It’s a cat’s life!

It’s a cat’s life!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I watched Ragnar today, one of our little Viking boys, sleeping soundly in the kitchen. Did he care that it was 11 in the morning? Nope, did he heck! They sleep when they want, they sleep where they want. They eat when they want too. They sit by the kitchen door when they want to go out, they pose at the kitchen window when they want to come back in.

Sometimes Erik and Ragnar have a nap together. They preen and clean each other. Other times they torment each other. Well actually, Erik the Red is the tormenter; Ragnar Lothbrok mostly walks away. Except when he doesn’t – and then the fur do fly!

Sometimes, one lies in wait for the other one – really high up on the kitchen cupboard…and there he sits, waiting patiently. In the meantime, the other one’s fully aware of what his brother is up to, and hangs out in front of the telly with us!

We had a close shave with Erik last year, when he nearly lost his back leg. But I am überhappy to report that leg No. 4 is pretty much fully healed. Sometimes he is a little over-zealous, and then I catch him twitching out and limping a little, but then I know that feeling now too! Mind you, at least we can tell them apart now!

Grace got me a cute teddy when I was in hospital. Primarily because whenever she’s been in hospital I’ve always brought her a teddy or cuddly toy. Right from when she was a nipper in Sacramento, through to when she had neck surgery in New York a couple of years ago. She has kept them all. So here was my company in hospital – Erik was quite smitten too!

Erik and Ragnar are quite probably the best thing to have come into our lives since lockdown. I never knew what a cat woman I was until these two rocked up!

Want to see then when they were tiny?

I will be forever grateful to our dear friends Gina B (Button Specialist extraordinaire )and Mark for trusting us to give them a good home. They have changed our lives – for the better.

Quote for the day?

Time spent with cats is never wasted

Sigmund Freud

Love always

Barb x x x

44 thoughts on “It’s a cat’s life!

  1. Cats are so special. My 19 year old helped me through a challenging time after breaking my ankle just before Christmas. I had to sleep on the sofa when I got out of hospital as I was too weak to do anything else. Scampy stayed with me, loving every minute, but she kept me company during the long nights and days. Our cats are so precious and worth all the expensive vet bills.

  2. lovely to see your viking boys and so good that Erik is now doing OK.
    My cats were twin brothers, I got them at 8wks and called them Milo and Monty, they would hide in wait for each other and then pounce with fur flying everywhere. Sadly Monty was found dead in the alley across the road opposite my driveway last week, he had been hit by a vehicle during the night. It was an awful shock, I wish the person had bothered to stop and check him as our address and number was on his collar. He was spotted on Sunday morning by a young lady off to work as a carer. That same lady brought me flowers later in the day as she had seen how upset I was… What a lovely thing for her to do!

    1. We lost our last cat we had we called him Thomas someone ran him over and broke his back,we were told they could operate but that he would never walk again,so we had him put to sleep ,I cried for months for this, I was so devastated but it wasn’t fair for him ,we have a dog now haven’t had another cat since

  3. Your cats are adorable and I love the photos. They have grown but still look like kittens. Glad the 4th leg is virtually healed, it must be less worrying for you and so nice for them to be together again. Company for you too, I imagine their antics make you smile.
    No animals at home, a husband full of mischief and humour is enough for me to cope with.
    Stay safe🍒🍒🍒

  4. we had 2 cats for 19 years, Olly ( a very sophisticated Siamese) and Sooty ( a rescue cat) They were a very odd pair but inseparable! we then took in a 3rd cat when my friend passed away. He found his own slice and was ‘tolerated’ 🤣🤣 All 3 passed away in the same year having had a long and happy life.
    We now are proud parents of our adorable, naughty and beautiful Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel, Digby. A lot more needy than 3 cats !!! 🐕😊

  5. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs,they all get on brilliantly, rarely falling out, but cats usually win when they do.A swipe on the nose with claws out settles most things. But always good company and love you unconditionally x

  6. so true! We’ve always had cats – Sooty & Sweep, our last pair of litter mates, lived until they were 19 & 22 respectively so were around the whole time my boys were growing up. We’ve now got two male tabbies – Tom, who has a major neurological disability, & Benji, who is super sharp and doesn’t miss a thing. Add into the mix my son’s 8 month old black kitten who we’re looking after whilst they’re away and it’s a complete houseful! Mind you, the kitten is a handful – in the last week she has taken chunks out of the wallpaper by jumping up the wall and has destroyed my net curtains!! The gift that keeps on giving! xx

