here are the anagrams…some are easy, some are more challenging! And I’ve mixed the 2-worders up, just to slow you down a bit! Come on, all you code crackers!!

  1. IGDREPSWOMBEONS (2 words)
  2. SKIGNAMPATE (2 words)
  4. SELBADLEPERRYAB (2 words)
  5. RILATYCSMAPST (2 words)
  7. GLITLEBATH (2 words)
  8. FRANKFICET (2 words)
  9. FRAPPLETREESC (2 words)

Nothing like an anagram to get the old Gray matter going! All correct answers will go into a draw.

Quote for the day today?

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

I’m off to start a new jigsaw puzzle, which lovely Linda sent me as a gift. It’s a loadaleaves!!

Love always,

Barb x x x

27 thoughts on “Who wants to play?

  1. Love the jigsaw design, gorgeous leaves. I love doing puzzles or crosswords, Wordle etc., trying to keep my brain working! Will try and get to grips with the anagrams, thank you for the competition. Hope you are keeping relaxed. Been watching Only Fools and Horses on Gold, still makes us laugh. X

  2. The jigsaw puzzle looks brilliant, lovely colourful leaves. I try to do a word puzzle every day, so will give these anagrams a go, and see if what I discover. Hugs. xx

  3. That jigsaw would make a fabulous picture for the wall. A bit of PVA or modge podge to glue it together, a suitable mount and frame and bingo, a great picture.
    Might be a bit of a challenge but I am expect there will be some new designer paper or stamps originating from it!
    Take care and enjoy your down time. Getting back to rushing about will have to wait, don’t worry we will all still be here. Hope Erik has learnt his lesson and stopped teararseing about.
    Take care xx

  4. Those leaves look interesting, think of it as lots of mini jigsaws that join together to make a large one.
    Also love a puzzle so will write the letters out & give it a go whilst the rugby is on in the background. I may even put last weeks Clarity programmes on rewind on my laptop & listen through my headphones. Chilled out afternoon for us today.
    I have been doing some of the die club projects this morning – going round a circle with a black sharpie is not as easy as a square – thank goodness for doodle frames that come in the right size !!

  5. Wow!what a jigsaw! I Shall certainly attempt to complete the anagrams! As the quote says, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

  6. Ooh love an anagram so may well give it a go xx love the jigsaw like the ones that have lots of very similar parts to them makes the brain work xx glad you are finding time to just relax and not let work take over x glad you are doing so well but remember one day at a time in a certain ladies words lol xx

  7. Very bad with Dutch anagrams and these are even in English, so I don’t have a go with this! lol
    After moving house,I found at Christmas my gift voucher from two years ago which I did win then just before we sold our house and had to find another home within 3 months and also has to move from one to another house.
    It’s a pity that I forgot all about it.
    Love your jigsaw puzzle with the leaves.
    Take care Barbara and a lot of fun with your anagrams

  8. I’ve got this puzzle, Barbara. It’s quite challenging. So good to know you’re progressing with your recovery. Take care

  9. WOW – great Jigsaw. We are currently working on a Mona Lisa/Da Vinci compliation – cor it’s ‘ard.
    It isn’t easy to get rid of jigsaws, we have had a good success by just putting them out on the grass verge (in the summer of course!) with a big sign that says ‘FREE’ – those that we are left with, go to a lovely lady at Tesco.
    I think your jigsaw would make a good stamp design (I thought that’s what it was at first) lovely mixed-ty mediary.
    Good luck to everyone with the grananams – as you can see, I’m hopeless at them.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite(

  10. PS – before you say ‘owt, the charity shops here in York won’t take jigsaws as they have no room to store them – we have tried!!

  11. Those leaves look interesting – good luck with it.
    I try to do crosswords, other puzzles or sudoku every day if I can, minutes well spent to keep the brain working.
    The anagram puzzle may take me a while, solved 3 so far but the others are harder.
    I am having trouble sitting around so much, keep thinking of all the things I want to do but can’t at the moment. I ache to get back to hands on crafting, it will happen, meanwhile I just make do with sedentary occupations.
    Take care of yourself 🍒

  12. Great jigsaw ! Currently watching some tennis at Indian Wells (on Amazon not actually there) looks great though and hot! I’ll give the anagrams a go – got to be in it to win it ! X

  13. Think the anagrams might have to wait until tomorrow. Rather weary after looking after two lively children all day,one 4 and the other 18 months. Handed over to other nanny now. Parents have escaped to Venice for a few days. Next shift on Tuesday.
    Jigsaw looks great,should keep you busy for a while. x

  14. The puzzle looks amazing – a work of art for placement on a wall. Have fun. In the past I have not been a puzzle petson but after reading in your blog about the puzzle you completed recently and now your new one- I think I will purchase one and give it a go.
    Thank you for the anagrams- looking forward to working on. Sending hugs.

  15. Your jigsaw looks amazing. Would look lovely on the wall once completed. I’m giving the anagrams a go. Taken me a while but am now down to 2 will put them away for now and get back to them with a fresh eye tomorrow.❤

  16. Perhaps I should get a jig saw going. Don’t seem to have time! Ridiculous. Truth is I’d be drawing v or writing a poem, or sewing. Not sure I have the patience for the anagrams. Hope you are watching pottery throw down! Rest a while! X

  17. Lovely design on the puzzle! Need to get my thinking cap on with these anagrams – it could take me the rest of the week!

  18. Barb, your new jigsaw from Linda looks a real puzzler, that should keep you busy for a day or two!
    I love puzzles, cracking codes, cryptic crosswords and especially anagrams! The English language is amazing where it let’s you create new words from others, especially where they relate to each other! I shall definitely have a go at your list of posers!
    Take care, Barb, travel gently taking small steps.
    Here’s a little anagram of my own for you to crack –
    (4 WORDS)

  19. Cool jigsaw! That’ll be fun. Not sure I have the heads headspace for the anagrams just now but good luck everyone with the competition x

  20. Hi Barbara
    Not sure if you know about the 3 part documentary on BBC2 – Becoming Frida Kahlo – It started on Friday at 9pm but you can get it on iplayer. I just thought you might be interested in it.
    I love a good jigsaw too. Not done one in a while, but you are giving me the urge to dig one out!!
    Pleased to hear that you are “trying” to take things a bit slower.
    Love & Hugs

  21. Well those anagrams should get the grey matter working. I have enough trouble spelling when words are the right way round let alone when the letters are mixed up 😂Take care xx

  22. Hello Barb, well this is going to be a challenge, as is that jigsaw. I will give it a go, see how the grey matter is holding up. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  23. Great to see you tackling another puzzle. A beautiful and colourful one.Next you should try puzzle “starry night”. from Leonardo daVinci. That will keep your braincells working. Its worth framing when finished. I definitely will have a go at the anagrams. See if my braincells still work. 😉Have a wonderful happy birthday tomorrow.

  24. Dear Barbara it’s lovely to hear how you are spending your time focusing on puzzles, books etc. Thank you for the anagram puzzles, I really enjoy working them out and it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Take care xx

  25. Just caught up with your last couple of blogs. Like you I’ve not been quite myself for a few days so trying to get back to some sort of order. When things pile up inside my head, I go round and round in circles – what outstanding task do tackle first? Can you get it finished so do you start it? Many years ago, at work (NHS) we had a very cheap version of an away day. We did a personality quiz to see how our strengths fitted into our team work. I was deemed a completer finisher – says it all really. I love jigsaws, all puzzles and now discovered audio books but I have a just one more piece, just one more chapter: mentality, not that calming for me when I’m in that frame of mind. However, the good news for me is I’ve discovered Tai Chi. 50 minutes of calm. Love it.
    Do I start your anagram quiz? Course I do. Thank you.

    Off to see my father-in-law this afternoon for tea and cake to celebrate his 97th birthday. Will be thinking of you too. Happy birthday Barbara.

    Take care

    Lynn xx

  26. Will give it a go to ease my brain fog lol. So sorry just seeing this. I think you know my circumstances as sole carer for my challenging love of my life. Just to explain why I’m always on catchup . Keep well lovely lady. And thank you xx

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