  7. Lovely photos of your beautiful cats. They have certainly grown since you first bought them home. ❤

  8. Fab blog. Our two send their love as does our half of one from next door but one who sleeps most of the day in our conservatory – his parents know where he is if he’s not hanging around theirs! X

  9. They are beautiful! And I’m glad you’re able to enjoy them. I’ve never had a cat but I’d entertain having one now. I miss having a dog. It’s 2 and a half years since Charlie died and I still miss him madly. I’m looking forward to when we have to look after our Grand-dog. He’s a bundle of fun.

    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and Hugs. Xxx

  10. I have never been a cat person, but these two are so beautiful and have brought you such joy. The way you describe their play sounds very like my 3 younger brothers when they were kids! They are all over 60 now, so a little more staid and definitely not as cute as your 2 boys. 😂X

  11. WOW…What a super treat tonight…thankyou so much…SO many pictures, can not believe it. I had been especially worrying about Erik, having been ill for a long time with his bad leg. lots of love to them both…and a big thankyou to you, for allowing us to see them again….Happy now!!

  12. Love the photos of your fur babies. We had a cat and then a dog. The dog loved the cat but the cat hated the dog, drawing blood across his nose most days. The cat went out one day never to be seen again. I have often wondered what happened to her as we never found out despite numerous enquiries, putting up posters etc. Animals really are a comfort.

  13. Love the photos of your beautiful cats Barbara and so glad that Erik is recovering well now. We aren’t cat people on the whole preferring dogs as pets. Now, we aren’t able to give a dog the care and attention that it would deserve to have a good life so when our beloved Boo went a few years ago the decision was made not to have another one. I still miss him everyday but am thankful for all the joy he gave us, as did our previous dogs before him. Their love is unconditional. 🐈🐈🐕‍🦺🐕

  14. Your cats are beautiful and so good to see them as kittens again. They must be a great source of comfort to you. Like Jane I so miss my black lab, it’ll be 3 years this year. I too look forward to my grand-puppies visits. There is of course always a positive and I’m so pleased not to have to go walkies in the cold and wet. Just seen my email telling me my 1st sale parcel is on the way. I’m so grateful when your team are obviously very busy so thank you for being the employer of such wonderful people

  15. Ragnar and Eric really are pretty cats and so close! Yiu can see that in the lovely photos. I’ve had my cat Bella (felix colouring) 18 years now. She still looks like a kitten but Very needy and has suddenly found her voice and tells me off if I’m not sitting down when she wants a cuddle. Suddenly she has different sounds for -I’m hungry, I want a cuddle – I feel sick and lastly my box needs cleaning. Honest I understand each noise . She too didn’t leave my side when I was poorly. Cats are amazing. So glad your two are enriching your lives. Cute teddy!!!

  16. Mega allergic to cats. Next doors cat eaten 2 of our large Koi and killed a robin today. Takes all sorts in this chaotic world. Pleased they give some jou

  17. Hello Barbara i have been following your progress and so happy that you are now on the road to recovery,i have been in your position 3yrs ago with pneumonia and i was conscious no freezing either and had a very long needle through my back into my lung and i was 86 yrs old at the time so i know what you have been through bless you.I am an avid pergamano crafter and love all i buy from you.Everything is such great quality and value for money,thank you very much Barbara.Your cats are beautiful and a great comfort to you at this time.You are in my prayers and hope to see you back to yourself soon,God bless take care.Pat.

    1. Pat, what a brave lady you are. I hope that I have your kind and positive attitude if I get to 89 years of age and that I too will still be enjoying my parchment craft. Sending you my best wishes. Annette . X

  18. What a lovely selection of photos for you to look back at. Hard to believe they were sooooo tiny when they came to live with you but they have brought you so much joy & comfort. Thanks for sharing them with us x

  19. So lovely to see the pictures of your beautiful boys. I am still really missing my ginger cat Rufus even though it has been over a year now since I had to have him put to sleep. I will eventually get another one but not yet as he was very special.
    Love and hugs

  20. Your cats are gorgeous and the photos are lovely. It always makes me smile reading about them. So glad Eric is doing well now.
    I used to have a black one eyed cat called Pumpkin. He lost his eye in a car accident when he was young, but it added to his character, he would always wait by the door when I was due home from work and loved his cuddles. I had him for well over 20 years, but still miss him.

  21. Beautiful blog Barbara. We can get so much back from our cats and learn a bit from them too, especially on the art of relaxation. I was very sad to say goodbye to my dear cat Toffee after 17 years, but I now have a lovely young rescue cat I call Rosie. She’s still very nervous and needs time at patience, but seeing her making progress brings me great joy. We have a good way to go yet but I’m sure my Rosie is going to bloom with me as your Ragnar and Eric have grown with you.

  22. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of your cats, they always make me smile. I’m so pleased Erik is much better and I hope you are healing too.
    Sending love and positive vibes xxxx

  23. Your boys are so sweet. Love the quote but since I have 2 dogs, I’ll change it to
    Time spent with dogs is never wasted.

  24. Hi Barbara
    Love the pictures of the boys, we have two as well Stiggi and Solo getting on a bit now. We have had 9 cats since being together and all have names beginning with S will run out soon 🤣. I’m sure they have stayed close to you since you’ve been home from hospital they are very instinctive creatures.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  25. What lovely photos, they are adorable thank you for sharing them. Pets make a home and we miss our dogs terribly, just so very lucky to have had them in our lives. Amazing how they connect with how you are feeling. X

  26. Absolutely beautiful photographs of your beautiful boys (all 3 of them!).
    I am sure they are helping your recovery. Enjoy this time and lots of cuddles xxx

  27. Hi Barb, thanks for that brilliant quote and such beautiful photos of Erik and Ragnar, they are such beautiful felines. We have 2, the little female – Spice is actually 20 years old now, and we have officially adopted our Ginger Foster cat Simba who is 9 now. The pure white brothers we had went over the rainbow bridge several years ago, and I could not even imagine being without a cat now. Although Hubs wants a dog when he retires to get him out walking. You have to love animals or lovely cuddly bears. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  28. When I had to retire early due to health issues I felt I’d lost my identity. I was a workaholic. I lived and breathed my job then fibromyalgia hit me and wham in bed for 5 months no energy and the black cloud descended. That’s when Oscar the Miniature Schnauzer came into my life . So small he sat on my hand but we had this wonderful bond and 4 years later he knows when I’m not well. He lies by my side allowing me to absorb some of his energy. If my legs aren’t working he lies on them as if he knows they are the problem. Our animals are more than pets they are our little healers

  29. A house is not a home without a cat (or 2, or 3) as they wrap us round their paws and we unwittingly let them. Dogs have masters, cats have staff. You have two beauties there in Erik and Ragnar. Welcome to the world of the crazy cat ladies.

  30. Beautiful photos Barbara. Glad they bring joy to you and Dave.
    They will help with your recovery. Take care.

  31. Dear Barbara, thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful cats. It’s good news about Erik. My Alfie cat is 11 years old today and follows me round as if he was a dog. He seems to know when I need extra hugs and keeps calling me until I sit down with him, it always heals me. Take care, much love xx

  32. Hope you’re still getting a bit better day-by-day. This has single-handedly brightened my day/week. Cats really are the best 🥰🤩 such lovely photos. If it’s anything like my camera reel then it’s all cat photos!! X

  33. I wouldn’t be without cats. I have a plaque In my cloakroom:
    ‘Cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one’.
    Mind you, I wouldn’t have two unrelated cats again, or maybe it’s because they are both female, they’ve never really got on and they are nearly 13.
    Love the pictures of your two. Xx

  34. Dear Barbara. So happy you are getting better, and love the photos of those gorgeous cats, I love them but I am allergic to them, many years ago a neighbors cat used to come every day when they were working. My husband made a great fuss of her. but we couldn’t have her in. She used to love sitting in my greenhouse and would sit on a shelf watching me. Always jumping out of the shrubs to meet me when I came home. Or sitting on the top of the gate. Really loved her. Xxxx

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